SPRING OUTFIT INSPIRATION ~ What to wear when it's Spring but it's FREEZING… ~ Freddy My Love

Main SPRING OUTFIT INSPIRATION ~ What to wear when it's Spring but it's FREEZING… ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love
      Winter to Spring Outfit Ideas! ~ Freddy My Love

      I am so OVER WINTER! Here are some gorgeous transitional Winter to Spring outfits to get you through! This video contains a paid partnership with Topshop, …


        love it! Thank you!

        Madison Herries

          Absolutely loved !

          oliver halewood

            Your style is like a 50 year old stylish mum we’d all love to have

            Anneke van wijk

              Hi freddy! How did you get so tanned? it looks very nice!

              Morgane Le Sech

                Thank you for that dose of spring! 😍

                Sultana Shah Jalal

                  yes please make a clothing lineeee but if you do can you please make it affordable, we're broke. I love youuu

                  Maggie Peterson

                    Hey Freddy! I love your channel you are so beautiful and cool! ❤️from Ireland!

                    Daisy Ruth

                      cute but id be so cold in those outfits.

                      Erana Breitmeyer

                        ADORE the trouser outfit!! Delightful choices all round…that final dress is beautiful. xx

                        Mali Brod

                          Omg I was looking for the court shoes and I saw the pink/beige ones on h&m page and I fell in love. And then I saw they also have them in white and I literally thought to myself “this would Freddy wear”. They’re beautiful. I would also get them in white, but I don’t think I’m the kind of person that wears white shoes. Even though, I loooove them.


                            Beautiful outfits, Freddy! Oh and I think "Very Freddy" is a very nice name:)

                            A L

                              Hi Freddy, love your style and videos. If I can, I wanted to give you just an advice. I think you should make the framing closer, as we can't see the things you show really well, it is diffucult to understand how they really look like.
                              By the way, hope you won't be annoyed. You're fantastic as always. Kisses from Italy.

                              Sagun Karki

                                I love to see you as you are and this transformation is jst not your thing I guess??

                                Suzi Hazlove

                                  Omg I wish I looked good in skinny Jean's. I'm too thin! And you look adorable with bangs. Here all young women grown them out.

                                  Karina Molostova

                                    Love the first outfit! The top is beautiful!

                                    Hope Nicholas

                                      i’m missing the pink… do you think you could do an all pink spring haul?

                                      Kaitlin Musick

                                        I know Freddy Said her style has changed but I really miss her old pink and white outfits! I subscribed because we had the same style and now we don’t :,( I still love her though!

                                        Lucy Hannah

                                          love all of these outfits Freddy!! <3 are the 'white' topshop mom jeans the white ones or the ecru ones? not sure which to add to my basket! thanks xx

                                          Leandra Rodríguez


                                            Kate Luongo

                                              Hi Freddy! I had a fun idea for a video: "shopping at stores I used to like". It would be cool to show how your style evolved or perhaps you will still find pieces you like!


                                                Wait… Was that midi length?

                                                (looks good on you anyways❤️)

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