Suzie Tests Holo Taco Unicorn Skin on Natural Nails

Main Suzie Tests Holo Taco Unicorn Skin on Natural Nails

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      Suzie Tests Holo Taco Unicorn Skin on Natural Nails

      Suzie unboxes and tests the new Holo Taco Unicorn Skin Collection by Simply Nailogical on her natural nails. #holotacounicornskin Suzie’s Premium File Kit …

      Simply Nailogical

        Suzie your natural nails are 😻😻😻 thank you for playing with the Unicorn Skins and I hope you and cameraman are doing well in nail career quarantine 💕💅

        Lifted Sailboat

          I love Cristine and her brand has been amazing. However, I feel like this White polish is her first dud release. Everyone who has reviewed it seemed to struggle with the formula. It's so pigmented that it dries really quick before it has a chance to level itself which makes the application really uneven and difficult. In her video, she said she suggests using a polish thinner. I'd love to see someone do that and see how the polish does then. The pigmentation is excellent, but wow it looks thick.


            I'm trying to find a video on this channel; it was Suzie reviewing a nail kit with the brand's CEO? (In the video they chit chatted like he's been featured on this channel before…)
            In the video, Suzie got her nails done in like under two minutes*.
            The guy had Micky Mouse ears on, he look like he could be part of a Korian boy band, and the packaging for the products showcased were uber kawaii.
            Suzie and him went on about how the tips were revolutionary because they curved with one's nail.
            If anyone could help me find the video that would be awesome!

            L G

              that solar unicorn skin is on FIRE HOLY

              Sheri Hardaway

                Those were beautiful. I like when u kept getting excited and saying which one was ur favorite.😂 Stay healthy and safe.💅😷

                Rhianna Brown

                  You should've done the first skin on a dark base.

                  Aingeal Jackson

                    I see holo taco I click 👌

                    Gemini Glow

                      I love all the unicorn skin over the dark indigo color. They just POP! The white not so much.


                        They are even better in person.

                        eloise hodgson

                          Simply and nail career collab pleeeeeaaaaasssseeeee 😭


                            Love this

                            Dynamic Duo

                              You should try the Aurora Unicorn Skin on the Indigo Away. To be honest, they all shine on the darker color but my fav is the Aurora Unicorn Skin over the Indigo Away. My 2nd favorite is the Cosmic Unicorn Skin. Thanks for this video. Look forward to your idea with this set. Hope you & Camera Man are staying safe & healthy 🥰

                              Meg Scrabble

                                Your voice is so soothing. Really love just listening to you speak. Stay safe!

                                J K

                                  I'm glad I've been doing my own gels for a while now.


                                    Love the ring finger nail 💖 it looks like an opal!

                                    Parti Poodles

                                      To be honest, I think the first halo needs to be done on a dark nail to see what it really looks like…. Please do!!

                                      _Mav eL

                                        You should do a video where you do the cameraman's nails and then he attempts to do yours!


                                          I fall asleep to you voice every night , ASMR who


                                            PLEASE do Cameraman's Nails in HoloTaco


                                              The first video I see from you. Is it the camera angle/too much high definition, or you just can not paint nails with nail polish? Uh.

                                              Stefy Squishy_moshy

                                                The dark nails could be Dragon Skin 🤗 just an idea

                                                Stefy Squishy_moshy

                                                  I'm new to your channel, and I just love your video! Your nails are GOAL !! ❤🥰 Keep the good work, love your videos

                                                  Layla Bachour

                                                    Wow!! I was blown away when they were applied to the indigo away! IT WAS LIKE MAGIC! A-Day! Beautiful Dragon eggs on your nail

                                                    Alya Aliski

                                                      aaahh I love how you got so excited! Which makes me excited too! Two of my favorite channels colliding together

                                                      Jenn Baron

                                                        Can we see Cameraman's hands with a full set of unicorn skin manicure?

                                                        metropolitan kreyole

                                                          Amagad !!!!! I just said in my last video that the only polish that I'm allowing my self to buy this year are the ones from Holo Taco, and I think I'm gonna give in faster than I thought !


                                                            Please do each color on both dark and light backgrounds. They're beautiful on the dark blue and I'll bet that first one looks really different on the dark also. Thank you so much for giving us something interesting to watch during these trying times.

                                                            Νικολέτα Ελισάβετ Αρταβάνη

                                                              When Suzie does not throw the packaging….


                                                                This may be a silly question, but could you use your regular nail forms with the poppits for polygel? For example, place the polygel in the poppit, then lay it on a nail surrounded by a nail form?

                                                                YoursTruly #Devine


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