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    Wayne Goss

      NARS Blusher UK US Charlotte Tilbury Blusher UK US Hourglass Blusher UK …


        i love these short videos!!


          Wayne, do you not have any favorites among drug store brands?



            Elaha Karyzada

              There’s a Nars blush palette for $39 on Sephora sale. Worth every penny

              aroundtheway girlnextdoor

                Mented Cosmetics ❣️

                Cynthia Rosario

                  Wayne Goss, only creator I know who says his peace and keeps it moving. Also only creator I know who genuinley cares about you and the industry that you know you can genuinley trust because he could care less about a paycheck from You Tube. But he's also easy & plesant on the eyes. Thank You Wayne.

                  M Derav

                    Always love your best of the year video! I’ve just saw your post on IG so I leave my message here. I believe all efforts never be a vain even if we lost our way or we didn’t get what we aspired. If we lost something, it’s just because it supposed to be. Life isn’t that simple. We can’t see much when we are in the situation. Sun will rise again and give its smile onto everyone equally. 🙏

                    asma qasim

                      Nice videos👍👍

                      Marghie Payumo

                        Yes to laura geller blushes. Not mentioned enough. I love them the subtle sheen

                        sasha kaka

                          i didn't buy orgasm and deep throat bcos I find those names offensive, I don't give a damn about how good they may be…gross!!

                          Amy Jo Makeup

                            Thank you for your honest advice and sharing your recommendations ❤️ everything I’ve purchased off of your recommendations I’ve loved.

                            Al alba vincero vincero

                              STD 😂😂😂😂😂😂


                                try the Suqqu blushes!!! their texture is so nice, just melts into your skin like a light satin veil!

                                Myrna Thiessen

                                  I love the Jouer blushers!! Merry Christmas Wayne!😊

                                  Crazy4 Doxies

                                    Oh, Heck yes. I’m rushing out to buy the blusher named after an STD. 😂😂🤣


                                      At one time I was a BM junkie, when Lesley still owned the company, and I have so many of their loose blushes and radiance. I miss those days sometimes.


                                        Your little best “ofs” vids just make me smile. Your just so nice and at the end I’m always smiling. Thx for that 💓

                                        Sarah R

                                          Hi Wayne I know this is not related to this video… I'm sorry…I don't know how else to ask you about my hyperpigmentation problem.. I don't just want to cover it without it looking oxidised or caked but what is the best treatment for it? I've tried the creams that make you peel and then become red and sore etc.. I've had laser but it's too expensive and long term… Currently I'm trying Estée Lauder serum and I think it's helping but not sure. I'm desperate… please help me 😪😪💔💔👎🏻☹️

                                          Xhenete H

                                            These are my favourite types of videos! The favourite category 😍

                                            Kelly Huang

                                              I just love how you get straight to the point, the only Makeup Artist I trust these days, love you

                                              Tina Cho

                                                Short and sweet. Love blushers!

                                                Nona Mona

                                                  The channel is a joke. Show us what you do, apart from those few very basic tips that one can read about everywhere. Are you just a salesman. Feels like Emperor's new clothes experiment here.

                                                  C.G. M.


                                                    Xiner H

                                                      Love this, short and sweet.

                                                      The Hungry Catherpilla

                                                        I hope you continue this series and do bronzers or highlighters/illuminaters next! 🙏😊


                                                          I love Patrick Ta's new blushes and Jouers blushes. Obsessed

                                                          Kate Jiang

                                                            "This is 'Deep Throat'. Horrible name" LMAO🤣

                                                            Liz Berrocal

                                                              Wayne Goss: best videos, always.

                                                              Jeanmarie Market

                                                                Lol. You crack me up Wayne! 😘

                                                                Rachel Rolenaitis

                                                                  I started using the milk blush and it isn’t bad but this definitely helps.

                                                                  Mary Donovan

                                                                    What about La Femme 🤔


                                                                      I love my jouer blush, they’re really amazing, even their highlight give a nice dewy, glow

                                                                      Kasandra G

                                                                        If you could include if a color is good for cool tone or works well for oily skin?❤️🥰

                                                                        shantelle cardinal

                                                                          I've been wanting to get a nars blush for so long! I may just get one soon!

                                                                          Britney Rocha

                                                                            Honest beauty blush is amazing. Haven’t trireme most of those because of the ingredients aren’t that good and also most are made by the same manufacturer that’s why I love honest beauty and I also use Josie maran.. also I’ve tried the bare minerals and it was trouble so I used it as a lid gloss like 3 times than give it away lol

                                                                            Veronica Mcminn

                                                                              Patrick Ta blushes are amazing buildable no clown look. Amazing I do love the Jouer as well

                                                                              Sarah D

                                                                                Hi I'm looking for a cream or liquid blush, can you recommend one? Thank you

                                                                                J squirrel

                                                                                  🐿🐿Yes! I love straight to point!! Wayne is so trustworthy too! My New Years resolution is to buy his brushes. 🐿🐿

                                                                                  Gemma G

                                                                                    Loveee Hourglass & Nars!!! I have Many of them. My fav makeup item is Blush 😘💗

                                                                                    PHILLIP LE BOA

                                                                                      Has a man ever – and in particular, all the way around the world from South Africa, EVER said: "WAYNE GOSS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE & BEAUTIFUL, FABULOUS GREAT POT OF LOVE & GORGEOUS-NESS." ??? Well, let it be known…. spread the news.


                                                                                        I want to splurge on a nice blush 💓💓 always trust your opinion Wayne, I think after Christmas it's hourglass for me 😘💋💋

                                                                                        Jane Christenson

                                                                                          LOL "I'mmm kidding!" ♥️


                                                                                            Gosh!!! What have you done? You are so sexy in this video.
                                                                                            By the way love Jouer blush.

                                                                                            Lolita Ismanovska

                                                                                              Your audio volume is shit… cant hear have to put on highest setting

                                                                                              Vannasgran 617

                                                                                                Bare minerals loose blushes were so good. Sex on fire= STD. LOL

                                                                                                L Yanira Parrilla

                                                                                                  This guy is excellent! He make precise and short videos most of the time and says what's important right away, does not keep talking sh** along their videos like most of the youtubers does.

                                                                                                  Lisa Tiberi

                                                                                                    Just wanted to let you know that I love watching your videos. Your pace of putting out videos is intense! We all would understand and still be here if you take a little time off to relax and revive at the end of the year. Thank you for all your hard work.

                                                                                                    Marley Hill

                                                                                                      Chuckled at deep throat and then burst out laughing at sex on fire. You gorgeous naughty man. Lol! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Side note although gorgeous, these I feel do not make dark, deep and black skin pop.


                                                                                                        It is such a shame that Bare Minerals stopped making those loose powdered blushes because they were awesome!! (And the loose eyeshadows too for that matter!)

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