Suzie’s Nail Reno: Complete Nail Renovation with Holo Taco Design!

Main Suzie’s Nail Reno: Complete Nail Renovation with Holo Taco Design!

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    Nail Career Education
      Suzie’s Nail Reno: Complete Nail Renovation with Holo Taco Design!

      Grant’s nails desperately need a makeover! Suzie does a complete Nail Renovation using Acrylic to create sporty Sqround Nails finished with a Holo Taco …

      Simply Nailogical

        Today I learned that Suzie makes my nail polishes look better than i do 😍😍😍 Thank you so much Suzie you are the best!!!

        Bartina van Oene

          What about… His other hand!

          Flutes rock

            Omg my two favorite you tubers mixed in 1 video😂

            Freya S

              Honestly you’re videos are so calming

              Lela Robinson

                I see that we should be expecting a "Nail Career Education" acrylic line!

                Suzanne Smith

                  Love your top Suzie !!!

                  Tuscani J

                    Omg lol, when you need fills so bad that they could start to almost pass for French tips.

                    Nia’s Bae

                      Shook by the one coat

                      Aleisha Hodges

                        So I love your videos and just found a video of your acrylic unboxing and was wondering if you going to make another acrylic box of your own

                        A D

                          I've been a subscriber since he was a nail biter. Grants nails look so healthy now.

                          Fabian Gonzalez

                            This is so soothing, I was dozing off.

                            charlene c

                              Idk why but this reminds me of an HGTV show but a lot more entertaining n charming! I haven't painted my nails since highschool but I loved watching this video soo much 🙂

                              Jasmin Stuart

                                Sept 15 is my birthday! To bad I’m in Edmonton

                                Shirley M

                                  Gorgeous, I love Cristines halo nails varnishes .. xx

                                  Judy Hoffmann

                                    Love it 😍💕

                                    Shenice Says

                                      Ohhh Snap she’s using Simply Nailogical.

                                      MaKayla Spring

                                        I love it when my favorite youtubers support each other instead of tearing each other down

                                        Beauty community


                                          Here to watch you use halo taco

                                          Sayari Saha

                                            Thank you for all the gorgeous tips for all the gorgeous nails……. Just a question HOW DO YOU AVOID THE NAIL POLISH BEING DRIED UP!!!!!!

                                            I HOPE U WILL ANSWER IT……. Wit luv from INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳

                                            Hannah Safrit

                                              CAN SUZIE AND CRISTINE JUST COLLAB NOW


                                                That was fun❣️🙏🏽💞 Mia

                                                Brittany Valmont

                                                  Love all your videos Suzie!! I watched Simply Nailogicals video and she said that her holo polishes need a top coat.

                                                  Pagapular Lars

                                                    Consults clients for preferred nails

                                                    Also Suzie:
                                                    "I don't want you to see this (design)"

                                                    Pagapular Lars

                                                      Nail Queens!!!!

                                                      abberdail marie

                                                        I think our two Canadian Queens need to collab!


                                                          How cool seeing Suzie supporting Cristine. 🇨🇦

                                                          hale vannatt

                                                            How long does a new set take you?

                                                            Iva Kimmell

                                                              Yeah, Susie, Grant and Simply Nailogical all together!!!!

                                                              Rachel Moss

                                                                Suzy, I love watching you do Grants nails, no one else does short like this and it gives me hope! My natural nails are weak and when I've had gels or acrylic in the past they always lifted horribly – I've been told I have very small and oily nail beds. Also I play guitar now so I can't have them much longer than my finger tips. Do you think it would ever be possible for me to have nails like these?

                                                                Viki Pazdur

                                                                  I love when you do Grant's nails and I love the relationship you two have

                                                                  Carly Couturier

                                                                    IM SO EXCITED SUZIE USED CRISTINES PRODUCT

                                                                    Gabe Pruneda

                                                                      Catch me getting all of those nail files immediately

                                                                      Samantha Barrow

                                                                        I’m getting some Great Gatsby vibes from those nails!

                                                                        Julia S

                                                                          today I learned that my past of nail biting made my fingers the shape they are. Will they ever go down?

                                                                          Julia S

                                                                            Hey, Suzie! I love your videos! They're so calming because you have such a nice soft voice. I hope you normally wear some kind of protection over your nose and mouth because inhaling those tiny bits of acrylic into your lungs really isn't good. <3


                                                                              Just received mine in the mail! Going to try to recreate this look

                                                                              Pink Sparkly Batman

                                                                                Even doing a gradient! Classic cristine!! Love the video, such a satisfying renovation!

                                                                                Reinette Isabel

                                                                                  Yaaaaass, the holo toco

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