Taking Our Baby On A Plane For The First Time! First FAMILY Vacation *Birthday Vlog*

Main Taking Our Baby On A Plane For The First Time! First FAMILY Vacation *Birthday Vlog*

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    Sarahs Day
      Taking Our Baby On A Plane For The First Time! First FAMILY Vacation *Birthday Vlog*

      It was a week of firsts! Not only was this our first official holiday as a family, but it was also our first experience FLYING with a baby! I hope you enjoy my Byron …

      Georgie Thomas

        happy birthday!! fox is SO INCREDIBLY CUTE!!!

        Olivia Duca

          OMG Kurt wearing a Phillies hat!
          Proud viewer from Philadelphia, why the Phillies hat…just curious 🙂
          So Cool, Love you Sarah !!!! You are an amazing Mom and inspiration XOXOXX

          lily jandera

            what is kurt's obsession with pittsburgh??

            sydney deaton

              🥳 happy birthday!!! 🎊🎉

              Tiffany James

                I love when Kurt takes over the "imagery" stuff. So talented. I hope it takes you faaaaaaaaaar bud!

                Helene K.

                  you talking about the struggle alone with fox made me realize what my mom did for me and my sister… She has been single parenting ever since i can think of and she always had her job as a teacher-even when my sister and i were little… Shes so amazing-i freaking love her


                    Fox is soooo cute😍

                    Natalie Skamo

                      So what i love about you and Kurt are that you are always positive and happy but not in an annoying fake way! It us always refreshing to watch you!

                      Mrs Space Cadet

                        You don’t read 🤣

                        Anna Favale

                          Fox is such a happy baby, he’s going to be such a joy when he’s a toddler

                          Sabrina Atkinson

                            Every woman knows don’t let a man plan a trip 😂😂😂

                            Kelly Lau

                              Omg Fox did so well on his first trip. It's not easy bringing babies on trips and you need to pack so much extra and fingers cross your little one is settled. I have a 3 yr old and still I fingers cross she behaves on our trips or I plan all.sorts of entertainment for her so she doesn't get bored or restless. You never know if they're going to have a tantrum and if it's a loud bad one how long it will go for and how many stares from other people.you will receive 😂

                              Heather Kjernisted

                                Happy Birthday 🥳 also you should make a mini series of you getting taught martial arts just so I can die laughing more. Gunna go watch that again now, bye ✌🏼

                                Jessica G

                                  Kurt wearing a phillies hat?!?! That made me too excited

                                  Tiffany Leavitt

                                    also… that hat and leopard print shirt kurt was wearing 🤭😳

                                    love ya all still:)


                                      I just love that sezzy packs everything the night before… like that is my life 😂Packing is the worst so leave it until the night before lmao

                                      Tiffany Leavitt

                                        did kurt edit the apartment tour?? seems like his style:) loved it either way!


                                          Damn … fox looks just like me and my brother when we were babies😂 my mum just confirmed it

                                          Liya Sirenko

                                            Fox is soooo cute!!!


                                              Can‘t get enough of him 😍😍😍 please Show hin mooore


                                                please do post 20 photos of Fox

                                                fiona groot

                                                  Fox is sooo cutee

                                                  fiona groot

                                                    I want fox cammm

                                                    Berenice Le Madec

                                                      Omg i can’t believe how cute fox is 🥰

                                                      Laura Helliwell

                                                        I feel ya sezzy! I went to Apollo bay recently, weather was meant to be freezing, although it was swimmable. I did not bring bathers, and wouldn't recommend wadding with jeans haha

                                                        Rachael Gaul

                                                          I HAVE THAT EXACT BABY JUMPER!! 😂😁

                                                          Soph Kova

                                                            SARAH PLEASE READ THIS🔽
                                                            I have been subribed to you for a couple of months and i love watching your videos you are so positive and motivating ❤!!! So i watched all of your videos and now i dont know who to watch😭!!!PLEASE HELP ME😢!!!I watch maddie lymnburner and natasha oceane but no one is like you😞please comnent on who i should watch what youtubers do you watch?😊 ps i dont have instagram or twitter so please comment on youtube im so sorry to bother you and be annoying but i know that if i can trust and count on someone its you sezzy!!!AWSOME vid usual!!!😊🌷❤


                                                              Omg laundry for days lol story of my life 🙈 ❤️❤️❤️love this vlog!

                                                              Melissa Ziegler

                                                                Happy Birthday Sarah. Looks like you had a great first family trip. I have to say Fox is the cutest baby!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

                                                                Sina D

                                                                  Fox is so cuteee 🥰 and u look so beautiful in this video… like wow 😍

                                                                  Maddy Harvey

                                                                    Fox seems like such a good lil man…so calm!

                                                                    A Life I Choose

                                                                      Happy Birthday Sezzy! Great vlog! XX

                                                                      Tiffany Paige

                                                                        you guys are hilarious LOL xo

                                                                        Gaby Soto

                                                                          I loveeeeeee your videos. Absolutely love how you actually take the time to edit your video, so cool 😎 🥰

                                                                          Annie Lorensen Ward

                                                                            Fox in his wetsuit is the CUTEST thing ever!! Also that apartment tour was amazing!


                                                                              FOX IN HIS LITTLE WET SUIT OMG AWWWWWW 🤭😩😍😍

                                                                              Mya Elhashem

                                                                                You and Kurt are so cute together xx

                                                                                Sharron Ferreira

                                                                                  Just listened to your podcast this morning on the way to work, and now spoilt with been able to watch your trip away!

                                                                                  Jeanne Giardino

                                                                                    Good Morning Foxy! Love seeing him Sezzy! Thank you for sharing him with us!

                                                                                    Nicole Saridaki


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