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      SPEAKING DUTCH ONLY Makeup Tutorial! | NikkieTutorials

      HALLO GLIMMENDE BABIES! Haha! Today I’m doing something you guys have been WAITING FOR! Today’s makeup tutorial will be done in DUTCH only!


        WHAT DO YOU THINK?? IS YOUR BRAIN HURTING? 😅 don't forget there are subtitles available!!!


          Yess nederlandss

          Lisy’s Look Book.

            Echt anders he… je mag nog een keertje doen.. I loved it 🥰🍷 Doei…

            Yuri de Jager

              Je kan al beter Engels dan Nederlands 😦

              Mariane Momoka

                If i were in your position and i had to make a make up tutorial all in Japanese imma be full of stutters being bilingual is hard man

                honey_ and_milk

                  I acc understand a little bit of Dutch cuz i am from germany


                    As a German, this is WAY too hilarious! 😀 So funny! And I even can guess like 30 percent O.O

                    Jennifer Marie

                      Are you having a stronk

                      Britney Shropshire

                        Lmao I am American/ Dutch , so being bilingual is a real struggle when you suddenly have to switch between the two lol

                        lindsey hytrek

                          IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR SOOOO LONG 😍😍😍😍

                          Steven Flores

                            I love Holland 😍😍😍

                            Eva van Veen

                              Echt super leuk dat je een keer een Nederlandse video hebt gemaakt! Nu begreep ik ook eindelijk een keer waar het over ging, haha!! 🙂

                              Sophie Xy

                                Im german and I thought I could understand you…well 😂
                                Some words like „Wimpers“ (german word is „Wimpern“) but when you were talking whole sentences it sounded…special 😂 ly ♥️

                                December Sixx

                                  I got lashes correct because in Deutsch it's Wimpern. I thought I heard lecker and heute in there. Which is tasty/delicious and today respectively. Great video. I'd love to see more like this. Plus your laugh is infectious!

                                  Cro Makeup

                                    Wow I'm amazed!!! Well done.

                                    Gachq moon

                                      I love it in Dutch too❤❤

                                      Maaike An Coeur

                                        Lekker hoor Nikkie!

                                        Anne V

                                          Jaaaa zo leuk!


                                            As a south German (schwabe) I only understand like 25%

                                            Ashley Gonzalez

                                              This was such a fun video to watch! 💕


                                                Im from Germany and During every Holiday id went to Holland. So i understand very much of this Video 😀

                                                Janiis W.

                                                  I'm from Germany and I actually did understand almost every word you said without subtitles, it sounds really simmilar sometimes to the German language, but with a twist of the English language 😂💞

                                                  Trisha Cabrera

                                                    Que?? Que dijo? Jose tu entiendes esto? 😅jk jk me encantan tus videos Nikki 😊❤

                                                    Roxie The Hypocritcal Hipster

                                                      There's a problem here, I don't speak Dutch and I didn't put the subtitles on and I actually understood most of the video… And I don't mean the makeup

                                                      Hanna Delosreyes

                                                        Your so amazing! You sound American when speaking English and when you speak Dutch your flawless 😍 you can speak either language beautifully 👏🏼💕😍

                                                        Bri Bri

                                                          Honestly….no offense….but kinda sounds like Sims

                                                          Yuri de Jager

                                                            Nou dit is leuk!😂😍♥️

                                                            Maham Kundi

                                                              I cannot understand your language but it sounds sooo good .So beautiful!

                                                              pukanne kauw

                                                                Super leuk dat je dit doet Nikki

                                                                Tamara Hiemstra

                                                                  DIT IS ZO RAAR IN DEZE CONTEXT! hahaha <3

                                                                  ROBLOX Cookiess

                                                                    2:29 ahahahaha das grappig

                                                                    Shannan Louis

                                                                      The way your accent is.. this is how people speak PASHTO in Afghanistan,Iran and some people in Pakistan who are PATHAN.


                                                                        Sending lots of love from Egypt to your amazing loveable personality

                                                                        Elizabeth’s World

                                                                          lol, even though I don’t speak Dutch(well I know a little bit) I could understand EVERYTHING!!! Because it sounds familiar to German🌟🌟🌟

                                                                          Indy Van der linden

                                                                            Thhahaha ik wilde C opgeven als wimpers maar ik ben zo snel om gordijn in te vullen……..😂

                                                                            maya Ali

                                                                              Make a vedio of you makeup collection


                                                                                As my mother is half dutch and I'm German, I am currently learning the language and was delighted to hear you speak Dutch as it is helping me a lot! 😍 Would love hearing more Dutch from you ✨

                                                                                Shannan Louis

                                                                                  My brother is in Holland and learning to speak Dutch 😊

                                                                                  Quin Shelton

                                                                                    I didn’t wanna turn on the subtitles bc 1. I thought it would be cool just to listen
                                                                                    2. I was lazy
                                                                                    and honestly what a trip

                                                                                    Sofia Ramirez

                                                                                      Bro she low key sounds like a girl Chewbacca


                                                                                        Whenever I have to keep switching from Russian to English I constantly make mistakes in either one


                                                                                          When you actually understand almost everything because you're German and Durch just sounds like funny German to me
                                                                                          Love it!

                                                                                          Larissa Van leeuwen

                                                                                            Kom je uit Amsterdam??

                                                                                            melmel m.

                                                                                              I LOVE this!!!!! Soo cool 👍🏼👍🏼

                                                                                              Fleur Korenhof

                                                                                                Yes Nederlands 🥳🥳🥳


                                                                                                  Do you understand german? Because I`m from Germany and understand many words:*


                                                                                                    How did you learn English?

                                                                                                    Carmen Man

                                                                                                      Super leuk! Hahaha Nederland kan zo plat klinken soms dus begrijp je Helemaal! Keep it up girl! ❤️❤️❤️

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