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      TESTING NEW MAKEUP IN SPANISH!!! *with English subtitles*

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video of me attempting to do a GRWM using new makeup while ONLY speaking spanish! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for …


        Hi mis amigos!!!! Gracias for watching my new video!!!! I hope te gusto!!!! Love you guys!!’ Muchos besos!!!!!! Xoxo

        Gabriella Cast

          Blended = difuminado
          Blend = difuminar

          Marilyn Maria

            Girl! I have never related to a video like I do this one lol my parents are Cuban from born in Cuba but I was born here in Hialeah and so I'm more americanized than anything. I totally understand everything in spanish but when it comes to speaking it soy un desastre lmao you sound like me trying to talk to my boyfriends VERY Cuban non english speaking family 😩😩😩

            Liz Kallan

              aka "un desastre" clink 😂😂😂😂

              ambar zabala

                you can say disfuminar for blend lol

                Mikayla Hines

                  PLEASE BRING BACK ZODIAC!!

                  choco sprinklez

                    Hablas Espaňol muy MUY bien, lo q ese acento no es cubano, as una mezcla de cubano dominicano y puertoriqueňo.

                    Natalie Drue

                      BREHMAN RO

                      Cecilia Castro

                        Se dice difuminar 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

                        Virusha Daljith

                          Blended – mezclada
                          I googled it 😀
                          I am not spanish.

                          Ilany B. López Valdivia

                            You speak like a colombian

                            vanessa Arriola

                              Oye chica!! Estos videos en español son lo mejor que he visto!!! You distracted me de todo los crazies comprando todo el papel de baño!! Eres única, I love it!!! 😘

                              shayla i

                                love your in spanish type of videos ♥️♥️

                                Elizabeth Perez

                                  Blend=difuminar me encantan tus videos pero si puedes prepararte mas con las palabras que no conoces

                                  Livi ig

                                    lo importante es que estás tratando kdkf 😂😂😭🥺 you're so funny, great vid again~

                                    Catalina Rey

                                      Love your spanish girl!
                                      Hope this helps a little bit 💜

                                      AKA: alias
                                      Blend: difuminar, blended: difuminado (a)
                                      Lid: párpado
                                      Crease: cuenca del ojo
                                      Primer: pre base, eye primer: pre base de ojos
                                      Shake: batir
                                      Coverage: cobertura
                                      Concealer: corrector
                                      Lashline: línea de las pestañas
                                      Eye liner/ lip liner : delineador de ojos/labios
                                      Smokey: ahumado
                                      Pigmented: pigmentado
                                      Packaging: empaque
                                      Ombre: degradé
                                      Warm: cálido

                                      Love you 🤩💕

                                      Cesar Ochoa

                                        Blended is difuminado in Spanish 💖

                                        Tania Sanchez

                                          I loved this video!! 😘


                                            BLEND= DIFUMINAR
                                            BLENDING= DIFUMINANDO


                                              I love how you say things in English but with a super Spanish accent, as if that’s the word 😂😂 that’s what I do lol

                                              Marina Arias

                                                I love Spanish (Spanglish) videos 😂!!

                                                Fernanda Sánchez

                                                  Pero que voz mujer! Estoy enamorada🤳🏻

                                                  Hershey 48

                                                    Cuban accents ❤️

                                                    Elsa Lopez

                                                      I freaking love Kathleen in Spanish she's so funny HAHA

                                                      Gabee reyes

                                                        Desfumar… blend.. your still hiliarous .. how are you doing. ? Hope your not too anxious with what’s going on with this crazy virus. Take care of yourself..

                                                        Sabrina Yang

                                                          Sorry Kathleen, I love you to death, to the moon and back, but whenever you put on green eyeshadow ur skin looks deathly pale and has a tinge of green? Does that even make sense lol… Does anyone else feel like she looks like she's dying on the inside when she wears green😭😅😅 love u so much still I'm sorry

                                                          vanessa calderon

                                                            Blend: difuminar !
                                                            I love your videos

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