TATI BEAUTY LAUNCH PARTY for my Subscribers!

Main TATI BEAUTY LAUNCH PARTY for my Subscribers!

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      TATI BEAUTY LAUNCH PARTY for my Subscribers!

      This is a thank you to all of you. I wish you all could have come! I have now selected the winners for the surprise PR Kit giveaway. If you’ve won, you’ll receive an …

      Marianne Lozare

        I'm crying wtf hahaha

        Superr Duperr

          Her sister's are so supportive ❤️❤️

          Kait S

            Tati is just the best. She deserves the best launch. Including actual people and not influencers at a launch? No other influencer would do this. She does her own thing and doesn’t follow the status quo, and she gets a lot of crap for it. She deserves a really successful makeup launch.

            Leah Rogers

              One word…. ICONIC💖

              Natasha V

                Congrats 🎉👏😁

                Nienke Zijlstra

                  Everyone looks gorgeous at the party!

                  Vena Annisa Harahap

                    im burst into tears just watching this

                    Laura Elfenbein

                      Tati, you are an inspiration, love the speech you give in the video! I wish I could have been there, too.

                      Anna Beszczyńska

                        Dear Tati, I am so happy for You!
                        You're my life role model!

                        dana nylon

                          99% white, 0.5% black, 0.5% asian. You do the math.

                          David Daniel Erives


                            Sophia Amazing

                              Really almost 10 mill I rember her at 5 this seems like a wedding

                              Jazmyne Barron

                                Tati has taught me so much about makeup. I have learned so much by just watching her videos. Seeing this is amazing I can’t wait to get the pallet. Shout out to Tati for being the such an icon and a queen I can’t wait to see what you do next. Thank you for being such an inspiration and an amazing role model ❤️❤️❤️

                                P Auluknow

                                  Haven’t we learned from all these fraudulent beauty bloggers ?!?! Tati is no different


                                    What a beautiful video

                                    Denisa Struharova

                                      So happy for you ❤️

                                      sweetox _

                                        Such a AAA Class Act Woman 👌


                                          I'm crying. I don't know why I'm crying but I'm crying. So happy for you!

                                          Auria Cabrera

                                            Omg I did not click on this video and thought I would be tearing up and crying but wow Tati this is amazing 🥰 so proud you deserve the world ❤

                                            Jo Leipold

                                              Where was this event? Not her house, rt?

                                              Hannah Chamblee

                                                every single person in this looked so good 😍

                                                Ayaan Asif

                                                  Awesome launch party

                                                  Hannah Chamblee

                                                    I ALMOST CRIED SO MANY TIMES DURING THIS


                                                      I wear eyeshadow like once a year, but ima be buying this. Love Tati. These people are so lucky they got to be there!!

                                                      Sharan Manimaran

                                                        I m so proud of u tati ❤❤❤❤❤….u r such an Inspiration…. I m a person who doesn't wear makeup at all… but I love u for wat u are … u r jus amazing ❤


                                                          This is awesome!❤ How did they get invited?


                                                            Why would a makeup artists need a makeup artists to do her makeup?

                                                            Belle Merto

                                                              Why on earth I'm crying 😭😭😭😭 love you Tati!!! 💕

                                                              Oakley Soleil

                                                                why does this video make me so emotional 😭

                                                                Belle Merto

                                                                  I'm so happy for you my Tati ♥️ so much love from the Philippines ‼️‼️‼️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                                  Hayley Sommer

                                                                    I was all ready to buy your beautiful creation, but shipping was $20. I’m sorry I can’t afford that. Bummer. You are so beautiful!
                                                                    91-249 C
                                                                    Ewa beach road
                                                                    Ewa beach, Hawaii
                                                                    Are the textured neutrals available in a store?

                                                                    Catherine Montalbano-Harris

                                                                      I’m so happy for Tati. Idk anyone more deserving.

                                                                      Emily Pearce

                                                                        3:00 Tati saying "why are you crying?" and trying to comfort that sweet subscriber just shows how genuine and humble Tati is.

                                                                        Kristiny Mireny

                                                                          And I cried again same as the launch of halo beauty.congratulations tati for all the success ..cheers to many more 💯❤

                                                                          Akayrii Rose

                                                                            this was so beautiful!!! xx

                                                                            lakhi begum

                                                                              Why am I cutting onions in the middle of the night?😭😭

                                                                              Javier Estrada

                                                                                OMG! This video was so beautiful. I'm happy to see all of this.


                                                                                  This was so empowering even though I wasn’t physically a part of it. I’m in my 30’s and this pallet is SO relatable to me but also to my younger cousins who are in their teens/early twenties. Proud of what you’ve accomplished and of this community. Congrats on a great product Tati!! Can’t wait to see more ❤️

                                                                                  Janette B

                                                                                    The genetics in that family are unreal!

                                                                                    Giovanna Gerencser

                                                                                      Whoever produced this video did it right. Bravo and congratulations on your launch, well done.

                                                                                      Anna Sunater

                                                                                        5:50 the lamp looks like a halo on Tati's head

                                                                                        Heather Wippel

                                                                                          I can’t wait until I get mine!

                                                                                          Ryan wiltse

                                                                                            I think is the best way to launch!!!!!! So much respect and love for you Tati!!!

                                                                                            Acailah Safar

                                                                                              The music was so appropriate

                                                                                              Debra Mae Inway

                                                                                                I'm not a fan of Tati but I know that she's down to earth, graceful, elegant, classy, loving, true, and kind-hearted woman.

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