Strict Rules Billie Eilish Has To Follow On Tour But Doesn't

Main Strict Rules Billie Eilish Has To Follow On Tour But Doesn't

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      Strict Rules Billie Eilish Has To Follow On Tour But Doesn't

      Billie Eilish Is Unconventional In Every Way And This Means She Also Breaks Some Important Tour Rules From Time To Time. Subscribe to our channel: …


        Billie would never follow rules 😂 💖 👑

        Katlyn Parido

          Wow this went from rules to just facts about billie lol but love Billie❤❤❤😖

          NightCore Fox

            Who likes to be ruled. Just be yourself. Like Billie.



              Joshua Woodard

                I love you Billie Elish i hope you see this

                Zainab Umer

                  And yet shes depressed 🙁

                  Mmh Mmt 94

                    I’m sure this woman speaking is either a big fan or spent the night watching Billie interviews 😂 appreciated 💕

                    Elyssa Crimmins

                      Billie doesn’t follow rules
                      shes a bad guy

                      Ahmed 50

                        Billie is queen 👑

                        always smile

                          Billie is a jackass 😂
                          I love her so much 😻


                            This chick is more mature than 90% of the artists out there

                            avocado namjoon

                              she does what she wants when she wants to.

                              Joseph Bankston

                                I'm just riding the Billie Eilish wave…

                                Jade Ann

                                  Yeet yeet, I have tourettes also


                                    Sorry but i just love her so much and that's it

                                    Fortnite Irl

                                      I love her ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                      It’s me saba

                                        Director:how much weird do you want bad guy to be?

                                        Billie: DUH


                                          But doesn't 😂😂 we knew



                                            Sophia Mendez

                                              billie eilish is prettier than half the naked models on ig💙i love her so much

                                              Ayah Tunes

                                                I really get so interested to her, so amazing.. 🙂

                                                Saraí Meline

                                                  Billie is just a person who does stuff for herself and somewhat for her fans not to please society and that’s great it’s rare to see someone stand up for something they are comfortable with and not for society so I think that’s why Billie is so loved by her fans and me🥰

                                                  Somebody i dont know


                                                    I like to eat

                                                      Really I hate how people have problem with what she wears. She's a teenager and in my opinion it's good that she doesn't wear clothes that shows her body too much, because if she was wearing short skirts and crop tops people would say that it's not appropriate. Plus she feels comfortable so where's the problem?

                                                      Broken Heart

                                                        A TRUE QUEEN DOESNT FOLLOW RULES😒😂👌


                                                          I don’t think the word rules is in Billie’s vocabulary

                                                          Itzyourgirl Ali

                                                            Having Tourette’s has nothing to do with this stupid yes she has them but she can’t have Tourette’s because it’s a “rule” that’s stupid

                                                            Just Tehya

                                                              Title should be " strict rules Billie is meant to follow but doesnt " cAUse ShEs A bAD biATcHhhhh

                                                              Itzyourgirl Ali

                                                                She doesn’t care 🤷🏽‍♀️

                                                                Fandom Editor

                                                                  Be honest bile will never follow rules 😂

                                                                  ghost green


                                                                    Kim Cruz

                                                                      she’ll never listen just saying ✌🏼😏

                                                                      Alexa Covers

                                                                        She does this because she loves us and will go out of her way to hug us and meet us

                                                                        Kim Cruz

                                                                          leave my baby alone 😭.

                                                                          Turtle Waters

                                                                            I like how Billie is so different from all the other singers she stands out in the best way possible

                                                                            charlies planet


                                                                              Silvia Slays

                                                                                she’s legit a queen! she is so nice to her fans! ❤️❤️

                                                                                lacey perry

                                                                                  Hope she gets a movie someday


                                                                                    She makes the rules

                                                                                    perla dilone


                                                                                      Rose Gold


                                                                                        disney anime

                                                                                          Sounds like billie

                                                                                          mikaela cantu

                                                                                            Will Billie ever come to Houston tho?? 😥😥

                                                                                            Mjoy Rosas

                                                                                              THAT'S MAH QUEEN <3

                                                                                              ʟ ᴜ ᴄ ʏ

                                                                                                'I don't even Obey my mum, so..backoff stranger. '

                                                                                                Ronangely Queen

                                                                                                  Billie is the bad guy and that’s why she doesn’t follow her rulers 🙄🤩

                                                                                                  (like if u understand if I don’t bye)

                                                                                                  Michelle & Pelussa

                                                                                                    She is PERFECT

                                                                                                    Dania Cruz

                                                                                                      She doesn’t know what rules are that’s why…duhh

                                                                                                      Savannah Peterson

                                                                                                        Billie doesnt follow rules
                                                                                                        I guess she's a bad guy
                                                                                                        This joke is stupid🤣🤣😂😂

                                                                                                        Lianna Boyan

                                                                                                          It's not just you that has Tourette syndrome I have it to and it stinks

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