Strict Rules Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Have For Their Kids

Main Strict Rules Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Have For Their Kids

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      Strict Rules Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Have For Their Kids

      Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Have Strict Parenting Rules They Follow Subscribe to our channel: …

      Heather Lyons-Trautwein

        So, two girls. A girl named James?

        Sam Reilly

          @8:04 2 of those posts were that same. Can you find them?

          Seriously Sadie

            when everyone is like "I want them to be my parents " and im over here like ' i want Blake to be my wife" ❤️😍💖💖

            Chelsea Castillo

              Ryan reflected his baby's face except that he has a bear on it 😂

              Savage One

                Gossip girl brought me here.
                What a perfect couple and so as Parents .💖 💑

                Whitney Pyant

                  Love Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

                  Emily Beukes

                    great video 👏🏻👏🏿and very informative. Wow i mean couple goals right here, i can tell James and Inez are gonna become very independent women when they grow up. I mean growing up with Blake and Ryan helping through there ups and downs….. yup defenitly gonna be a happy family 😄👨‍👩‍👧‍👧#couplegoals

                    k l

                      The girls will be in school in the next couple of years so I highly doubt they will fly to places like Thailand.

                      I hate to say it but celebrities will never be “normal” parents…they will always have luxuries normal folks don’t have

                      Tiffany Copon

                        Who are the animals that gave this video a thumbs down?

                        Dalina Din

                          i hope they will always be together and nothing comes in between them…

                          Hαɳυ Mαʅαɾ

                            They are perfect together. Lovely couple 😍

                            Lori Emmett

                              I had NO IDEA those actors were together!!!! 😵😎 They are so incredibly perfect together!!!! The kids are super adorable!!! 😍😘👍

                              Hope De Leon

                                I dunno.. but Blake became more beautiful and sexy when she got married esp. when she became a mother

                                Health & Household

                                  Good tips

                                  Weight Loss Dietitian

                                    I watched this video with the battery running low 1like that.

                                    Pam Rush

                                      Ryan and Blake are my fave actor and actress and my fave celeb dad and mom

                                      Beatrise Franzhearts

                                        So some people are gonna be like: I wish they were my parents. I'm jealous.
                                        I'm 17 but I'm not afraid to say this (even if you call me childish in nature).
                                        I see my mom and dad working hard everyday just to support me and my little brother. That is enough for me and I love them. I am not jealous of any other parents out there because I love my own.

                                        Yan Xiao

                                          If they ever broke up there is no more hope for this world.

                                          Jenny Ferreira

                                            I Know She's Married But…

                                            Only ARMY'S Know What I'm Talking About…

                                            Rosie Green

                                              this is why im not famous

                                              Singatsho Ncube

                                                Wawuuu George Bush grandson is lucky man he's married to one of sheik relative in dubai that's very cute it that we are moving with time , you can marry anyone you love regardless of their religion that's really touched my heart continue loving each other we wish you all the best in the world peace

                                                kate ann


                                                  Chairman Meow

                                                    Giving their kids weird names.


                                                      They are just Perfectly Good Parents and A Role Model to everyone else in Hollywood! They really care about their kids and how they grow up! As a mom&wife myself, I have huge respect to them both, as a man&woman, dad&mom..just a Beautiful Couple, and a match made in Heaven~a couple destined to be together! <3

                                                      ShadowWolf Gacha

                                                        15th comment

                                                        lara macmillan

                                                          they rock

                                                          Tay and jayynation Roberts

                                                            Love you talko

                                                            Dikshitha Sriram

                                                              I'm in love with Ryan and Blake individually and as a couple ❤️

                                                              Marvelously Mel Rose

                                                                That is what "MARRIAGE". Is meant to be. Finally, someone actually does it correctly. Not its a one way street

                                                                Nehir Akın

                                                                  BEST COUPLE! 😍💖💖

                                                                  Mxtn Child

                                                                    oh shit isnt that the girl from riverdale

                                                                    الاحجار الكريمة النادرة

                                                                      Bravo 👏👏👏👏👌

                                                                      Skar’s World

                                                                        Can u pretend I
                                                                        said something funny!?

                                                                        yesenia vazquez


                                                                          Manahil Kesodia

                                                                            love this video!! WOW!!

                                                                            shanayra Nala


                                                                              Unknown MC

                                                                                11th view
                                                                                Early squad where u at???

                                                                                Karma Lunatic

                                                                                  Make this blue if you love TheTalko
                                                                                  👇(I'm gifting at 3000 subscribers)

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