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      TESTING NEW MAKEUP LAUNCHES!!! GRWM (rainbow eyes)

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I try out a bunch of new makeup! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! Products I Used: It …


        Setting the record straight – you are by far the most honest and respectful influencer I've seen talk about this issue. Not that I'm saying people are jumping on band waggons, but it has spiralled quickly and irreversibly! You have been truly responsible enough to say "no I'm waiting to understand more before I formulate and share my opinion" – that, my lovely, is the sign of a respectable, honest, and downright beautiful soul! You keep being you, your silence on this matter does not show ignorance, but respect and honour that few others show often.
        Having seen a few videos of concern about this, I get it. Most are more concerned about the unclear and possibly deceitful messages that are being offered in response, but some are using this as a platform to "bash" the brand and the individual behind it which is just malicious and pointless!
        You have rose above that, for that you have my respect and loyalty as a subscriber!
        Well done Kathleen, you are a beacon in the YouTube community!


          Not sure why people are looking to you for answers like wtf?! You’re not responsible for anything. Also I actually don’t think it’s a good idea for you to make a video Bc if they’re bad they’re bad but if they’re good people won’t believe you and everyone knows what’s been going on on social media so it won’t even be a fair and objective review anyway


            Your response to the lipstick drama is just truly the best response I have seen. As your follower I trulyyyyy appreciate you not getting involved. P.S. I liveeee for your bloopers lol

            Jenn Atha

              a compilation of kathleen dropping things pls

              nolo soyo

                The quote in the background 😂👏😚

                Katherine Marr

                  please do a video about ALL your favorite mascaras (drugstore and high end) !!! you’re lashes always look so good ❤️❤️❤️

                  Vicki Hodges

                    The scream in the outtakes!!! 🤣🤣

                    Tesrin Afzal

                      This makes me mad that people are being rude. I love your reviews. You wouldn't lie to us. Thank you for always being honest with us.

                      Marie Lindseth

                        Pls follow a scott barns makeuptutorial 😄

                        Marielle Ortiz

                          I actually find it refreshing that you didn't add to all the JH lipstick gossip. Love your response to that and I love watching your channel. You're always so sweet and genuine. Looking forward to your next video!

                          Vicki Hodges

                            My left eye takes mascara MUCH better than my right eye. So weird!! 💕

                            Umma Habiba

                              You look amazing!! 😍😍😍

                              Talia Trujillo

                                Remember when Jaclyn posted a video of you saying the n word 😩


                                  After everything that has gone on this week. I just wanted to tell you. I love you Kathleen. This video was so fun. Hope you are ok xoxo

                                  neha shreekar

                                    Thank you for being so genuine and not spreading misinformation. Who knows what's actually going on. It's awesome to give an honest review no matter how negative it is but this culture of attacking people on social media is so horrible.

                                    Cassie Shepherd

                                      Loved how your makeup looked in this video. That highlight though😍
                                      I think its horrible that you have been bombarded like. They shouldnt come at you but i think you handled it perfectly.

                                      teresa blanco

                                        i wish you would use cruelty free 🙁

                                        lexy christensen

                                          The very last clip of this video is MEEEEEE lmao I love you

                                          Nur Aishah

                                            This is why I lovee Kathleen. Ur literally the only one I watch. It's so annoying when countless youtuber makes video abt JH lipstick saying that they absolutely hateee getting themselves into drama, but they put sensational title and thumbnail like why I don't trust JH anymore. Why make another video talking abt it when the whole world already knew how bad the lipstick are. And they didn't even know what is actually going on.

                                            jaymie cyrus

                                              Beautiful look🤗. It's not really your place to comment on the whole JH lipstick fiasco, so idk why people would get mad at you for not responding. That's crazy. So classy of you to not feed the frenzy & jump to conclusions. I think waiting for more accurate info is the right way to go👍.

                                              Jocelyn Esteban

                                                i admire you for being respectful to your colleagues.Thumbs up to you Kathleen…😗🤗

                                                KaMae Sims

                                                  You’re still my Top 1 Favorite Beauty Vlogger Kathleen!!! 🥰🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

                                                  Jane Hoeweler

                                                    Thank you for not speaking out on an issue that you don't know the facts about. When did you use the Morphe palette, for the mirror? LOL

                                                    N G

                                                      your so pretty you should do some modeling

                                                      Tanika Jaun

                                                        Omg Kathleen you crack me right up!!! Loved this vid 💕

                                                        Marcella Hicks

                                                          Let your hair be natural ! Color and curls ! Its so pretty, embrace it girl !

                                                          Lucía MGB

                                                            Could you do a tutorial on brushes? (:

                                                            Karen Cahill

                                                              Kathleen said the same thing as Samantha Ravndahl – I think it's fair enough not to speak about something if you don't know enough about it and I don't get why people are so angry about it…

                                                              viviana castellanos

                                                                I see you singing the Jonas Brothers 😊😊

                                                                Little me

                                                                  Kathleen, I love you. You are such an amazing person with a funny, cute and also a bit weird personality😍 I found you through Jessi and I immediately fell in love and you were the person to get me into make-up more😊

                                                                  Amber H

                                                                    OMG… @2:06 please give us a Kat Chats video about your past life!!!

                                                                    Maddie Grayce

                                                                      she has the slightest accent (maybe cuban?) and its so cute lol

                                                                      Lindy Victory

                                                                        Your bloopers at hilarious! 😂😂😂 Keep up the good work!❤

                                                                        elizabeth dublin

                                                                          Thank you for being responsible and not bashing. It’s refreshing!

                                                                          Karina Jasso

                                                                            Love the look ! But I love you even more Kathleen! This is the reason why you’re my favorite YouTuber, I love how you truly care about us and you aren’t swayed by negative comments ! Thank you so so much for your honesty, you are the BEST !! 😭💖


                                                                              Right as u were talking about electronic issues… my power went out😨 ohmygod

                                                                              Nicole Skinner

                                                                                Thank you for including some products for pride month! You're the best <3


                                                                                  Aaah Kathleen! I’ve been saving up for almost a year, ever since the zodiac palette came out, and I finally got to order it and dream st! It finally came in the mail and I’m completely in love. Love your work so much, and I hope to save up for the loose pigments too! Love you!! ♥️

                                                                                  nare hakobyan

                                                                                    Congrats, Kathleen, on your honesty. The others still review JH lipsticks knowing that there are still problems, and it is done for the sake of more views. It is not honest, and I would behave in the way you do till the brand comes up with an announcement.

                                                                                    Ayra Micaela Elloso

                                                                                      Updated lipstick favorites or blush favorites please!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

                                                                                      Marilyn Wrixon

                                                                                        GREAT eye look!!


                                                                                          Love the Lizzo lyric

                                                                                          Jovana Kocić

                                                                                            I think that Oxides (iron, titanium, zinc oxide) are to fault for SPF flashback, if the main protection comes from something else maybe there will be none?? IDK I'm just skincare enthusiast.

                                                                                            BTW I liked the look better without the black waterline <3

                                                                                            Suzette Perez

                                                                                              I really want to see you try the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Concealer because I appreciate your opinion!

                                                                                              Chelle Copley 67

                                                                                                I don't understand all of these youtubers getting slammed for not saying anything. Hell, that is irresponsible to be spreading something you do NOT know for sure. I hate cancel culture but damn it's not Kathleen that is being irresponsible. All these ppl claiming it is such n such can NOT say for certain unless they use a REAL microscope and are trained to look for what is growing or rather has gotten on the lipsticks.

                                                                                                Diocelina Robles

                                                                                                  I cant believe how mean people are for making you feel bad about a simple lipstick review 🙄
                                                                                                  But i love how mature and honest you are and this is why we all love you Kathleen ❤️

                                                                                                  Btw: I LOVE THE LYRICS IN THE BACKKK 💖

                                                                                                  שרון הב

                                                                                                    nice video😍🙌 your hair beutiful can you tell me what you use?

                                                                                                    Rumiko Yanai

                                                                                                      About JH lipstick, que respuesta más inteligente, respetuosa, serena y madura !!! Chula por eso te queremos muchísimo !!! 😍


                                                                                                        Kathleen. Is your shoulder okay. See there is a red mark 😳


                                                                                                          Happy to see your video celebrating pride <3

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