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    Lisa Eldridge
      Subtle Pinks (Two Ways)

      For all the products that are featured in this film click on the links below: 100% of advertising revenue is donated to charity. Follow me on instagram here: …


        Lisa you're such a doll! Lovely, beautiful, intelligent woman. God bless you X

        Rana Halabieh

          Would love a tutorial on your bafta look

          Elizabeth Orfalo

            I cannot thank you enough, Lisa! You always are ahead of what we want to try…
            Thank you Lisa! You make everything seen so simple and and yet sophisticated.

            Simo Simo

              So lovely, Lisa😍


                Lisa, your videos are wonderful on so many levels. Informative, educational, entertaining, classy and utterly relaxing. Thank you so much.

                Cher Silveira

                  THIS is look that I love!!! The pinks !! so pretty either way but I am always partial to a red lip!!!

                  Bonnie Haeberle

                    I live in a rural area (mostly ranchers, farmers and simple, town gatherings) and would love more of those subtle color looks – not necessarily natural looks – more on the understated side and such. You have so much experience/trained hands & it shows in the way you can make such put together – mild looks. It seems like many Make-up enthusiast can whip up dramatic, bold looks (which you also excel at)- but the chic – simple looks require a much more practiced hand like yours. Studying your videos – can teach a whole lot. Thanks to you for sharing your skills and for your time.

                    Mary Clavin

                      Lisa, does Betty come to the studio? Love the makeup so much – I am going to wear this tomorrow!

                      Morrgie the fey

                        I would love a tuturiol on the make up Sinead O'Connor had on in her epic video "Nothing Compares to you", I do realise she has such fantastic eyes and it will not be easy to recreat that look.


                          Love a pink eye, do it all the time. This whole look is so soft, innocent, and delicious

                          Amber Kry

                            Perfect timing. I just did this look today before I saw your video. I used the ABH Modern Renaissance palette on my eyes. People tend to go big with that palette but it is so beautiful as just a wash of color with those bright pink shades. I found it funny we both did the same thing❤

                            I would personally love to see a tutorial on filling in barely there brows. Mine are invisible if I don't do something with them. I'm happy with how I do them but would love some tips from the best❤

                            M J

                              Very pretty. I know that pink is everything right now but unless you’re 18 ehhh.
                              But this pink look was gorgeous
                              Beautiful and soft . This eye look I can pull off at 50 yrs old and not look like I’m desperately trying.

                              Sheila Yeates

                                I adore the red lip n pink eyes. ❤️💗

                                Chas Alwyn

                                  That red lip looks so fabulous on you!!!!

                                  Nimmy Wren

                                    So prettyyyyy


                                      Thanks Lisa! Fabulous tips, as usual

                                      Rojan Junior

                                        So beautiful


                                          Kjaer rhymes with bear or care.
                                          Kj is pronounced like the start of ‘cute’, like (kjute)

                                          gnip gnop

                                            LOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEEE THHHHIIIISSSSS😍😍😍😍😍


                                              I am SOOOOO happy you zoomed in to show up the eyelashes! Love being able to actually see what you’re doing! 😘😘😘

                                              Heather shay

                                                Absolutely beautiful 🤩

                                                Barb Robbins

                                                  Thank you for a glimpse of your dogs!


                                                    The doggooo😍

                                                    Tokyo 1964

                                                      I'd love to see something using newer make-up for 50+. I love your earlier videos, but I feel that textures in particular have changed a good deal since then and I am having so much difficulty. I used to be a real eye shadow girl, but with crepey and sagging lids plus mega-dark circles, I no longer know what to do. Help! 😉

                                                      Norah Myers

                                                        Would really like to see a look with a big Charlotte Tilbury palette because the colours all feel too dark on me — I feel like I look like a clown. Would be great to learn how to soften the colours a little or tone them down.

                                                        Rose A

                                                          The first look is my every day make up and the second look is what I do to be glam. Very lovely!

                                                          Lisa B

                                                            Loved your rescue dogs/employees at the end! Also, the pink with the strong red lip looks amazing….thanks very much, Lisa 🙂


                                                              I just jumped to the end to see Amelia. And I never jump Lisa’s videos

                                                              Crystal Kirkman

                                                                I ❤️ red 💄 look! 😍

                                                                diane mendoza Balatbat

                                                                  Hi Lisa! I really like the second look with the pink eyes and red lips. I think it looks very nice on your fair skin. Can you do the same on a medium-brown skin tone please? Or post a picture on Instagram so that us brown girls can have a reference. Thank you!

                                                                  Brenda Anguiano Arreola

                                                                    Adorable those pups!

                                                                    Bronte Roberts

                                                                      I just got your book from the library and I'm really enjoying it! History and makeup, my two favorite things.

                                                                      Jane Warrick

                                                                        I have Velvet Ribbon & I love it so much♥️♥️

                                                                        AA OO

                                                                          Happy Valentines Lisa, thank u for this beautiful gift. X

                                                                          Camron Thompson

                                                                            This is how makeup is done ✅ 💖💕💖😍😍. Love all things Lisa Eldridge!!!


                                                                              wait! was this video blurry for anyone else? or is it just me?


                                                                                I love watching you assess and finesse as you go. There is nothing formulaic about how you do makeup. The mark of a true artist’s eye

                                                                                R L

                                                                                  So beautiful! Classic! Fresh!

                                                                                  Georgina G-O

                                                                                    Looking forward to Dua Lipa tutorial(s)!

                                                                                    John Doe

                                                                                      She is so pretty 😊


                                                                                        I'd love the fucsia look you did on dua😍

                                                                                        Christine Mack

                                                                                          Beautiful skin and darling pups! Happy V Day! xox I would love to learn how to make a long and narrow face look less long and narrow 🙂

                                                                                          Sarah C

                                                                                            Im loving the Menasi 7 powder . I ordered it right after your last video. Loving it for my crepey 51 yr old under eyes lol

                                                                                            the raisa record

                                                                                              Could you do a video on how to even out the eyes when applying eye shadow. I had an orbital tumor surgery last year and now the scar is like a half done eyelid surgery. The eyelids fold in a different manner and I find it hard to apply more than one eyeshadow color and not look like a clown.

                                                                                              the raisa record

                                                                                                After all these years, you are still so awesome. Super blessed! xx


                                                                                                  Love the longer videos! Thank you Lisa, keem them this way 😍

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