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      TESTING NEW MAKEUP + GRWM!! Ulta and Sephora

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here’s a video where I haul and try out all of the new products that I picked up from Ulta & Sephora! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for …

      Alexis Evans

        I wore that necklace today too!! And the lil snake studs ☺

        N Q

          Yooooow that mascara is something, thats the longest your lashes has ever looked like 🤯

          Jenn Truong

            I want to try the ES highlighting powder and the Innisfree mist! I have 2 bottles of the Morphe spray so I am good for now but I would love to try out the peach one for sure!

            Heather Valenzuela

              U have to Try: HONEST BEAUTY
              CREAM BLUSH in Rose Pink or Peony pink, & The HONEST BEAUTY FACE MIST w/ Aloe Vera, watermelon & Hylaronic acid mist. It's the Best, My Favorite. It Has great mist & very Hydrating!!

              Bibi Grill

                In my country we have brand made by youtuber and she makes the same stardust eyeshadows and even better then them for 8$
                So UD IS NOT WORTH IT


                  i wanna try the florence by mills body dust! also “judge a book by a swatch” had me dead😂😂


                    Why didn't you buy the huda diamond balm

                    Katie Rathbun

                      You need to try the essence melted chrome eyeshadow 😍 it’s really glittery and almost wet looking like the urban decay shadows.


                        I was more surprised that u bought a million blushes! than buying just 3 setting sprays! lol

                        Zara Skibola

                          Kat please do your updated blush collection! Xx

                          Angela Smith

                            Please keep in mind that I got all this for my birthday and Mother’s Day y’all…I absolutely cannot afford it otherwise 🥺 I just ordered #ABHNorvinaProPalette4 &Milk Hydrogrip primer & Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle cream bronzer contour in Amber from #Sephora, and a crap ton from #Ulta :
                            #UomaBeauty ‘s #BlackMagicCarnivalPalette #BlackMagicLipstick in shade Lady Of Gold &
                            #CarnivalLipstick in the shade Trinidad &
                            #BadassIconLippie in shade Angela & Maya
                            #StayWokeConcealer in shades Fair Lady T2 & T3
                            #SayWhatFoundation in #FairLadyT2N & T3N bcuz the sun is working it’s magic on my skin 🤗&they’re the ONLY ones who’ve color matched my crusty GenX weird skin color correctly & their foundations are formulated differently for different “skin kin group needs” as they’re calling it, so for my skin color and tone (light medium neutral) it says it’s formulated for “dry/combo skin” THE most common complaint in my skin group, for deepest complexions it’s the opposite “oily/combination” and the fairest complexions “hypersensitivity/redness”. It’s very interesting here’s the link explains better than I can 🤣🤗

                            I’m absolutely OBSESSED with this brand y’all 💃🏻🤩🌞

                            #ColourpopCaliforniaLovePalette #DermalogicaAGEBrightClearingSerum #Dermalogica :
                            Daily Superfoliant
                            Ultra Calming Mist
                            Biolumen C eye cream *living4this
                            Biolumen C Serum *l4t
                            Skin Hydrating Booster (*L4T🤩)
                            #UrbanDecayHaul in shades:
                            Fuel, Fuel 2.0, First Sun, Barfly, Uptight, Liar, Stark Naked, Naked, Peyote, Faith, Conspiracy, Manic, Backseat, Insanity
                            X2 Primer Potion eyeshadow primer in color: Freebase (pure white shade is awesome for pastels 🤗)

                            24/7 Eyeliner in color Wildside (glittery pink)

                            From my awesome peeps at
                            #Beautylish :
                            #JeffreeStarEqualityLiquidLipstickCollection x2
                            #JeffreeStarTheGlossBundle (6pk)
                            #SmithAndCultNailPolish in shades:
                            Fade The Sun (light orange shade)
                            I’m Curious (Bright golden yellow)
                            Palace In Wonderland (glittery iridescent duochrome pink/light violet)
                            these 3 nail polish colors are inspired by the colors in #Saweetie ‘s collaboration with Morphe #Morphe24AArtistPassPalette {got this too for my bday 🤗

                            #JuviasPlaceHaul too with their recent “bundles sale” may 1-3! I swear some of these sales just scream my name and I have no control if something is usually 60$ and now it’s 14$!?! Of freakin course I’m gonna 🤨🤗#JuviasPlace
                            #TheNubianCollection #TheSaharanCollection w/gel eyeliner
                            #TheWarriorCollection 💃🏻seriously girl I am the most grateful SPOILED 50yo old lady GenX mama 🙏🏽🥺🥰‼️
                            Hey you asked🤨🤣 I felt compelled to answer like the idiot I am 😑🥺🤣‼️ I love you so much girl and thanks for sharing your haul with us, I love lip oils, masks, glosses that don’t feel like a gloss…🤗💃🏻🤩‼️ have an awesome night gorgeous and wooohooo 🥳


                              The ending got me 🤪🤣❤️

                              riedy Franklyn

                                LOVE it

                                Kristine Ortiz

                                  LOVEEE the Lancôme base mascara my favorite!

                                  Amulya Subhash

                                    It gets nice and big … I like that.

                                    Me : That's what she said !!!

                                    I'll excuse myself now.

                                    Brittany P

                                      So question… Are you suppose to let the lash primer dry before putting on your mascara or put on your mascara while the lash primer is wet?! Because I feel like if you do it while it's wet, the black and white will mix and create a grey color. But then if you put it on after it dries, it could get really clumpy. HELP! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

                                      P Leena

                                        I love u r videos Kathleen❤❤❤

                                        Kimberley Herrera

                                          Does anyone know where her desk is from??? I love it so mussssh

                                          Elise Rischel

                                            Will you maybe do an updated bridal makeup tutorial? I just got engaged and I really want inspiration ❤️

                                            AO Wilson

                                              Thank you for distracting me from my inevitable divorce. I'm moving in with my mom tomorrow so.. yeah and I'm non essential.


                                                (this is gonna sound like such a hate comment and I promise it's not)

                                                IM SURPRISED I LOVE WATCHING YOU!! I have a really bad relationship with most Aquarius's but you are just so much fun to watch!! Giving the Aquarius's a different and better name in my book lol much love from San Diego 💞💞💞💞💞

                                                Ella Silverstone

                                                  The way you lift your left brow when doing the right eye 🤩😁

                                                  jx cru

                                                    Hey Kathleen! I know it has nothing to do with you, but I thought you should know that Sephora actually went on a 3 minute conference call and fired all their part time workers due to COVID19. Idk if that will affect any of your subscribers shopping patterns, but the more you know! 🤷🏻‍♀️


                                                      You look so tired, are you okay?


                                                        Stunning look as always girl! Ur lids are always so amazing for shimmers cuz u have so muuch lid space ugh jealous! I got the milk melatonin lip mask back during the sephora vib sale along with a few other things. The mask was ok when I first started using it but once u break through the top layer it's really nice! Also omg was that Marisue turning off ur light at the end???

                                                        Jamie Pfaff

                                                          "The tip is red and it feels really nice in my hands" KATHLEEN WHAT

                                                          Shayla Torres

                                                            Omg why was that brush wiggling like that LMAOO

                                                            Cara Nash

                                                              I really want to see you use that stila blush

                                                              Vickie Lewis

                                                                I have used that primer with many different mascaras and have never been disappointed, even with sensitive eyes. Worth the price for me.

                                                                Rachelle Bakic

                                                                  Please please pleaseee do an updated skincare routine! You’re literally the only person I’ll listen to because we practically have the same skin. Please 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

                                                                  Allison Pauley

                                                                    I always put highlighter on before blush. It blends better and looks more “natural” instead of a strip of highlight on the cheek.

                                                                    Ariana A.

                                                                      Was that Marisu messing with ur lights at the end?! 😟😂

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