Teen Vs. Adult How Strict Are Your Parents?

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      Teen Vs. Adult How Strict Are Your Parents?

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          Joyce! Finally!!!!!!!!

          Jaliyah James

            My mom would go off the next time she saw me and I missed her calls

            it queen

              One time my mom locked me in her car for 30 mins bc I didn’t zip up my jacket at school 😂

              Nicis Nicis

                Yoooo I took this and got 47/53 meaning there’s only 6 things I can’t do… I didn’t realize how super chill my parents are like damn I literally don’t have a curfew 😶

                BIG FELLA

                  “I would just ask my mom when she’s half asleep”

                  Relating hard right now

                  Megan Sitienei

                    I did a big presentation about why I should go to bed at 9 instead of 8.

                    Kellen Reese

                      my dad calls me once and i don’t answer and he iphone alerts me like 4 seconds later and then when i call him
                      back like two minutes after the original call he freaks out EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

                      Kellen Reese

                        wait if the guy is 16 and his mom is 25 she has him at 8?¿ maybe she was joking.

                        Potato Cheese

                          I know what my parents moods are.. I can just tell by their eyes, My mum isn’t as strict.. But dad is way opposite, my dad doesn’t even let me wear open sleeves ..


                            I'm enjoying the chocolate content, buzzfeed ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

                            alex- chan

                              NO parents these days parents think there kings and queens and the kids are the slaves or is that just me?😐

                              Teaira, First Of My Name

                                I definitely didn’t get “the talk”. She just put me on birth control after she saw me kiss my high school bf. Lol I’m grateful for her to this day #StillKidFree 🙌🏾😂

                                A Jinmerican Citizen

                                  3:49 even if I'm sick they make me go to school 😂 "da only way you aint goin to school is if you can't walk no more"

                                  T.B_ C.J

                                    I be shakin wit fear when it come to hangin up the phone wit my mama

                                    A Jinmerican Citizen

                                      Ma mama's Filipina-Maori and she was raised by her Dominican great grandparents. Ma dad is Filipino-Somali. Can't be much more strict than dat.

                                      T.B_ C.J

                                        I love Joyce bruh and she a Gemini can't get no better than dat

                                        Random Gurl

                                          Imagine having strict parents and teachers who have permission to do whatever. I got whooped two way since I was 4 years old. I'm 18 in US now lucky all that stopped 😁

                                          Anna Meadows

                                            I want the link to her PowerPoint 😂😂😂

                                            Glitter Slime

                                              Am I the only one who still buys cd’s?!?

                                              Jimin’s Waifu

                                                I have strict parents but I have friends whose parents are crazy strict, ya know.
                                                1: Can't wear makeup, only lipstick/lipgloss
                                                2: No face Masks (Say it's going to hurt my skin 🙄)
                                                3: Absolutely NO dating, school first.
                                                4: Can hang out only once/twice in a week, must stay home next 1 or 2 weeks
                                                5: CANNOT sleepover at friends, only at my house

                                                Btw, when I asked my dad (cause my mom was like go ask ur dad). He said the main reason, why I can't go is because that I'm a girl. Remind you, this is my Bff's house, she's a girl. I don't know what the problem is, maybe if she was a boy, yeah I'd understand but what? Then goes on saying "We have to set it up, do this do that. Just asking isn't going to do anything." I'm shocked, cause when my friend's ask to sleepover at my house, her parent's accept right away. So…idk being Asian is hard
                                                ( But they let my younger sister sleepover at her friend's house, okay. Mind you, she's almost my age. We're 3 years apart so not much of a difference 🙄)

                                                Jack the Gestapo

                                                  if my parents would ever went through my computer history they would be traumatised lol.

                                                  Jinx Hex

                                                    My curfew is sunset. I hate that I live near the equator. I don't need a watch, just watch the sky.😂😂😂😂✌

                                                    PEARL SWIRL

                                                      Yes!! I did a PowerPoint presentation to get a cell phone in middle school 😭 (6th grade)

                                                      & I got a Pink Razor 🤓

                                                      PEARL SWIRL

                                                        I’m Nigerian 🇳🇬

                                                        so ofcourse I had strict parents 💀

                                                        Sydney Is annoying

                                                          I made a power point to get pets😂😂and it worked


                                                            my mom isn't strict and when the girl said she had the talk at 8 i remember my mom telling me at 9 cause this girl at my school was telling me false information about it


                                                              Bro my neighbor has 7 kids and an 18 yr old is married and has a baby girl and a 16 yr old that’s pregnant soooooo

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