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    All Things Adrienne
      Testing Latina Owned Makeup Products

      These Latina owned makeup products are on FUEGO _ PRODUCTS: Primer: Foundation: Loose Powder: …

      joss marquez

        Mexicanos dicen contornear .. 😂🤔

        joss marquez

          Love your videos but yes kat von d is mexicanaaaa 💕 born in Nuevo León Mex💕 she mex-American technically tho lol

          america usa

            The music is so loud and distractive 🤦🏻‍♀️🙉

            Elisabeth Charlie

              Oooo love the Latina pride !!!!!

              Jahaira Faber

                Accurate captions please!

                michelle Taylor

                  I Total love the makeup and she looks stunning

                  Ruth Ching

                    I loved this
                    It was awesome
                    I never knew jlo made makeup and I did not know kat von de was a Latina brand

                    pradyuman palaniya

                      Not interested this type of videos. Make try haul clothes videos. You doing same to same concept. Do something different.


                        Me reí viendolas haciendo las sejas lol. Girl those are the best laughs! Love watching on Tuesdays!!

                        Geliana Paula

                          Lana is right! And its La BasEEE, La Base, La Base… Lol. 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴 from BK, NY. ❤



                            Ladyy _c *

                              You have to try vive cosmetics they have bomb long wear lippies and high light

                              beautyby jenn

                                Latina gang 💪🏼❤️

                                Shalimar Scott

                                  Contorno or contornear

                                  Nancy Najera

                                    I like bésame cosmetics

                                    Mama Reign

                                      I use the Honest Beauty primer & everything gloss 💋 I believe Jessica Alba is also Native American like me 😉. I 💕 everything Adreinne posts!!!

                                      Z RD

                                        contornear o contorno


                                          What about be flawless by chiquis Rivera? Hija DE jenni rivera? Or jenni rivera cosmetics??

                                          Eve Currin

                                            Omg A, I can’t with u and ur throw backs… La bassa , La bassa, La bassa! Y la mega se pegs!!! Lmao so newyorican🤣😂😄


                                              Grace took a deep breath and looked uninterested for a few seconds at 11:54 … wonder how long it takes them to film a 20 min video. Aww..

                                              PoshItUp with Dana Q Dana Quintana

                                                This is cool but where’s Besame by Gabriela Hernandez? Their stuff is equally as dope and Latina owned


                                                  Lol "el roofo!" My son's grandmother is Puerto Rican and I am Ecuadorian from NY. One day I said, "Ma, when was the last time you got un new techo?" She said, "El que!?!?!" I said, "THE ROOF MA!" She said, "Ay Cristina eso se llama el roofo!" I was dying! lol

                                                  It’s Cristina Chan

                                                    The funny thing about this is that your friend was right haha, IT IS "contorno"

                                                    Dana Stirling

                                                      i thought Kat Von D was Mexican?

                                                      Natalie Perez

                                                        “Brillante, que brilla que brilla como el sol” you had me dying with that one😂😂

                                                        Damaris Negron

                                                          I though Kat von D was Mexican.

                                                          Stefanie San Andrés

                                                            Ecuador!!! 🇪🇨 ❤️


                                                              ECUADOR in the house 🙋🏻‍♀️🤣❤️
                                                              I'm also from the lower east side, definitely remember LA Base , la base, LA base

                                                              moon luna

                                                                Yes, we do say "vamos a hacer el contorno" actually, Lana was right 😆 it sounds normal to us…

                                                                Norma Servellon

                                                                  It’s “contorno” or “contornear” in Spanish 😘. Watching you from Honduras.

                                                                  Barbara Lorenzana

                                                                    I love this type of video…you should do Latina/o/x owned clothing

                                                                    Larie Gonzalez

                                                                      Awesome video, loved it

                                                                      gianny reyes

                                                                        La Basee.! Lol lol lol. You are amazing .. 😂😂😂😂😂. So accurate tho,. La base ! 💕

                                                                        Jocelyn Jimenez

                                                                          Kat Von D is Mexican!!!

                                                                          Daisy Valdez

                                                                            It not la bassa bassa is la base la base when u call New York cab service


                                                                              Love how you never forget the LES…La Bassa La Bassa!! 😂 great informative/funny video!

                                                                              Tania Baeza

                                                                                Yes it is contornó for contour in Spanish

                                                                                Brittney Hernandez

                                                                                  Yessss Ecuatorianas 🤪💛

                                                                                  Hillary T.

                                                                                    Is “Contorno” A 😂

                                                                                    And Sil



                                                                                        A-"how does that feel on the skin, did I stab you in eye?" 😂😂😂😂

                                                                                        Patrice T

                                                                                          A is back with another amazing video!😊❤Love my Tuesdays cause i get to see your pretty self😍😍And you always brighten my day. Lovely products. Love you!

                                                                                          Annette Vargas

                                                                                            Omg yes my fellow New Yorker 😂


                                                                                              Es “contornear” debes tenerle mas Fe a tu asistente ahahaha

                                                                                              Celina Valenzuela

                                                                                                Besame is also a good Latina company

                                                                                                Hadassah E.

                                                                                                  La Mega se pega 😆😆😆

                                                                                                  Jennifer Acevedo

                                                                                                    Contorno contornear


                                                                                                      Alamar cosmetics is the BOMB – Gabby Trujillo is Latina Cuban born Miami based mami and all vegan cosmetics with Spanish names

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