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    Sarahs Day
      THE BEST Healthy Food Prep!! Protein Granola, Healthy Carbs, Snacks & MORE!

      Welcome to my food and meal prepping series!! One of my biggest tips to establish and maintain a healthy diet is prepping food at the start of every week.

      Akshaya Chari

        Wont the almond milk split/ spoil if u add lemon to it?



          Anam Shah

            U should portion the granola so u dont eat it all. Also i wish u made a nourish bowl at the to show us 😐


              so nice ! love it 🙂

              Gabriëlle Wouter

                For the chicken use a mixer!! I laughed first but it really works!

                Soul Whisperer 101

                  Hi Sezzy ~ As I always say you're my fav YouTuber! Just love your videos! & Just to say – the 'Recipe /Ingredients list that appears on the screen – the white lettering is just a bit too faint against the light pink background! ~ Blessings!!

                  Jack and Lara

                    Love this!

                    I just posted a video of me trying the loving earth chocolate for the first time!! ❤️

                    Luisa Fischer

                      I finally purchased Body Bloom!!! I'm so excited can't wait to get it! 😍
                      I love your cooking videos! ♥️♥️

                      Bridgette MacFadden

                        I can’t wait to try these!!!

                        Jodie Lancaster

                          LOVE This ❤️

                          Tahlia Handley

                            Loved this video, love the cooking and food prep hacks. Please do more of these! ❤️


                              the jumperrrrr so gorg

                              Jess Carman

                                Loooooooovvvvveee these kinds of videos!!

                                Natalie W

                                  You don’t need to peel the butternut squash? Mind blown! X

                                  k a t e

                                    in need of this right now, lack of motivation and out of habit with healthy eating at the moment,
                                    thank youuuu!!!

                                    Emma Shayler

                                      How long can you store kumara in the fridge?


                                        please make more foodie videos! x


                                          One of my fav videos you've ever done I need more!

                                          Caitlin Brennan

                                            Would really like the same kinda video but for breakfast! I am so lazy and never make breakfast so it would be awesome to see some preps I can do to make eating easier in the morning ❤️ I love this type of video looks like Kurt’s kinda edits well done girl 💕

                                            Misty Taylor

                                              Don't tofu make you feel swollen because of dried up beans right if I'm right not sure….

                                              Sam Hewitson

                                                this is so fricking helpful omg, thank you so much, ive got lunch for dayssss now

                                                Carys Howatson

                                                  breakfast ideas!! thank you love your channel

                                                  Sam Hewitson

                                                    what would happen if you put the cooked chicken in the nutribullet??? i know sounds stupid but… would it shred?

                                                    Ashleigh Scells

                                                      I love cooking sezzy your a big inspiration


                                                        Healthy snacks and sweets next❤️❤️😁

                                                        dora klabi

                                                          Best Meal Prep ever ! Ps : You should always grind flaxseeds cause it's easier to digest. + If you keep them whole, they will pass through the intestine undigested and you won't get all the benefits.

                                                          Anam Shah

                                                            Omg this video was something else.. sezzy i think uv found your thing! Love it

                                                            Looking lovely with Lydia

                                                              I was so happy to wake up early on this Saturday morning to this notification 😍 absolutely love your videos – thank you for being the realist and being so inspiring gal 💘 love from the uk 🇬🇧

                                                              Nikki Standley

                                                                Loved this! Can’t wait for more and your book!! Definitely film some more of these 🙏❤️ thank you for sharing these lovely. Fox is getting so big!!! And is so scrumptious l! 💙

                                                                Courtney G

                                                                  If you have a hand mixer or stand mixer you can put the chicken in the bowl and use the mixer to shred the chicken

                                                                  Josie Hull

                                                                    please host dinner parties for subscribers or cooking classes and come on tour to the uk

                                                                    Ditte Haagerup

                                                                      Definitely more videos like this! Amazing! 😍

                                                                      Abbie Burke

                                                                        love the quality!! def worth the wait 💕

                                                                        Jocelyn Andrea

                                                                          Ughh I need moreeee

                                                                          Luisa Maggioni

                                                                            breakfast recipes please!

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