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    Wayne Goss

      Testing out the Organic Luna Bronze – before and after! LINKS UK US SHOP WAYNE GOSS MAKEUP BRUSHES …

      Priya Yadav

        Love ur videos alottttttttt… Love from India 🇮🇳

        Adrienne Hutchinson

          So did you go to sleep thinking you may become an Umplaloopa overnight?

          Nadine Summa

            #mentalhair 😆 Oh my…you are sexy as f… in the morning 🙂 one question: what s so wrong with having a BIT of an orangy redish colour after self tanning? I always find that tone to be quite natural sunkissed…Sun"burnt"

            meesa magill

              Every self tanner i have used that claims not to have the horrible smell end up smelling gross after the initial fragrance wears off and thats the thing that puts me off

              Misty Parsons

                “Mental Hair”😂🤣😅😭💀

                Misty Parsons

                  I’ve been wanting to self tan for so long now but I’m just extremely nervous something will go wrong..I don’t want to be apart of any of those horror stories!!😂🤣🍊 I quite like how this tan developed though..very subtle and not harsh!! Thanks for sharing this with us. Love you, Wayne!!❤️😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

                  Lisa BH

                    You’re super hot with that tan Wayne. 🤗


                      You are just the most attractive man… even with your “ mental” hair. You’d look good no matter what. Love your videos, love your personality. You just awesome. Thanks for your honest opinions on products.

                      Shirley Ens

                        Oh the captions are hilarious. At 3:44 'testing…. ' check it out. So Naughty !

                        Cristina Downey

                          Brilliant! Use a make up brush to apply tanner, love your videos ❤️❤️❤️

                          Pang Kou Xiong

                            Interesting, using a brush. Definitely something to try in the future. Plus, also love your brushes. Like them white and black, and you can save on costs. Perfect! Love you and your videos.💖

                            Sabrina Rodriguez

                              Wayne Goss #1

                              Christine Parker

                                Ur tooo cute! Thanks for the review! 💋

                                Suzan Storm

                                  Amazing – I just did a try out of self tanners myself. There's one by MineTan that are drops you can mix with your regular moisturizer. It's actually very nice.


                                    Damn it Wayne, you cut out the best part! 😄

                                    Just Liz

                                      Hello gorgeous 😍…..I have yet to find a Tanner that looks good on my pasty skin but I'll try 🙃


                                        I used to tan, but now I keep my skin as pale as possible all year.


                                          love you in pink Wayne!


                                            Cute 🤗 😍

                                            DebbieK VJ

                                              Ty sexy!


                                                I am slightly olive skinned and really enjoy self tanners. I have found that I actually prefer the product with bronzer in it because I can see where it’s soaking in too much or where needs another coat.

                                                Denise Vermeulen

                                                  You + bed head = adorable

                                                  Cela Whitney

                                                    your ears only look big because your hair is to short! loved the video, i don't have the nerve to put it on my face.

                                                    Lisa bartelli

                                                      I love your mental hair! You’re cute, no matter what! And, clever too! 💙

                                                      Jacqueline Miller

                                                        Please Wayne, I am in between purchasing your brushes. I'm interested in the #11 & #13. I cant afford both, so would like to know where I'll get my mileage. I'm looking to be able to apply liquid with a seamless blend. Please advise, I'd be very grateful! Bless you and ensuing endeavors, Jacqueline


                                                          Never apply self tanner directly after a shower. Wait a few hours so that the pores can shrink back up or you will end up with little brown dots all over your skin!!!

                                                          Allison Patterson

                                                            That is such a good idea to apply with a brush!

                                                            peacenlove3 faith

                                                              I'm always worried about wearing white or light colored clothes with self tanners.

                                                              Linda V

                                                                who cares about the tan, just your morning look is sexy!!!

                                                                Mel Thompson

                                                                  I was nervous for your brush! lol…looks nice tho! I like that it was a soft shade 🙂

                                                                  Tonia Evi

                                                                    Μας δουλεύεις; πώς γίνεται να είσαι τόσο όμορφος;

                                                                    Vicki Shaw

                                                                      I can’t find the Face Tanning Mist in the link you provided for the US. Do you know if it’s available in the US?

                                                                      Rahaf Alazzeh

                                                                        Love u


                                                                          Yeah I’m glad you talk about the “dirty look” tanners can give to white people. Last time I was criticized for saying that there’s a limit in darkness that fair skin can achieve before it starts to look muddy or dirty, this even includes contour

                                                                          tracy sproull

                                                                            You’re the best 😭🥰


                                                                              oh yes, cant wait to watch this. Organic options are really important to me.

                                                                              Teri Jackson

                                                                                So handsome straight out of bed…

                                                                                Sella Su

                                                                                  Thank you so much Wayne i am learning on this channel my make up look is on point because of Wayne i learned to embrace the more natural look ❤❤❤👌👌👌👌👌

                                                                                  Rita Moreira

                                                                                    Anyone want support small channels? ❤️


                                                                                      Ever tried being South Asian or even dark skinned? Hmm, while we idealise fair skin, white people idealise tanned skin.

                                                                                      Derissa Raynne *RIRI*

                                                                                        Great review!! I'm not a fan of self tan either, but here bc I love and admire your artistry so much.

                                                                                        R J

                                                                                          I thought you were going to tease gingers, as I understand we aren't well thought of across the pond. 🙂 You are always so kind.

                                                                                          Stephanie Clark

                                                                                            you love being a sweet, sexy beast ❤️..! I'm going to try this stuff on my husband!

                                                                                            Kasandra G

                                                                                              I don’t tan either…I love my albino skin! 😆 I also look yearrrrrs younger than the rest of my classmates 😬


                                                                                                I'm glad companies are making healthier bronzers, they're so toxic and they suffocate your liver bc your skin can't breathe and detox! Credit: Anthony Williams


                                                                                                  You have a second channel?? How the hell did I miss that?!

                                                                                                  purr bugaloo

                                                                                                    OMG. You in the morning! I hope there is someone who has the honor of being with such a cool person who is also stinking cute in the morning. Also thanks for reviewing that tanner. I might try it. 💚🌻

                                                                                                    Lazarus Live

                                                                                                      Any reviews on powder foundations like bare minerals? I'm looking for one with no talc (causes cancer, proven many times). I'm considering trying Belladonna brand powder foundation. 100% natural and healthy ingredients.
                                                                                                      I love gingers too ❤

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