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      Sooo EASY ! #PolyGel + Daul Formers | #Modelones

      13pcs 6color PolyGel Kit Get$23 free gift. Use code: IVY10 ▻NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK!! ▻MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE BELL ICON …

      Na’idra J

        How do you remove it? Any damage to your natural nails?

        Raven Sturdivant

          I’ve been doing dip powder. Now you have me wanting to buy this kit!! Lol

          AA B

            Job well done Queen 👑😍🙌🏽

            JoAnna Johnson

              You totally did that!!!! 😍


                I am impressed! Your nails are super cute Ivy

                Santia Dorsinvil

                  I literally was just looking into polygel !! Then one of my favs gives us a tutorial 😍

                  Fatoumata Kane

                    Sis it seems so easy with you! When I tried it was so hard !!!! It’s beautiful on you.

                    Kori Writes

                      You did that! 😍


                        They look so pretty you made it look so easy can’t wait to try this kit


                          I started doing my own acrylics!! Sooo happy. I am going to get this kit once my UV lamp comes in.

                          Ms San Fran Bay

                            Love it !


                              Hey how do you take these off?

                              Missy Grando

                                I've seen Tabitha use poly gel on her channel. This is a great deal if they are full size gels.

                                ms. savage

                                  I love this and I love your channel! You are very talented, thank you for sharing your creativity 😘

                                  Afia Belle



                                      Love it that wasn’t too hard at all.


                                        I have to get this!! I just did my acrylic nails last night and I hate them lol

                                        Erniefare Sullivan

                                          Awesome thanks for sharing. You did a great job

                                          Kenyatta Starks

                                            You are very talented!

                                            Annette byrd


                                              baby jones

                                                I’m soo happy you’ve started doing nail videos 🥰 poly gel is something I’ve been looking into lately

                                                Jazmine Taylor

                                                  I love polygel saved me so much money better than getting my nails done at the shop every two weeks 😩🤦🏾‍♀️

                                                  Kim Johnson

                                                    Omg they look beautiful. Just like you went and had them professionally done. 😲

                                                    Denise Clinton

                                                      Thanks Ivy. Very easy. The nails looked very neat and classy hun.

                                                      Queen Elizabeth

                                                        Ugghh love your intro song never change it 😭😭


                                                          I’ve been waiting for this ! ♥️

                                                          Stephanie Brooks

                                                            That looks really nice. How long of a wear did you get


                                                              These turned out so cute Ivy! I love polygel. So much easier than acrylic.

                                                              Tasha Turner

                                                                Can you please do a tutorial on when you take them off the process???

                                                                Portia Simmons

                                                                  You make everything look so easy 😍

                                                                  Miss Empress

                                                                    Girl you are a boss at everything!
                                                                    Off topic but I have a question: what lace would you recommend for senior pictures?

                                                                    Cherilyn Watson

                                                                      Sold! Except for 1 thing…how long do they last?

                                                                      L Ware02

                                                                        Thank you Ivy!! I have been looking for a good Poly gel kit!!

                                                                        Aisha Jones

                                                                          You were the first person to put me on polygel. Now I’m addicted to doing my own nails!!

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