Strict Rules Kim Kardashian Surrogate Forced To Follow During Pregnancy

Main Strict Rules Kim Kardashian Surrogate Forced To Follow During Pregnancy

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      Strict Rules Kim Kardashian Surrogate Forced To Follow During Pregnancy

      Kim Kardashian Forced Her Surrogate To Follow These Rules For Baby #4 Subscribe to our channel: …

      Jim Von Schmittou

        Kardashians EXPOSED

        Subana Mur

          She’s just making sure her child is healthy

          Thicky Nicky

            new baby name Map

            Amanda Conn

              Uh these are the “rules” for all pregnant women…

              Brittney C.

                I think the narrator should know it is pronounced “jest-stational “ not “guest-stational” 😬😬

                Natalie B.

                  am i the only one who was shocked that she received only 45,000.00 Dollars???


                    Well no shit she should be there when HER baby is born. Wtf duh.

                    Mishaal Zahra

                      Even though I'm not a huge fan of the Kardashians I still believe that the rules that Kim put out for surrogate were reasonable, healthy and most importantly safe

                      Angad Seeagra

                        Wait so kim isn't the biological mother of the baby?

                        vansse Mccreadie


                          Varsha Wizkid

                            Am I the only one who notices the pretty Shawn Mendes face in the back EVERY EACH TIME

                            j. siegrist

                              You can be sure Kim has spies checking on surrogate 24/7 so she can have a way to back out if child is sick.

                              j. siegrist

                                Kim isn’t grateful for anything. So this woman is giving me a child….what if people pay any attention to her …..over Kim.

                                Queen. Savage

                                  All u mostly talk about is the Kardashians can u talk about others more like Beyonce or Zhavia geez try something new

                                  Amanda begg

                                    How is she going to police these rules.

                                    Shayli Altit

                                      I love Kim so much I love her to the moon and back and every good word describes her

                                      Bruce Burns

                                        Her baby, her money. She has kids already so I suspect to whatever degree she mothers, she has a model/mindset of how it should play out. I think probably the most important thing Kim could do is ensure that the gestational carrier is serene, at peace, in harmony. I personally wouldn't do the coffee – 200mg of caffeine for an adult is nothing, but I don't see a developmental upside for the fetus. I think you could sort this out easy enough with a question. Would put say a quarter cup of coffee in a baby bottle and let an infant drink it? 1/4 of 200mg. Its a complicated scale to balance. Humans do get addicted to caffeine so when you stop drinking it, you get a detox headache for a day or so. Seems like that might be magnified in the infant after birth, detoxing from caffeine. I have other thoughts, but I don't think it will make a difference. I wish the child a wonderful life.

                                        Janet Harbison

                                          I want to know how any of the Kardashian girls can have children when they are all men? Laugh if you want to but it's TRUE. Trannyland ===Hollywierd

                                          épico ep

                                            Is Kim Kardashian again pregnant to a baby

                                            Savanna Linebach

                                              I wouldnt give her the child

                                              Cindi White

                                                Yuck! So nasty that she wore sumn like that 😝


                                                  It’s almost like Kim is doing the surrogate a favor by picking her. Lmao. Pretty sure the surrogate is doing what she wants.

                                                  Terry L Brannan

                                                    All of that sounds very reasonable to me!

                                                    Donavan Greenfield

                                                      Is someone carrying Kim baby I need to know cause I am confused
                                                      Edit: WAIT KIM OMG I'M DUMB WHAT AM I EVEN SAYING

                                                      Genie B

                                                        All seems perfectly rational! What's the big deal?

                                                        Ebony_ Whisky

                                                          All these "rules" are all the same rules all normal women would follow. I know I followed these rule while I was pregnant. Unfortunately these rules didn't save us because we lost our little girl 4 weeks before her due date 🙁

                                                          Goran Ramovic

                                                            These bitchis are so posh that they won't even have their own babies that is ridiculous you don't deserve that baby and you are not a mother

                                                            Coral Anderson

                                                              If she can’t carry her own. Then that’s gods way of saying STOP breeding!!!!!

                                                              Chelsa Williams

                                                                I think that Kim kardashian is doing good makeing sure her baby healthy everyone wants a healthy child.

                                                                Dawn Sherratt

                                                                  Wtf is a gas-stational carrier lmfao!

                                                                  Amethyst Maries

                                                                    I don't see why the Kardashians and Jenners get so much flack. They are really nice and down to earth people, and very intelligent. They are just particular and like certain things. And they like things there way. Every one is like that

                                                                    xXBrownie _QueenXx

                                                                      I feel bad for Kim. She wants to carry her own child but she can’t. But it’s good she has rules to keep the baby safe.

                                                                      Mariyah’s World

                                                                        I Love it

                                                                        Jesse Paul

                                                                          All kardashian wearing moon bump fake pregnancey fake moon bump talko give people a break0

                                                                          suhail Ahmed

                                                                            Bahinchod kon parwa Katha he bey

                                                                            Nanda Gounder

                                                                              she it's not that that she does not wants to get pregnant it's that that she cannot carry her baby any more because of higher percentage and every complication that she had during her pregnancy everything was on the TV everywhere so why is this why is this channel bringing out that she cannot she doesn't wants to be pregnant which mom chooses not to carry her own baby who can be such a heartless carrying your own child is a amazing thing it's a blessing and if women cannot do it it's not their fault it's such a hard thing to be a mom it's such a hard thing to carry your baby I mean it's shameful if you're a woman and you publishing this video in this way this is not right

                                                                              Layla Rowden

                                                                                I think these r reasonable rules

                                                                                lucous lenard

                                                                                  hey, pregnant or not great she's still beautiful I what kind of music she sways too /rocks too/ grooves too ! do you know ?/do tell me please if so enjoy youtubing all tru 2019 my friends

                                                                                  Layla Rowden

                                                                                    Yeah ofc she’ll want to be at all the appointments and want to be at the delivery

                                                                                    T W


                                                                                      James Esquire

                                                                                        She has every right to expect the surrogate to eat healthy despite her excuses to do otherwise…!!!

                                                                                        Bhavika Panchal

                                                                                          Why would you complain. It's like a personal trainer and everything is more or less paid for…

                                                                                          lavander princess

                                                                                            Can you please bring the subtitles back?

                                                                                            Health & Household

                                                                                              Tus videos son incre�bles y son los mejores amo tus videos son grandiosos

                                                                                              Nicolene Myburgh


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