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    Allana Davison


    Sarah Willis

    You should try Nike React Element 55 sneakers if you liked the Hirachis. Super, super comfortable and more sleek than some of the other silhouettes 👍🏻


    You should get a popsocket wallet! GAME. CHANGER.

    Yevi Lopatina

    Really great video hahahah <3

    Jen MG

    Palm Springs Housewife 😂😂😂

    Kerry Tai

    You can buy this same shoe on stockx! I just picked myself up a pair because of you!


    Prue Bebe

    Sounds like you're allergic to dust girl! I'm the same. I can go into a house or place my body isn't familiar with and if there's dust in there my body is lose all control

    Ashley R.85

    I fall asleep listening to the LeVar Burton Reads podcast! The guy from reading rainbow in case his name doesn’t ring a bell, if they ever made those Bose headphones able to play from your phone I’d LOVE that! I just have to sleep with one AirPod in at a time lol


    Me & my dust allergies can relate 😭

    Lainee Chapman

    come back to van 🙂 whenever im in toronto my skin is a mess! haha.

    Emily Wolff

    I struggled for YEARS with perpetually dry lips. It sounds kooky but switching to an SLS free toothpaste solved the problem. SLS is the foaming agent in shampoos and toothpastes and is an irritant for a lot of people.


    Please tell us what is on your eyeballs

    Hayley Brigden

    When you held up the pepper I died. I immediately pictured your what I eat in a day with the eggs covered in pepper 😂😂😂


    I can live without pepper definitely not salt lol

    Tee Harts

    The sleep buds sounded amazing and I went right on line to find them, but Bose has discontinued them.😒


    If you’re having trouble w chapped lips, try cutting out the fragrance & flavorants out of your lip balms and just doing back to something simple like Aquaphor or Vaseline. Changed the game for me also to put it on right after brushing teeth each morning. Helps lock in moisture from water & keeps them from drying out.

    Sarah VG

    Please do a 10 best things from amazon that you bought. I sleep with earbuds, sleepingmask, bathing in body oil and lipbalm, no wonder I’m still living alone huh 😂


    the humidifier part.. man we ran from humidity here in palestine! lol

    Athanasia K

    Allana could you please link the LV card holder? Thankss

    Brittany Burnett

    I can’t live without my 5-year journal! Just a small spot to write a short paragraph about my day etc. I’ve been writing in one for 9 years, all throughout my twenties! It is so fun looking back and remembering what I used to do or how I used to feel! Highly recommend it!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Lindsay Bowers

    Immediately went to description thinking I NEED those Bose buds. Why Bose why are they discontinued?!? 😭😭😭

    Tempest Grey

    I spent my entire life having allergies to my cats and around age 45 they went away. Slowly desensitized over the years. All I can say is it was worth it

    Lindsay Alerich

    Man I wanted those sleep buds! They’re discontinued 😿

    Charlotte Berg

    Omg we are the same. I love the GQ things I can’t live without! Also the go to bed with me series from harper’s bazaar. Also, I can’t live without my hydro flask water bottle and my prescription nasal spray…cause girl I have bad allergies

    Valentina Montes de Oca

    I FEEEL your pain about the Huaraches. Ive had mine for almost 4 years and they are my favorite shoes ever, hope they will bring them back cuz they a replacement and Im not willing to let them go. Also love me some (whole lotta) of pepper.

    Erin Gillingham

    SO glad I’m not alone in the pepper obsession!!!

    Julia K

    highly recommend taking allergy medication every day! it'll make a huge difference because it prevents reactions (i find that antihistamines don't work as well once i'm already experiencing symptoms)

    Alexa Kiat

    I fully relate to bringing allergy meds everywhere. Allergic to the world club! 🙆🏻‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

    Also, Your content lately is on fiiiireee!!

    Hannah Elisabeth

    Love this makeup look

    Ann Pol

    Omg the Huarache's!!! I have the exact same ones! These are my favourite shoes! I'v been wearing them so much for 3 years now!!! I hate the fact the're sold out too!

    R Victoria

    Immediately went to purchase the Bose sleep buds and 😭😭

    emma rose

    I can’t believe that self tanner/bronzer/a tan didn’t make the list!!!!!!!

    Ariane Mainville

    HA I love this. You inspire me to start a youtube channel, the thing is, I'm not as funny as you hahaha. You're such GOALZ !!! xxx Keep up the good work you two !!

    Daniela Bifulco

    you could be allergic to house dust and mites thats very common

    Filipa Martins

    Finally a pepper soulmate 😀😀😀😀 also have a cat called Pepper 😍


    Hello, what is the brand of ur cardholder?! Thnx


    How do you hear your alarm with the sleep pods in .?

    Gwyneth P.

    Allanna! Oh my gosh. You’re the first person I’ve “met” who also can’t wear traditional ear buds because of an ear “deformity!” My ear is a bit misshaped like yours too and it’s always made me feel a lil self conscious, especially since I will never be able to join the airpod game 😭 but thank you for this representation!!! hahaha


    I'm right there with you for the pepper obsession🤤…Everything tastes better with pepper!!!!! 🥰🙌

    Erin Magarity

    Why would they discontinue those ear buds?!!!! Gahhhhhh


    I NEED THOSE SLEEP BUDS, i hate that they're discontinued 🙁


    hahahaha I am the same with pepper! when my bf cooks he always says ‘you dont need to put more pepper on it, its spiced enough’ and without trying it first, I pepper first. always. hahaha

    Shannon Tracey

    Oh my!! I have the exact same issue (deformities 😂) with my ears. I always found the overhead ones give me a headache after a while. AirPods are one of the best things I’ve ever bought!


    im the same with pepper esp. on avocado i need a shit ton of pepper n lemon juice n nutritional yeast in everything!!

    Shell E

    I don’t want to freak you out but I know with sleep buds, I worry about not hearing an intruder or a fire or something in the night?!? 🥺🥺

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