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      THE BEST DRUGSTORE CONCEALER?? | NikkieTutorials

      FULL COVERAGE CONCEALER AT THE DRUGSTORE? For the longest time, it was something we could only dream of, but Loreal has come out with a …



        Courtney Roth

          Drogisterij products are making a comeback😍😍😍😍😍loooove this for sure gonna buy me some 😏@sister.chaosss


            Wow! I’m so impressed!! Drogisterij Makeup has come such a long way! Heading to the Drogisterij tommorow to pick this up. Thanks Nikki 💗💗🔥🔥😍

            Carly Shannon

              From the drogisterij to Chanel 😛 IG: c.a.r.l.y_s

              Tao Huang

                Sephora who? all i know is the drogisterij. Living my best life
                insta: @taohhuang

                Anneth Garza

                  Drogisterij owns my broke ass now. But I still enjoy it for my love of make up. Keep doing the excellent job and content nikkie.
                  Twitter and IG: @Anneth08

                  Lyrics Guru


                    Stephanie Ojinta

                      Nikkie babes we need to go drogisterij shopping!!!! Loving this new concealer video. 🙂

                      Dhabia Jassim

                        My kids are located at the Drogisterij beauty section

                        Kati Shapatkovskaya

                          the drogisterij lipsticks (especially l'oreal and maybelline) are the best but I've never trusted the concealers… Well, maybe L'oreal is my new favourite drogisterij brand now😂
                          ig: suzabutcakat

                          Axelle Mey.

                            Dogistery makeup is the only makeup I can afford!

                            Janel Lowman

                              The Dutch word of the day "drogisterij", sounds like an expensive pastry! Loved the video and I'm excited to try the concealer! Thank you!

                              Dolly Stuart

                                When I don't take my makeup off at night, the next morning my face will feel like a droog-gist-erij :')
                                IG: jaimsarchive

                                Jesse Torres-Pena

                                  I am thrilled! Now I have a new drogisterij concealer to try out! Love you Nikki💕
                                  Ig: itsjessetee


                                    what lashes did you use?

                                    Giorgia Pastura

                                      I always do my full face using Drogisterij makeup because i think you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to get quality!😍🌸 love u Nikkie❤️

                                      Insta: giorgia.pastura

                                      audrey beverly

                                        we all know that high end makeup is cute and all but don’t forget your early times , without drogusterij makeup you would’ve not started makeup

                                        Oswin Oswald

                                          Who else here longs for a battle of drogisterij concealers from none other than our makeup Queen?

                                          Eleonora Giuliani

                                            I love when you test drogisterij makeup, especially face related products because it's not that easy to find good affordable ones! love you from Italy! <3
                                            insta: @elegiuliani

                                            Am T

                                              💖✨💸🌈 I could stop buying makeup, but girl the DROGISTERIJ calls my name even when i sleep…

                                              Maria Viziteu

                                                Oaw, I really want to try this drogisterij concealer
                                                Definitively this is what I'm gonna but next 🤯
                                                @mariamagdalenaviziteu on Insta


                                                  I'm actually going to Amsterdam next month, going to see if i can find a Drogisterij!♡
                                                  insta: @beccca.hardy

                                                  Janna Sprang-Hut

                                                    You look stunning!!! Love that drogisterij concealer. You rock girl.
                                                    Insta: jannahut

                                                    Arlin VM

                                                      I need to get this concealer from the drogisterij!!!!

                                                      Juanita Garcia

                                                        YOU NIKKIE are the Drogisterij KONINGIN!! 💝👸🏼👑 (QUEEN)
                                                        Can’t wait to try that concealer!
                                                        IG: @ juanita_garciaa

                                                        Samantha Schell

                                                          I was just looking at the drogistreij for a great concealer! Thanks Nikkie 😘 IG: seaschell31

                                                          Elena Grossi

                                                            I love drogisterij make up, so thank you to rewiew lots of them😍❤️
                                                            IG: elenagrossi_

                                                            Emma Beards

                                                              In Australia our drogisterij our quite expensive… just saying

                                                              Alice Brown-Tunnell

                                                                Drojstior face makeup and highlights have been killing lately – would love to hear your thoughts on sophdoesnails highlight pallets 🙂


                                                                  In Italian drogistrerij is negozio di casalinghi 😂😂😂. Instagram: @sabinavitadastrega

                                                                  Gracie Rutao

                                                                    Nikki, hey where canni buy the nearest drogisterij or drugstore makeup here?

                                                                    Sister Maya

                                                                      Nikie: Today's Dutch word of the day is Drogisterij! Try to say it with me!
                                                                      My mom on the other side of the couch: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! ARE YOU TAKING DRUGS?!

                                                                      Sophia Mapp

                                                                        Who needs a thrift store when you can simply go to the drogisterij!

                                                                        Rida Ali

                                                                          I always love your reviews on DROGISTERIJ makeup

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