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      TATI BEAUTY ... Restock + New Launch

      Textured Neutrals Restock today + The Blendiful launch, the makeup tool you didn’t know you needed. xo’s ~ Tati SAVE w/ HALO …

      Truth Seeker

        I thought she was the most beautiful girl but then I saw her without and I got scared. This is why I have trust issues.


          i loveeeee this

          Sofia Madrigal

            Can you do a video doing your makeup really close to the camera does it look like skin or caked makeup?

            Karen Wingler

              Just ordered all the things!!!!

              Jenna Aleksandra

                I thought her next product is a lipstick and I almost was like nah no more but literally I need those sponges 🙉


                  I didn’t know I needed ten of these but I need ten of these

                  Kylie G

                    love her but am i the only one that sees that it looks like its taking her foundation off when she presses it to her face?

                    Hoku Phillips

                      You can throw it into the washer?! I’m shook

                      Jessie K.

                        The way Tati is RETHINKING beauty is so brilliant, I can't believe it! It's so smartly done! The organization in her shadow palette, the new perfection of the pro-artist blending tool…I am just flabbergasted at how genius her brand has been so far. I CAN'T WAIT FOR WHAT SHE HAS IN STORE!!!

                        Karma Lee Nash

                          I finally got my order in for my palette and the new blendiful! So excited!!!

                          S. Salwa

                            Just ordered both The Blendiful and ur gorgeous palette. I am so excited!

                            Seana Wallace

                              I've just started use a puff after applying foundation…it totally smooths everything out. Happy to see this


                                Wow. This is literally exactly what I needed. A full size AND travel puff for my frequent travels. And even if I didn’t travel, that little one is too cute to not own. Tati, you are a genius 💗💗

                                True Angel

                                  Now I get it Peter Mon explained it and I get why u chose this puff it’s different n I’m excited to see u use it Tati 🤔

                                  Ailsa Ni

                                    2014 Tati: Blendiful is not a word. 2020 Tati: launches Blendiful and a bonus, Baby Blendiful 😉


                                      No she is not selling a cheap cloth that my grandma gets in her powder foundation compact for free for $18.00 before tax!!! Wtf! Seriously $18.00?????? That’s crazy maybe $8 and that’s pushing it!!!!

                                      Hannah Sixx

                                        The ONLY THING I’m worried about with this abs will be interested to see reviews about is how it could possibly be washed and then return to that same softness and how durable it is. How long it will last. Honestly though at $18 for two…you can just rebuy it. Idk. Food for thought. I’m interested to see it reviewed.


                                          Do you wet it?

                                          Jessica Rose Hauserman

                                            A fkn powder puff? Really?


                                              You’re so creative I can’t wait to get my hands on these blendifuls💕

                                              Jacqueline Sanchez

                                                Just ordered mine!! ❤️❤️

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