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      Tattoo Artists Share Their Weirdest Stories

      “Don’t lock your knees.” Diana Lopez: Amber Tilden: Subscribe …

      max nichole

        Why so many zoom in and outs?


          Ugh… ok you don’t have a “seizure” after passing out. It’s called tetny, it’s just your body trying to increase your blood pressure. How are you a tattoo artist and not understand this and how to deal with it? Aaaggghh

          Dollie Vee

            Yessssssss ms spiderface tilden gets dooowwwnnn!!


              I have the privilege to say Dianna has done my entire sleeve ❤️ such great work!

              Kira B

                All i could concentrate on was the weird zooming in and out and the second lady’s uneven eyebrows…..otherwise I enjoyed the video.They seem very talented!

                Lumos & Nox

                  99.9% of these comments are about the camera angles zooming in and out unnecessarily.


                    The passing out with seizure symptoms might have actually just been a form of panic attack (I know weird but google it)

                    Ady Vlogs

                      Still want a Ady Vlogs tattoo on my leg…to young…

                      hannah bree

                        Locked the knees what???

                        IMVU Gurlz

                          Cinderella: 👩🏼👨🏻💏👰🏼🤵🏻🤰🏼🤱🏼👶🏼👧🏼⚰️⚰️👩🏼😭👵🏻👧🏻👩🏻👧🏻💔👦👗👑👠👛💘🙂😐🤨😪😫🧚🏻‍♂️🧙🏻‍♀️🎃🎆✨🙂👦💘💌🕙💟🚫⚠️👠👦👠⚠️🤨😐👦👠👩🏼✔️💎💍😍😘🤗….And they lived happily ever after


                            That camera though

                            Casey Finnegan

                              This is very interesting!


                                I’d be the sissy bailing after getting a line drawn

                                ADDISON GEISTWEIDT

                                  90% of the comments- camera angles
                                  5% of the comments- glad so wasn’t a tattoo artist
                                  5% of the comments- other random stuff

                                  John S3cr3t

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                                      Compared to some other tattoo artist stories I’ve headed these ones are soooo tame

                                      Ōkami UwU

                                        That excuse of waking up at 2:00pm could be true (but not with more excuses) because my friend woke up at like 3:00 pm .-.

                                        Elizabeth Farthing

                                          I wish I was edgy and cool enough to get a tattoo and pull it off


                                            No but you are the jerk telling everyone that a client farted on you

                                            It’s Vibarian

                                              Seeing comments about the unnecessary changing of frame size…

                                              Me as a filipino citizen: try watching our tv series…

                                              Ayah Kaddoura

                                                162nd 😂

                                                Kim Darryl Ong

                                                  My first tattoo surprisingly didn't hurt at all. The artist said it would hurt (considering where I wanted the tattoo) but it was an overall great experience.

                                                  Barbora Bičovská

                                                    My boyfriend has a small line on his calf where he wanted his first tattoo. He then got scared (because it was supposed to be my friend tattooing him and she's just learning now) and decided to get it done professionally on his arm. So he also has a small line 😀

                                                    Zory Aprilova

                                                      Rum rum rue ru ru ru rum tirodosbs rad gum hi hi ru ru ru ru eurur

                                                      Abbygale stout

                                                        I feel like I’m watching someone ranting on Snapchat when they constantly zoom in and out

                                                        Carley Deger

                                                          these stories were so stupid. get better artists for better stories

                                                          serena anastazia

                                                            The girl with pigtails I swear is the same girl from the sorry girls!!!!!!

                                                            Emmi Wendy

                                                              I pass out and get that little seizure thing every time I get a piercing lol


                                                                Farting is considered weird now oke 😤

                                                                Maria Magri

                                                                  I thought people only cancel appointments at the dentist. Turns out humans are unreliable for everything!

                                                                  Emi Whiteside

                                                                    I have the same condition as the guy who passed out hahaha. Definitely undiagnosed vasovagal syncope! You just pass out and shake (looks like a seizure) but its not serious 🙂

                                                                    zack m

                                                                      Pigtail girl is very BEAutiful!😁

                                                                      Mariel GuZa

                                                                        Pls do more tattoo videos

                                                                        Aja Gallardo

                                                                          Loved seeing Amber Tilden on here. 🤘🏼


                                                                            You should have college professors tell their weirdest stories!


                                                                              I can't watch this. The editing is unbearable

                                                                              Carlie Muñoz

                                                                                DO GATE AGENTS TELL THEIR HORROR STORIES!


                                                                                  That forehead tho…

                                                                                  Delaney 1

                                                                                    Take a drink every time they switch camera angles


                                                                                      Not one single story about genitalia?
                                                                                      Being a flake isn't weird. Rude, yes, but not weird.

                                                                                      Morgan Gehrke

                                                                                        These zoom angles changing every second is giving me a headache

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