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      Teen Vs. Adult: Breakup Survival Kits

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      kim jong unnie

        What a sweet video

        Amina Gold

          Avalon and Rosanna Pansino? Just me? Ok…


            Don't think this was exactly fair "competitive wise" cuz Jazzmyne and Destinee are actually friends lol… Buy I guess that wasn't really the purpose.

            kim jong unnie

              It’s the Disney princess

              Rahul Saxena

                please never feature Avalon in a video again, her voice hurts me

                Rubi B

                  Is it just me or is the “teen” like secretly a 35yr old mother cuz she looks and acts like one.

                  Gloria Jacques

                    Avolon’s voice is soooo chte

                    yt meimei

                      Avalon is so cuteee n adorable 🥺

                      Haylee Graves

                        The teens voice is so annoying. I hate when women try and act cute making thier voice higher..

                        Sonakshi Dongre

                          Is that her real voice???

                          Marina Nichols

                            I wanted to get you chicken nuggets and tequila


                              Avalon literally is such a Disney Princess ❤️ it’s so cute omigosh

                              Shadowed Hand Parish

                                Avalon's voice really sounds like that? voice actor work could be in her future..
                                it's like she has a tank of helium in that little body or something.

                                Lucinda K

                                  Food, puppies, food, movies, food annnnnnd more food!!

                                  Lucinda K

                                    Avalon’s voice is so cute

                                    Madi Joyy

                                      "poo purry"

                                      Madi Joyy

                                        Is it just me or did I only watch this cuz I love Avalon cuz she is litteraly the cutest little thing

                                        rashi mohan

                                          Avalon is so cute

                                          Carlaaa’ HH

                                            Avalon sounds like Rosanna paninsio (I forgot her second name srry)


                                              The best combo EVER ❤️

                                              Lique H.

                                                Avalon sounds like Ro from Nerdy Nummies

                                                katie tapp

                                                  yay avalon omg

                                                  Allisine Starke

                                                    Hi I’m 14 and trying to become professional but have no idea how- mean so much for anyone to listen to my song on piano💙🌎 I think people could relate.

                                                    Indy M

                                                      Avalon’s voice is so cute!

                                                      Jennifer Wang

                                                        friends need emotional support and psychology, not ice cream and angsty instagram captions -MLK

                                                        Camille Alinsod

                                                          Avalon looks like younger kider version of AMY ADAMS!!!

                                                          Lucy Nitz

                                                            wowza this is too cute

                                                            lova thoren

                                                              the 👩🏻‍🦰 girl is white people aegyo

                                                              Have An Ice Day

                                                                God! I miss Target…

                                                                Hang Out with Malorn

                                                                  "Pooperi." Uh-huh.

                                                                  baby moon

                                                                    My boyfriend and I just broke up today. I wish I had a break up kit, instead all I have is panda express


                                                                      Ice cream always helps.

                                                                      Game Breaker

                                                                        To be honest I would have just got ice cream and romantic movies

                                                                        margaret morey

                                                                          Avalon is ADORABLE! Both kits were great, but where's the chocolate? Where's the alcohol?

                                                                          Andrea Taylor

                                                                            I only clicked on this video to hear Avalon’s voice 😂

                                                                            Oh HecK

                                                                              I would just order dominos, eat my hot Cheetos, and binge watch on Netflix… I just described a perfect Friday night


                                                                                if i got this when i was going through my breakup i'd cry so much getting jazzmynes one my heart :((((

                                                                                Lullaby 14

                                                                                  Am I the only one that hates Avalons voice

                                                                                  Amartya Roy

                                                                                    For the love of God someone please sign Avalon for cartoon character voice over, her voice so sweet, 😍

                                                                                    dante’s inferno

                                                                                      Kits or good


                                                                                        My favorite part of this entire video… "I wish I could've just got you chicken nuggets and tequila" 😂 hands down the best line ever said in an as/is video

                                                                                        Ariana Logan

                                                                                          Avalon is so freaking adorable

                                                                                          Alessandro R

                                                                                            I LOVE AVALON SO MUCH

                                                                                            Ritika Singh

                                                                                              Avalon sounds pathetic.. Is she even a teen..I am a teen..I don't sound like her.. Nobody I know sounds like her

                                                                                              Ruth Bravebrooke

                                                                                                Ahhh 20 piece chicken nuggets. Chocolate. Wine. Pint of gelato ice cream. Yeop I'm ready

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