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    Wayne Goss

      In this video series I want to share some fo the simplest eyeshadow techniques that give great results with minimum skill! LINKS Wayne Goss Brushes …

      sapphire blue

        You are awesome, I have gained confidence about myself, about how I look since watching your videos. More power to you!❤

        Eirian Cole

          I only discovered your channel last night, these tips are truly amazing! I tried a few of your tricks this morning and my make up looks so different. The powder under foundation, such a game changer! Thank you for sharing these techniques ☺️

          Kate Makeup Looks

            You are such a lovely person, Wayne 😀 By the way Hindash (who I also love) has done videos of makeup on mature skin so that should keep everyone happy 😆 xx

            Amy P and Dirty too

              Actually Wayne, they DO come up to you on the street and say things like "why are you so pretty? I hate you!" And then whisper to their friend behind your back "she is such a f*cking bitch!". Even though I will give you the shirt off my back, and there are people whom I have given the shirt off my back to. Being beautiful is actually very lonely. I have only one female friend because literally every "friend" I thought I made has talked such sh*t behind my back and been so horrible, trying to literally ruin my life!!!!!! Like, serious sh*t too!!! Trying to get me in trouble with the police for crimes I didnt commit because "I dont deserve to make a lot of money, be beautiful, and smart, and talented". Their words, not mine. Nevermind that it was f*cking HARD WORK that got me straight As in Uni and therefore an amazing job offer after graduation. Nevermind that it was HARD WORK that made me a great musician and visual artist!!!! Also, no one will ask me out on dates because they assume I have a bf. I'm gay, but it's the same with females, they ASSUME IM STRAIGHT CUZ IM TOO PRETTY TO BE GAY!!!!!!!!!! Again, their words, not mine. And even if the females know um gay, they wont ask me out cuz they assume I have a gf or "you're just too pretty, everyone would be staring at you when we are together and I wouldn't be able to stand that."
              Any other pretty girls out there who know what I'm talking about????
              My dogs are my only companions. And my friend Mindy. That's all I have. I'm thankful I'm not completely alone, but it really does suck. I've been single since March 31st, 2009. Yeah.
              So if you see a pretty girl that you want to ask out, DON'T ASSUME SHE IS TAKEN!!!!!!!!!

              Sarah James

                Bravo Wayne!! 😎

                lilliana dragon

                  Wayne you are a BEAUTIFUL SOUL !!!



                      How do u recommend doing this when we have droopy eyelids? Because you can see the creases in my eyes. 🙁


                        Omg i am not the weird one. I did the lower line first as i always overdo it when i did from the top corner ❤


                          I feel that Wayne is the only one on youtube doing actual NORMAL TUTORIAL and not all these just product trying, grwm and others which have nothing to do with teaching

                          Hi Blue

                            Having a negative comment is kinda good. It means someone is jealous of u.. And it also means u r good in what you do.. Good work.. Keep making awesome vids!!

                            Candace Rodriguez

                              Robert Welch!! He’s amazing!!! You’d love him!! Also lord John!!

                              NHLWIFE GOOILERS

                                Does anyone, who has his brushes, know the number of the very first brush he used to draw out the shape? Thx!!

                                Sharyn Waghorn

                                  Love you so much, your kindness and integrity are always beyond reproach 😘Cannot wait to see all the Amazing people you bring to your channel 😍 RESPECT for you Wayne Goss 💋😚👏xxx

                                  Krunchy kari

                                    Can't wait for morning to try this technique 🤩



                                      N. K.

                                        Thank you for the great tip! It's puurrrfecctt! Is there any way you could do another video of this with a close up of your eye?

                                        South Jersey Italian Cucina

                                          I don't have a lot of subscribers. I get negative comments and thumbs down a lot. I'm not an MUA. But I do try to do some really great looks. I love doing my makeup on camera. I've had to block people because of their negativity.

                                          Gina Alspaugh

                                            I love your makeup tutorials. This is something that I'm going to try right away. Thank you, Wayne.

                                            Angela Kelly

                                              Well said! People are so mean behind their computers or phones. Most wouldn't dare say the same thing in person. Loved the eyeshadow tutorial! Thank you. I've learned so much from you! You are a kind and thoughtful human!

                                              Carolina Navas

                                                You are a class act Wayne…

                                                My Fat Face

                                                  Bern using the tight lining technique I learned years ago from your video. As I have hooded eyes, it really saves valuable lid real estate

                                                  Shai Vou

                                                    you are incredible, I absolutely love you tricks and tips soooo helpful!!!!

                                                    harlow jean 1975 deymonaz

                                                      The fewer the subscribers…i like to join


                                                        Wayne Goss, Jordan Liberty, Robert Welsh, Lisa Eldridge and Hindash. The best of the best. Who agrees with me ??


                                                          You never reply to comments, but I love you all the same. Wayne Goss fan always! 😋😘

                                                          Bonita Rothman

                                                            Thank you for saying this. We in the US have been dumped on by a narcissistic person who cannot say anything nice about someone who doesn’t agree with him or who doesn’t do what he wants. The man’s mouth and mind are a blight on our society and he gives others the sense that they can dump on others with impunity as well. You, on the other hand, are a breath of kind, fresh air. Those who think well of themselves also tend to be kind to others. Your inner self shines through in every one of your clips. Thank you.

                                                            Carla Blamer

                                                              Thank you for your message. Should matter what type of channel or social media account. Be Nice! It's not hard!

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