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    Wayne Goss

      Sharing my videos on social media really helps me. Thank you. Links Wayne Goss Brushes UK Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate Palette …

      Christine A

        Simply wow! Thank you!


          Thank you for this. I have watched your other videos about hooded eye techniques but this was much more simplified. Especially the outer corner part.

          The Gargoyle

            This tutorial is incredibly useful for my hooded eyes. Thanks so much 💖

            Manisha H

              Thank you! Need to try this technique and see if it works for my weird eyes.

              Lisa Smith

                Thank you Sir. I am working on this technique. I did it today and it looked great…❌✖❌


                  I was afraid to push color up towards the upper nose bone like that but now that I see how you did it with less color all over the lid and the highlight so much smaller than what you see other guru's do when they show halo style looks..I think that tiny little bit just might work!! I also never used any highlight near my brow bone because it does make my eye look so puffy like you said! You are amazing..I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!

                  Kathryn P

                    That is a LOT more than just useful Wayne. I have one eye slightly hooded, the other is fine 😐. It'll take a bit of practice, but I'll have a jolly good go 💖.

                    Ashley Kraze

                      Omg looks beautiful! Its hard to find hooded eye tutorials and you nailed the issues I often have!

                      H. Boss

                        Thank you. Really quick and easy but i really dont onderstand the bold fat liner on your lower lid. It makes your eye look so small!

                        orly samban

                          Great tutorial, thank you! Love your tips, they really upgraded my techniques.
                          Any tips of how to stop being afraid of using eye cruler? 😶

                          The Merz

                            Today I thought, "Wow, Wayne is rt. Skin is really more beautiful w/ out all the foundation". Then I decided to try another one of your video's out. Did all the makeup w/ out the foundation. It was so fun & looked better than a lot of other finished looks. The concealer/highlighter/powder etc. was plenty. Love your tutorial video's. Applied many & used them pretty much daily there after. Thank you!

                            Suzy Phalin

                              LOVE THAT WINK!!

                              P Dogg

                                Love your tutorials! No BS just Skills! Big Fan! 🙌

                                Lana J. Abdullah

                                  You're always such a dream 🙏

                                  im acting

                                    I'm going to try this tomorrow!

                                    Shanda Medlin


                                      shandi judy

                                        Thank you for the straight to the point videos!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!!! i am so lazy with makeup, i was fine with the brow/inner corner highlight, "eyeliner", and a few coats of mascara. LOL. but the pushing the color up into the front of the brow is a new trick!!! YAY!


                                          U so cute and beautiful!! ♥️

                                          Robin Howell

                                            Simple, direct, gorgeous.

                                            Diann Hazelton

                                              Hooded lid lady here love your tips. I think I have sagging hooded lids 😔

                                              Afrena Hoque

                                                There are so many hooda eyes makeup vedio and all Technic and way are same but you learn us in different way. You are best youtube makeup artist

                                                John Smith

                                                  I love how Goss comes up with a hooded eye tutorial every year <3

                                                  Jill Haberer

                                                    I enjoy your videos more every time I watch you. I love that they’re short and focused. Don’t get me wrong, I’d watch you in a longer video too. Thanks for the great tips and easy to follow steps.

                                                    Elke Lara

                                                      Thank you very much for this spot-on tutorial. I always get the answers I need from you. Looking forward to your black eyeshadow. Hope to get my hands on it from Germany.

                                                      Caterina Stella

                                                        Love you. Straight to the point, with a tutorial for a eye shape like mine!

                                                        Quandera Cooper

                                                          Please do a video on the dreaded outer eye corner…and how to prevent creasing! My outer corner tears up and is terribly annoying.

                                                          Ashreeti Sharma

                                                            No bs intros or outros just plain good content ❤️❤️❤️ you have no idea how much I appreciate this.

                                                            Jasmine Nothanks

                                                              This is much appreciated, thanks.

                                                              Javiera Iribarren


                                                                Julia Patton

                                                                  Love your videos. To the point no bullshit drama


                                                                    Hi Wayne! Please do more monolid eyeshadow tutorials! Thank you..much love from Malaysia xx

                                                                    Adventures In Caitland

                                                                      Thanks fellow hooded eye friend! You make the best hooded eye tip videos! <3

                                                                      Trudeau Liberal

                                                                        Please @Wayne tell us which brush and what number you are using from your brand between 1:281:34 time stamp??? Please.


                                                                          I love the wink at the end

                                                                          Jacey Jacobs

                                                                            I’m glad it doesn’t make your eyes look a different shape 😊

                                                                            A White

                                                                              Love you. A MUA that has useful tips and tutorials. My super hooded, down turned eyes thank you!!

                                                                              Lisa Thornton

                                                                                Could I do this same technique without the color on the lower lash line? I wear glasses and it just emphasizes it and that's all you see and it's not flattering at all😬 Love your videos! Thank you so much💗

                                                                                Leslie Chacon

                                                                                  That wink at the end though 😍😍

                                                                                  Rebecca Darling

                                                                                    Pretty please, what is the tool used on the outer corner to get that edge?


                                                                                      👋 I have hooded eyes! thanks for teaching me 😊❤️❤️

                                                                                      Anu Rajput

                                                                                        amazing ur all techniques are superb


                                                                                          Please come and do my makeup. I try but…


                                                                                            I love your videos but I really wish you'd do a demo on an older woman with truly hooded eyes.

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