Stranger Things Tour + Cirque du Soleil // A Week In My Life!

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    Alex Centomo
      Stranger Things Tour + Cirque du Soleil // A Week In My Life!

      We did the Stranger Things tour in Atlanta and attended the Alegria premier! Follow Alex on instagram: The Vampire …


        your vlogs and the poorly planned podcast are literally my favorite things ever! It's like hanging out with friends!❤️

        Ashley Hortenstine

          I’m from Atlanta and you literally go to some of my favorite places! Wish I could’ve seen you while you were here:(

          Taylor V

            So many people hate those scooters and bikes because they think they’re ugly and they complain that people just leave them on the sidewalks. I was in a work meeting once and a lady (from the public) was yelling and saying she was going to start throwing them in the dumpsters 🙄

            Dannie Liao

              going to see the show next sunday, don't really know much french.. very scared but also excited

              cassandra marshall

                ok but like i live in atlanta and i wish i got to meet you!!

                Nour N

                  Even your ‚boring‘ vlogs are Good!!!!

                  Meagan Faye

                    Your hair looks flawless!

                    Dina Mustafa El Safty

                      Dan is very beautiful and decent. Alex too OF COURSE 💕

                      Arenike Alli

                        just when i was sulking about missing your vlogs love the content as always please more vlogs

                        Aly Reid

                          those vlogs have gotten me through all my years of uni!! I only have one more year left so this is truly a blessing haha <3

                          Aly Reid

                            I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE VLOGS OMG!!!

                            Lucia Ottonello

                              I was going to comment that I miss your vlog channel sooooo incredibly much and I screamed at the end of the video when you said you’re bringing it back 😭❤️ your vlogs are part of my life, like they bring me actual happiness, I love you so much!!💕

                              Asha G

                                I don't know why but since there's not a lot of YouTubers based out of Atlanta, I always think it's so exciting so see people's impressions of Atlanta.

                                Chaylin VanDenburgh

                                  Alex, post the mukbang! I'm intrigued 😂

                                  Brianna Philbin

                                    Who else got confused for a split second when she said “it feels like summer it’s almost 30 degrees”

                                    niña and nicole

                                      Your sooo pretty😍
                                      Btw Im 11 years old


                                        I’m going to Montreal for three months on may 26th and I’m soooo excited !!! Hope to maybe see you around 🥰

                                        Claudia Candino

                                          Love you so much from Italy 🇮🇹❤️

                                          Midnights Darling

                                            Yay! First comment! Post notifications are on point 💋

                                            mary sawaya

                                              omg sister goals DOES THIS BEAUTY RUN IN THE FAMILY ?

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