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      I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty Let’s have a #SpaNight! With it being hard to stay motivated during these times, it’s nice to take a little …


        ➡️ Just a quick reminder to stay INSIDE and to be SAFE during this time! 😊❤️

        Khushi Daga

          hey, any small YouTuber wants to support each other and be friends?😘😘😘

          Keli Dan

            This is the shower I've been needing to take in quarantine lmao

            Sienna Kalmin

              did u just grate ur feet-

              kAyLaH mAnOhAr

                You’re so pretty and clam in you videos 😌

                Mizzle Baaby

                  spa days are so much needed

                  Eeman Fatima

                    U didn't link the facial razor

                    I am LoireLei

                      As a nail technician I’m just gonna tell you that is not good for your feet. A regular foot file is good enough. That’s actually removing living and dead skin cells, and illegal in most states.


                        i'd love to look like this but honestly i'm wayyy too lazy for all of this!


                          Love it! 😍😍

                          Cece Ware



                              please don't put rubbing alcohol on your face 🤭😥

                              Olivia Vigilante

                                Where do u get that foot filer thing?


                                  She doesn’t need makeup to go out she’s pretty the way she is she’s actually my romodle

                                  Pamela Zingeser

                                    I have that same sponge

                                    Nimra Fatima

                                      Looking so so so so pretty ❤💋

                                      Erika Ferrari

                                        so beautiful

                                        Erika Ferrari

                                          Beautiful but is very long..

                                          Roxan Harilall

                                            You are so pretty

                                            A e s t h e t i c C o o k i e

                                              I’m trying to come back to school having a glow up (be hitting different)

                                              Anshika Sinha

                                                Pleaseeeee don't let water run unnecessarily.I might be irritating but my heart aches seeing this.😣


                                                  I love your spa videos🥰


                                                    Anybody know what brush she was using at 3:56?

                                                    zaniah sims

                                                      sis i was just about to do a spa day. your timing couldn't be any more perfect

                                                      Josephine Egstrup

                                                        You should really look up Hyram on youtube, he is a skincare specialist! You'll never use a scrub and have bad skin in your life again!


                                                          You should do another curly hairstyles video 🙃

                                                          Ottavia Riberti

                                                            I’m the type of person that does this 1 time and then never do it again😇🤣

                                                            Maria Ath

                                                              Can you please turn of your shower and only turn it on when you need to rinse sth ❤️

                                                              Eternitee S

                                                                Yes girl I see you

                                                                its imxn

                                                                  don’t u get water in ur ears? everytime i get water in my ears they get closed and i hate it..

                                                                  زهرة اللوتس

                                                                    حياتك كل ونتي تدوشي وتسلكي في شعكوكتك🙂

                                                                    Fati Zia

                                                                      Hy beauty plz make a video on your beautiful hands n feet care plz plz

                                                                      Roslynn Wachira

                                                                        Why are you pamper routines so satisfying. ..

                                                                        Dhiya Ramnath

                                                                          I really love the background music in this video? What’s the name of all the songs used?

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