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    Carli Bybel


      Jacky Gonzalez


        Meaghan Willette

          What color do u have in your hair is it still from the last time you went dark ?!


            Hey girl you can get the money back through your bank. They will take it back from the original merchant

            Daisy Melizabeth

              All you do is call your credit card company and say they never sent the product/ never did the service you requested. The credit card company will refund you.

              Stefany Herrera

                Anyone that has a problem with a merchant if you can try using PayPal use it. they can help you get your funds. If you use your bank card if the merchant is giving you the run around pls don’t wait and file a dispute with your bank let them know you want to file a merchant dispute and merchant has not provided merchandise or services. Every bank has a department or team dedicated for this and they reach out to merchant to get your funds merchant has to prove that they have provided services normally they don’t and let the bank know they give up and you’re issued a refund but there is a small window of time you have to file a dispute some places give you 30-60 days to place the dispute. So check with your bank to see because I’ve seen merchants give people the runaround for months and once that happens they can’t dispute because it’s past the cut off time the customer is out of money and product.

                sandra aghelian

                  dispute all of these charges with your bank!

                  Suzanne Street

                    ILY 🖤💛❤️💙🧡🤍💚💜

                    Renata Pinheiro

                      What beach do you usually go to ?? Love you 😍


                        Carli! File a small claim with those people who owe you money! Sue them! Always get information with people before buying anything. Loves, hope you get that stuff resolved.

                        Always check with BBB, google reviews, yelp reviews and ask for their business license!

                        Lisa Fanucchi

                          Looks like shoes 👠👠 make you happy 🤣❤️

                          Rye J

                            Carli your videos are so soothing

                            Host Mo Berry

                              Carli were you aware of Brett's language when referring to the black race back in 2011 & so on & did you approve? I was sincerely shocked that he felt comfortable calling ppl the N word. I hope you weren't cool with it.

                              mary na

                                Things I'm thankful for: Carli's gold personality 🥰

                                Katherina Sherman

                                  It’s super disheartening when people scam you especially out of the goodness of your heart. I recently got scammed/overcharged by a hair stylist who I wanted to help support her business after lockdown was lifted and knew businesses were struggling. She even went as far to go through my belongings. She did a great job on my hair both times but this last time just the way she went to such great lengths to pull the rug from out underneath me was shocking. It’s sad that there are people like this. I wanted to make a video but want to avoid unecessary drama and lawsuits she too was a subscriber of mine. But thank you for making those of us who go through not feel alone💖 we can’t forget all the great people that do the right thing by others even if there are ones who don’t.

                                  Bahar Sadri

                                    The only safe way to shop online is to use Paypal for payments. If the company doesn't accept Paypal paymenst, I will not buy from them. That way if something goes wrong, Paypal will get your money back from the company for you.

                                    Michaela McLeod

                                      Missed you !! Love your shirt 🧡 would love to see more vlogs !!!

                                      Chelsey Downey

                                        Love you !! Thanks for posting !

                                        Krystal Beras

                                          I LOVE when you do long videos like these!!!


                                            This makeup looks dirty on you.

                                            Beauty by VM

                                              Hello Angels, I will be extremely grateful 🙏 if you support me and my channel as well, couple of years ago I've lost my house and now I'm trying to earn the deposit to have a mortgage for my new home. My family 👪 deserve it. It is jot gonna cost you anything, just a couple of ads. Bless you and thank you in advance 🙏 .

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