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    Sarahs Day
      STARTING FROM SCRATCH [VLOG] Prep for Project Comeback Has Begun!

      SWEAT IT TO SHRED IT EBOOK FITNESS GUIDES!! Also check out my website for secret blog posts, stories, tips and more!


        Fox is sooooo cute!!! And he's a mini-Kurt! <3

        Marya Fatma

          Well right now he does look more like Kurt.
          such a cutieeeee!!😍

          The Rashidies

            I think Fox is a mix of both of you but definitely more Kurt at the moment. Can’t wait for your recipe book – you’ve inspired me to go paleo based so I’d love to a book to refer back to 😍🎉


              sorry sezzy but fox 100% looks like kurt, when i first saw fox he looks exactly identical kurt. His mannerism and facial expressions is crazy similar to kurt! Love you sezzy from New zealand x

              Caitlyn Stoodley

                The one person that disliked this video is a noob 🙄 loving your videos so much! 🥰


                  Kurts little twin


                    He is a kurtimus for sure 😄

                    Ella Mae

                      I love foxie

                      Katie Breslin

                        Initially defo looked like kurt but each day he’s looking more like you!

                        Indra Hubble

                          fox is so cute

                          lilac berry

                            Hi Sarah can you please tell me where your headband is from when you wash your face. 💜 Thank you

                            Karina Armstrong

                              You are so inspiring!!
                              Regards pads etc Sarah, I cannot recommend Lily padz enough, they are silicone pads (amazing none sticky but adhere to boob) reusable pads – THE BEST I slept in them, swam and the easy remove too. I just rinsed them in a morning and once dry re-apply or get 2 pairs to rotate….. I never leaked and my sissy used them too, she was sceptical but was also amazed, they are £10 a pair here in England. I think I’m going to follow your work outs from your start as you come back and copy to help me restart after a fitness hiatus x

                              Tenacity Training

                                You are an awesome mom. Ignore the hate. I think he looks like you and Kurt. He is such a cutie pie.

                                Steph J King

                                  Let's see some baby pics of you & Kurt 😊 But at the moment I think Fox looks like his daddy.

                                  Ohh and seeing you holding Fox at the gym gave me the massive lightbulb moment of "Sezzy is a mummy" lol Kinda surreal.

                                  And yay for Teegs. Feels like forever since we saw her 😁

                                  Poujhna Kistoo

                                    He looks like kurt

                                    Coffee Coffee

                                      Fox is totally Kurt😘🦊

                                      Your Average Youtuber

                                        Love it! I'm on my own project comeback, it's nice to be able to share the experience.

                                        Bella W.

                                          He looks so much like Kurt. He’s so freaking cute!!

                                          Kristina Sandnes

                                            He is like a mini Kurt it’s the cutest thing 😂💕

                                            Alex Marshall

                                              Yay love you and little Foxy💗

                                              Isa Larsen

                                                Okay literally perfect timing!! Just arrived at the gym, about to do 20 min on the stairmaster! Thanks sezzy<3

                                                Caitlin Marcevski

                                                  Fox always has the hiccups everytime you guys film 😂 Love you guys xx

                                                  Isabella Woodlands

                                                    He looks so much like Kurt!! Too cute!

                                                    Rubi Pickering

                                                      love your vlogs !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                      Zarwah Moin

                                                        Foxy looks a little more like Kurt with Sezzy undertones. Love you so much!

                                                        Connie Woollen

                                                          that baby is flippin beautiful – please do more yoga related things!

                                                          Taylor Crofts

                                                            He looks alot like kurt! Im so happy for you guys. You are doing amazing ❤❤


                                                              I always get sooo excited for your videos and I am soooo hanging for your clothing/glasses collection to come back 😂

                                                              Devon Taylor

                                                                Ahhh, Fox is just the cutest! Congrats to you and Kurt. Def achieved MILF status girl.

                                                                Cody Bourke

                                                                  I legit scream your vlogs without fail are my fav in the whole youtube community

                                                                  Amy Taylor

                                                                    Kurt’s twin! So cute xx

                                                                    stacie prigg

                                                                      that postpartum glow is amazing on you Sarah. Xoxo

                                                                      ines afonso

                                                                        Looks like kurt 👌

                                                                        Sydney Delix

                                                                          the rainbow reflection on the wall <3

                                                                          Coralie Anne

                                                                            Thank you for constantly inspiring me to be a better YouTuber, you’re such a huge inspiration to me!

                                                                            Antigone M

                                                                              He definetely has the same nose as sarah

                                                                              Daphne Fokes

                                                                                "19 views" when I started watching and already 168 thumbs up. Sezzy-sister squad supports you!! <3

                                                                                Lucinda Burgess

                                                                                  Fox looks so much like Kurt !! like if you agree X

                                                                                  Georgie Noël

                                                                                    Wheres your pink headband from? Love your videos xx

                                                                                    hayley .o

                                                                                      He's definitely a Kurt😂

                                                                                      silja lin

                                                                                        I agree with Kurt. Fox looks like him

                                                                                        Tessa Grimshaw

                                                                                          Please make a stretching guide kind of thing!

                                                                                          Cate Waddingham

                                                                                            kurt looks like tom from the original great gatsby

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