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      Teens Answer Assumptions From Adults

      Do teens even know what a landline is? Kevin (An adult) tests his assumptions about teens.

      Tergelsaran tersa

        more kevin pls!!! hes pretty cool for an adult

        Ruby Henshaw

          MORE KEVIN!

          julie arlynn

            The girl has brynn rumfallos face!!

            megan bruce

              Fornite is stupid sorry not sorry

              piggypiggy oinkoink

                “NO, REGGIE, I HAD A NOKIA

                Ashley Burk

                  Who else’s first phone was a Nokia 🙋🏻‍♀️


                    im 17 and i remember getting a barbie landline phone when i was like 9 lol

                    Berb 02

                      Im 14 my house is too new to have a landline but I would use the one at my grandparents house. I used to have my mom subscribe to magazines from my favorite stores.

                      emily nicole

                        omg so i have a really embarrassing story about the school laptops so one time in science we had to do this sun simulation thing on the laptops and i was bored and went to go play atari breakout and when it came on the screen it started making noises and everyone looked at me and i got caught 🙁

                        Noelle Iconic

                          lol he really is an adult

                          ai asjdkdk

                            I'm not sure why he believed prom isn't cool, this is the age of huge elaborate promposals, has this man ever scrolled an IG explore page?

                            Ethel B

                              No Reggie

                              Frosted Corn Flakes

                                Why tf is he so mean

                                Shallow Stream

                                  1:33 What?!!!????? I'm 15 too and when i was younger i would always buy magazines with my mum, and as birthday gifts for my dad…

                                  Kaleigh Fitzgerald

                                    Can Reggie be a permanent as/is employee

                                    RUJAIB ALRUJAIB

                                      Billie's music is not pop. It's emo. Pop is playful.

                                      cataa mardones

                                        I'm 20, and I bought a magazine, i've had a landline, my first Phone was a Sony Ericsson


                                          I am a teenager
                                          And I do NOT FEEL REPRESENTED
                                          YOUVE NEVER HAD A LANDLINE¿


                                            the absolute shade in "judging on the hairline . . ."

                                            *-_Masa A_-*

                                              the problem is…. they were teenagers too

                                              Koala Eucalyptus

                                                "billie eilish has her own music genre" and Melanie Martinez cries over her album "cry baby"
                                                I like Billie, but she does have a genre – alternative pop, and her and Melanie aren't the only ones, I believe…

                                                Apollo 89

                                                  I wish they had more teen perspectives

                                                  Kitty Millar

                                                    She is so pretty

                                                    Fatima Assaf

                                                      Bruhhh I always stalk my teachers on facebook and insta who doesn't? Literally my whole school does it!

                                                      •Đəþŕəşśəđ Čøøķıə•

                                                        ITs KeVin FroM ThOse ArtIst series

                                                        Caleigh Cross

                                                          Talking about climate change:

                                                          Adult: It’s your planet

                                                          Teen: it’s yours too

                                                          Adult: ehh.. not for as long as you..

                                                          THIS IS WHY WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!

                                                          Sabrina Dudra

                                                            I feel like adults are obsessed with age and teenagers

                                                            Maddy Major

                                                              My friend found pictures of our social study's teacher and he got a detention.

                                                              Clarity Ashtons

                                                                Google docs? Why not google Hangouts?

                                                                Dori Ljubojević

                                                                  I got my forst cellphone in 1st grade

                                                                  Ashley Navarrete

                                                                    0:19 her voice

                                                                    Ipshita T

                                                                      "coming out is not a thing anymore."

                                                                      I love this. Homosexuality is still punishable by law in my country. So knowing that somewhere in the world being lgbt+ isn't a big deal anymore makes my heart so happy.


                                                                        i vividly remember buying magazines with the jonas brothers and miley cyrus on the cover

                                                                        Theawkward_pineapple _

                                                                          all of my 2nd grade sisters friends all have phones and i’m like pffffttt

                                                                          Devil Child

                                                                            I love her hair

                                                                            Bella Gigliotti

                                                                              Ok but deadass I was thinking 43 when he asked that question🤭

                                                                              Brooke P

                                                                                More videos with Kevin

                                                                                Bernice Namuyemba

                                                                                  “ which one is better flossing or flexing?”
                                                                                  The guy: wait, wait, wait you mean literal flossing

                                                                                  🤣🤣 that guys killing me

                                                                                  Abbey Jones

                                                                                    Kevin looks like Kevin from home alone

                                                                                    How To For Kids

                                                                                      Why did I think 43 before he said that😂

                                                                                      Miss Pink

                                                                                        That adult guy is hilarious!


                                                                                          LOOOOOOOOL “no Reggie I had a Nokia” 😹

                                                                                          Jenna Davis

                                                                                            I like Kevin. Do more videos with Kevin.

                                                                                            Vicky OfficialUnicorn

                                                                                              DUDE. I used to LIVEE for those 'Pop' magazines when i was little. I'm 18 now. I used to get them all the time tho.

                                                                                              … I did get my first proper phone when i was like 8 tho…

                                                                                              Limonka xxd

                                                                                                “NO, REGGIE” 😐😑

                                                                                                andrea diaz

                                                                                                  lmfao why he shake that girls hand that hard

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