Suzie Reacts to Her 1st Video – 2 Million Subscribers Thank You!!

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    Nail Career Education
      Suzie Reacts to Her 1st Video - 2 Million Subscribers Thank You!!

      Suzie and Cameraman react to their very 1st YouTube video, and share how and why they started a YouTube channel. Watch Suzie’s very 1st Video: …

      Jani Hol

        Congrats to you both! Love this channel! Keep being real as y'all are, and your success will continue to grow!

        Maureen Cannell

          Congratulations guys xx

          Lee Berry

            You are the reason I gave up my corporate career and started my nail and beauty business. I love your videos, you are so clear and concise but also funny and naturally warm. Congratulations on your 2 million, it's very well deserved x

            Corina Cortez


              Red Kittie Kat

                Way to go Suzie and Camerman! Congratulations!! β™₯

                Gandalf The white

                  OMG YAAAAY LOVE U πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


                    CONGRATS ON 2 MILLLLL

                    Madelyn Jansen van Vuuren

                      Thank you Suzie for giving me nailspiration to actually do my own nails. and work with gel and all. I really love you videos, and i get all my greatest ideas from you. I don't copy you but i do use your advise. And if i'm not sure of something i go search and watch a video and take it from there. Thank you camera man for such great quality videos. I've been following NCE for 4 years now. And i will do so for many years to come. Well done on your great success


                        I’ve learned so much from your channel that I started doing my own nails at home. Thank you for everything you do!

                        Stephen Scaccia

                          Congrats, Suzie!! Thank you so much for representing us Canadian YouTubers with knowledge and class, and for calming my anxiety during exam times! πŸ˜‰ Forever your fan!


                            Congrats Suzi and Cameraman!!

                            Jenni Cox


                              Ella Cinder

                                Congratulations u2πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™

                                Judy Penton

                                  Camraman is truly awesome, even if he stays behind the scene



                                    itzzBella x

                                      Love them!!!!

                                      Mairwyn Curtis

                                        I love your videos guys. My favourite ones are when you were building the salon. I often go back to those.

                                        Wenyu Chai

                                          congrats to both of you!! <3

                                          Mikki Mouse

                                            Can you do lion🐾 king nails? I πŸ’šyou for years btw.. 😍


                                              I remember when you had a few thousand subscribers. Now look at you. πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰. Congrats, you guys deserve it.

                                              Nails by Jennifer Cole

                                                Love you Susie! You look so beautiful!

                                                May G Yang

                                                  It’s great to see how far you two have come!

                                                  GiannaMaria Logan

                                                    Well i have to say that you convinced me to go to school. Thank you so much. I am now a nail tech. Yayyyyy

                                                    Claudia .R

                                                      Congratulations !!! Love your chanel

                                                      Spirit Donkey



                                                          Congratulations Suzie and Camera Man on your 2M subscribers!


                                                            You are always beautiful and looking younger as your videos have evolved.

                                                            Vennita Hensley

                                                              Congrats Suzie

                                                              Wendy Miller

                                                                Congratulations to you both!

                                                                Rosa Cruz


                                                                  Pam Baumgartner

                                                                    You were the first nail artist I watched on u-tube and got me hooked on nail instruction videos and on trying nail art on myself. Congrationlations on your 2 million subscribers!

                                                                    Upgrade Your Life

                                                                      "I was very hot, but not in a good way"


                                                                      Christy Sutton

                                                                        You guys are awesome! Both you and Camera man. Love watching your videos. You are a great teacher and I would assume very patient with your students. Thank you Suzy 😊

                                                                        Upgrade Your Life

                                                                          "Camera Man" really did guide you in the right direction.
                                                                          Thats how a great relationship works. You uplift and motivate and encourage. It's beautiful.

                                                                          Ruchi roy

                                                                            Congratulations! di

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