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      TESTING FLORENCE BY MILLS... Waste of $$$??????

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) So I recently purchased a buncha products from Florence By Mills &…. well …… I thought it went ok! Hahahah I hope you guys enjoy!

      Alisa Anton

        What teenager needs eye pads? Also, $34 is way too much not only for a brand targeting teenagers but also for the quality, They came apart really quick.

        Adrijaa Chakraborty

          Not related to the video but I can't wait for you to test / review the colourpop frozen collection! ❤️

          MsKelly S

            lovely look

            Lorie Martin

              I'm gonna pass on this whole line. If it weren't for Kathleen's natural comedic cadence, I would have clicked off a long time ago. I wouldn't even buy this for kids. Sorry Milly, still looking forward to season 4. 🤷‍♀️😅

              Kate O’Flynn

                Boots is higher end now it has drugstore brands but also all the high end counters like Chanel, Estée Lauder, Clinique, fenty, It cosmetics. they’ve got soo much better recently!

                Misty Parsons

                  Yeah, this entire collection looks cheap but it is intended for children so what did we expect!! Always love seeing your face though(in a non creepy way of course)!!😂🤣 Love you, Kathleen!!💖😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ⚡️✨⚡️

                  Tazin Twinkle

                    I think that's a contour and highlight palette, not an eyeshadow palette 🙈

                    Lorie Martin

                      The Titus meme 😂 I was just watching an episode of Kimmie right before this 🤣🤣

                      Sarah Burrola

                        What concealer and bronzer brush are you using?

                        Rose Rodshi

                          Your eyes r getting more green day by day.

                          Anna Louise

                            I’ve been looking for a cream blush, maybe this would be a good one

                            Valesia Labelle

                              Completely asam video as always sending peace love and joy your way


                                Just watch all the comments from us in the UK being like YASSSS QUEEEEEN SAY “booTSSS” AGAIN 🤘🏻😃

                                Alex Ondrejkova

                                  I like the vibe, I can imagine I would want it if I was 12 or something. But my parents would not have bought it cause dassss esspensive

                                  Joann Raj

                                    Katie Jane Hughes used the blush and she loves it so watching this I was waiting for your review on the blush

                                    Angela Aguirre

                                      I feel like Kathleen is extra funny in this video and i love it❤️ lol

                                      Kimmy Pham

                                        Kathleen saying pilaf mask is awesome 🙂

                                        Chiara Ardelia

                                          Kathh, could you please do Full Face of Kosas Cosmetics? And also Honest Beauty. Thank you! 💕💕

                                          Drusilla 29

                                            Oh gosh I'm so done with companys with their all natural and chemical is harmful bullshit. Water is also a chemical and we need it to literally survive. They should have say 'toxic chemical' . And her line is targeted towards teenagers and teenagers are prone to acne. Her mask contain Lavender oil, which provides a very healthy environment for bacteria to grow on the skin and thus cause acne.

                                            Heather Valenzuela

                                              🍭KATHLEEN: U Have to Try the New TOWER23 CREAM BLUSHES! It's a newer brand & they are lip & cheek balm/tint. I think U Will Like them! I tried & liked them. Plus I've seen some youtubers try them & they like the cream blusges too.
                                              *Lol- These blushes will Tickle your pickle 🎄🎅⛄


                                                I love you Kathleen and support you always do don't take this in a bad way. Please dont ever wear this foundation again .As soon as you applied it I saw a mustache shadow. Throw away!!!!

                                                jungah mimi

                                                  What the heck you uploaded this late lol

                                                  Ashley Bojorquez

                                                    I wanna know what kind of products do you use to get rid of blackheads on your nose and chin. That’s always been a problem for me because I have big noticeable blackheads 🙁 anyways Love you Kathleen!!💜

                                                    Makeup’O Daisuki

                                                      I tried the setting spray not too sure if it’s good or not but love the how soft it is

                                                      Bethany Pearl

                                                        “ Lord have mercy, not again” 🎶😂

                                                        Barbara d’Estaintot

                                                          Also COME ON KATHLEEN! I feel like you didn't give us the most honest review on this. If it wasn't Millie's brand would you have been this forgiving? All these are trash and you're like "it's not that bad"

                                                          Jaime Timms

                                                            Glossier skin tint is the only makeup product I ever disagree with kathleen on! I loveeeee it!

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