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      Teen Vs. Adult What's In My Bag • Jazzmyne

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      Mishka Attempting to be a Hijabi

        Jazzmyne u tge reason for me cutting ALL MY hair off and now im living my best life

        Martha Lacomba

          That little girl 👧 is the cutest. I love ❤️ her hair

          Emma Brooks

            avalon got too old (sorry is i spelt her name wrong :p)

            Ev M

              When I was 15 I had candy wrappers and coins and at most 10$

              Victoria Kulyk

                my name is Victoria just wanted to put that out there so……….yeah

                Gianna Knipping

                  I want her bag

                  Edy Wellington

                    No tampons ?


                      22 yr old purse: wallet, phone, cardigan, advil, mini umbrella, some sort of snack & water

                      R. Whitaker

                        My bag: pens, little notebook,phone,charger,wallet, pepper spray, flashlight, keys.
                        Cute zipper bag with lip balm,hand lotion,hand wipes, mirror, Tylenol,tic tacs,wisp disposable toothbrushes, rescue remedy pastilles, vitamins.

                        Alexandria Faiella

                          anyone know what brand jazz’s backpack was???

                          Audrey Sevo

                            Love how jazz has 3 phones😂💕


                              omg ok so i’ve been looking for victoria’s bag everywhere. like i looked up mini black backpacks by steve madden and i can’t find it. can anyone help me???

                              Dejiann Dean

                                My bag: pad, lotion, wipes, spray, deodorant, hair products, charger and a pharmacy of pills for pain/emergency, sometimes soap…..🤷

                                Mopsy does the draw

                                  Jazz is a drug dealer with all of those phones

                                  Maya Mozynski

                                    No one has a damn tampon.


                                      meanwhile in my bag i just found 7 cough drops that look like they somehow got wet

                                      Ava Lanier ( Student )

                                        In my bag, I have my wallet phone earbuds random receipts candy candy wrappers hair pins hair ties sugar packets gum and lip stuff( meaning lip glosses lipsticks chapstick)


                                          why is it no men in this video?

                                          Che Fernandez

                                            Willing to buy a metal straw to save a Turtle but too greedy to save kids in syria. Just saying for "woke" people in general are you doing something for a trend or for humanity cause I know damn well you "don't have anything" when a homeless person asks for something to eat


                                              Im 17 and I don’t even carry a wallet woh


                                                This is not realistic! Neither of them have pads or tampons! I can't leave the house with u

                                                Carys Howell

                                                  That's lip balm not deodorant 😂😂😂😂

                                                  Olivia Creed

                                                    I’m shocked there weren’t pads/tampons

                                                    Grace Lilacs C.

                                                      Straws only make up around .3%of the oceans plastic. We should be cutting down plastic from packaging like food, or skin care. Or just don’t eat fish. ☕️

                                                      S&C Squad

                                                        That’s a whole backpack 🎒!!!

                                                        Paiton Smith

                                                          “These are the essentials” has a bottle of CROWN ROYAL


                                                            Can we get a normal teenager's bag vs

                                                            Haydee Pabon

                                                              As an adult that also carries a backpack on a daily I feel represented 😂

                                                              Pru Soleil

                                                                Jazzmyn is sooo beautiful

                                                                jaq nah

                                                                  In my daily bag- water bottle, jumper, cap (for work), phone, headphones, wallet, Panadol, lip balm and a lighter! What’s in yours???

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