Suzie tries the Aprés Gel-X Nail System

Main Suzie tries the Aprés Gel-X Nail System

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      Suzie tries the Aprés Gel-X Nail System

      Suzie creates long Coffin Nails using the Aprés Gel-X Nail Extension Kit. Suzie demonstrates the steps to apply the tips, and includes ProTips to take them to the …

      Nail Career Education

        Just wanted to let you know that the Aprés Gel-X Extension Kit is available to Pro's and DIY'ers 😀:

        Jen Loves Nails

          Omg I've missed you!

          Nina Sandra

            Where were you last night when I was doing mine 😭

            Khatijah Rahmat

              Suzie, will you do a video on eco-friendly practices nail-technicians can apply? I'm curious about what the possibilities are. Just a suggestion – love your show.

              Just Jo Nail Addict

                What a great system x

                Theresa Goin

                  I admit as a car girl and a nail girl I use my dremel on my nails lol I simply use different bits and Sanders for my nails and a much lower speed

                  Dante Velasquez

                    I wonder if adhering press on nails with gel base would work.

                    Merry Kay Milam

                      When are we going to see Grant again?? It has been awhile since he has been on. Hi Camera Man!!

                      Fun with Nuba

                        Please do a video on soaking these off…!!! Please!!!!

                        Michelle Harrison

                          Love you Suzie. But I have to be honest the fact that you didn’t clean the dust off After everyone you filed sent my anxiety through the roof 😂🙊🙈

                          Heather Tressler

                            Looks interesting. I wonder how long they last though. LOVE that ring she has on her left hand too!

                            Ella Cinder

                              That looks so quick and easy, and would totally cut down on service time! I'm curious as to how strong they are (thick). I'm really hard on my hands so I make my nails thicker, especially at the arch.
                              Please do a follow up on how they wear, grow out, etc. 😊

                              Just Jessy

                                Hi Suzie, you can save yourself tons of time (the little 1 finger lamp is just 2 flash cure each one on then you can put ur whole hand under your regular led lamp for 60 sec (one time)instead of 60 sec each finger (×10)


                                  Hahaha My dad was so nice when i first started out, he bought me a whole little dremel kit and everything, he was like "i saw they use drills and i thought this would help you out" it was so sweet hahaha

                                  Can us Normal folk do it? Gina Marie

                                    CameraMan….I was just wondering, what was it like the first time you sat your wife in front of your camera?

                                    Macie Parker

                                      What type of polish didbu use at the end regular or gel?

                                      lillian girvin

                                        I always had a hard time with these, always peeled off. I figured it was me and faulty prep work but I tried polygel after that and never had lifting.


                                          I’ve been using the Apres system for three months now, and it really works. I’ve even gotten away with not etching the inside of the nail tip and avoiding using the bonder for easier removal after three weeks. I’ve also been successful using the Koko & Claire water soak off base to soak the nails off faster (still have the use acetone due to the thickness of the nail, but it’s much, much faster). My one gripe is the light!! Surely there’s got to be a better way. Does anyone have any suggestions? Right now I have a larger automatic light that’s open on both sides that I prop up to slide my hands under. It’s not a perfect system and I’m looking for a better way.

                                          Destiny Lopez

                                            Instead of putting pressure with the other hand theres a way to use your same hand to hold the tip In place and still be able to grab the lamp

                                            Melissa Clagg

                                              For someone that likes getting acrylic nails put on but i cant handle that long of a nail…. can these be cut down without cracking?

                                              Destiny Lopez

                                                YASSS BB I LOVE THIS SYSTEM! USE IT ON ALL MY CLIENTS!❤❤❤❤🥰

                                                cynthia meyer

                                                  Please do a wear test with these <3


                                                    So they’re basically expensive press on nails?💀

                                                    CONTAGIOUS MIA

                                                      I was thinking about buying it until I found out it was $107


                                                        Could you try building nails with ramen noodles?

                                                        Shari A.

                                                          They look great. I did chuckle when I saw the listed steps as PH Bomber instead of bonder. 😁 Thanks so much for sharing. 💗💗💗


                                                            This is so cool! I've been trying to do my own nails at home for so long and it's never worked. I just wish the kit wasn't so expensive lol!


                                                              brilliant idea for a "challenge" video… see if Suzie can go 2 weeks without ANY nail enhancements, polish, etc., without going bonkers 😁
                                                              oooo and another one… "Cameraman does my nails by following one of my tutorials"
                                                              or "Grant does my nails"

                                                              Rita Gathercole

                                                                Thank you so VERY much for this absolutely fantastic video! I learn so much from you! You make everything look so easy! Just absolutely LOVE watching you!
                                                                Kindest regards and best wishes
                                                                God bless
                                                                Rita G


                                                                  I have asked you the same question on at least 5 of your videos, you didn't even have the decency to answer. It was a simple question. Unsubscribed.

                                                                  Rhonda Armstrong

                                                                    So beautiful!

                                                                    Emmy E

                                                                      When you do product reviews like this, what do you do with the rest of it? Do you keep using the product until it's out? Throw it away? Donate it? Give it to the techs in your shop? Recycle some parts into your rotation?

                                                                      Thank you for all of the lessons, advice, and entertainment! I've been a fan since the early days! My mom let me paint her nails when I was just learning how to hold things in my hands 😂 she often went to work with her entire finger painted too 😂😂😂 nails are one of the only things I've consistently found joy in throughout my life. If I'm having a bad anxiety attack, my boyfriend will put one of your longer videos on and cuddle me until I can go out and face the world again. I know that might sound weird but you've impacted my life a lot and I'm honestly so grateful. I hope for all the best for you, your family, friends, pets, etc 💞

                                                                      TINA MAYHLE

                                                                        I love watching your videos 😍 your voice is so relaxing and calming and I love all of your work! If you have the time to answer a question, I would appreciate it. Nail polish does not like to stay on my nails. I have tried every nail product, pH balancer, buffing my nails beforehand, all types of polishes, base coats, top coats, you name it and I've probably tried it. Do you have any suggestions for me preferably for home use. I do occasionally get acrylics on or put fake ones on at home. The problem is I can grow my own nails so I don't like to have fake ones if I don't have to. I'm the type of person that if I can fix the problem myself I will. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks for sharing all the videos you do!

                                                                        Bunny Mama

                                                                          I like the way cameraman thinks.


                                                                            I've been a little curious about this "new" system. But it's NOT for me. Essentially, this is just a press-on nail glued onto the natural nail with builder gel in a bottle. I don't really even like nail tips on me. I only use them when I break a dominant hand nail much shorter than the rest of that hand. And no, my hands aren't usually the same length. I use my right hand SO much more that I wear my nails down on the right. Besides, my left hand is always my "display" hand. You know, the one we all show to people when they ask to see our nails?

                                                                            Shabbylicious by Liza

                                                                              I'm not a nail tech and found out about this system a month ago and I'm addicted.

                                                                              Jen Roberts

                                                                                Not bad for a first try, the more you use it, the easier it gets. The tiny light is really for applications on someone else though. A raised up regular lamp is better for self application.

                                                                                Nellie McIntyre

                                                                                  Hi Suzie if you're practicing the thickness of extension nails would you say the thickness of a tip is what you should be comparing it to? Love your helpful videos 🙂

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