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      The BEST MAKEUP that Nobody is Talking About!

      Today I have a ton of products that you’ll love, that not enough people are talking about. Hope you enjoy and have an amazing weekend! Love you Guys! xo’s …


        I love this video
        I have been watching your videos every day
        I’m a new subscriber

        Kery Jr

          Why tati down πŸ™

          niki hatz

            sooooooo prettyyyyy xox

            niki hatz

              lovvveeeeeee youuuuu

              Jo Leipold

                Boo. Nothing in the description box.

                Sacred Heart

                  I feel like Tati is bit of off.

                  Tahirih Faith

                    i adore you so much. thank you for being you all the time and being fully transparent!

                    Annie Van

                      Tati can you review Juvias palace foundation and concealers please! πŸ™πŸΌ

                      Helena Lopes

                        Pls review JSC!!!!!!!! Glosses, jawbreaker everything!!!πŸ™Œ

                        Helena Lopes

                          Omg Tati you look so good😍😍😍(not that you don't always)πŸ˜‚

                          Mimi M

                            Please please I NEED you to review The Jawbreaker collection from Jeffrey star cosmetics

                            Sofia M.

                              What's your hair color number? 6-7 tone?

                              ashlee griggers

                                Love you always ❀️

                                Noor Fatima

                                  Fenty liner didn’t work for me

                                  star gazeing warrior

                                    Omg its the real tata!

                                    Keah Monique

                                      Bring back Scott!!! ❀

                                      Paula Kristiana

                                        Tati, please do a minimalistic make up look and what is good to do it with. Drugstore or etc. Maybe like 2-3 looks with different make up products. Personally, I dont really use make up, but sometimes when I wanna put something on, I dont want to go full on, would be nice to see some ideas how to brighten up the face and what to pay more attention.

                                        Brittany Sterner

                                          Please review shaanxo’s brand!! She’s so amazing and hard working and I feel like no one talks about her products! ❀️

                                          D Smith

                                            Could you PLEASE list the products you use in each video? Would be great to know the actual names of the glosses you swatched.

                                            Jessica Goff

                                              Am I missing something? Is she dissing JSC? Strange timing right?

                                              ariana P

                                                i think we need to start taking a shot every time tati puts another layer of lip product on…
                                                lol im honestly living for it!

                                                Denise MR

                                                  Sweet Tati, could you please include the products in the description area? πŸ˜€

                                                  Mcnally Sally

                                                    I've had "baggy eyelids" since my early 20s πŸ˜‚ its not a mature age issue… haha!

                                                    Ishrat Contractor

                                                      Jawbreaker and glosses review please!

                                                      Marilyn Wrixon

                                                        Thank You… Very nice video

                                                        Nour Mezher

                                                          Totally agree about the age thing!! ❀️

                                                          Sofi Calderon

                                                            I wished you had done this video as a makeup tutorial using all of the products so we can see them in action (specially the brushes) love u Tati πŸ’•

                                                            Kathaleen Wood

                                                              JSC PLEASE! The collection looks amazing. : )

                                                              Rebecca Livigni

                                                                Tati I would love to see a video on how you sanitize/clean all of your beauty tools and how often you do it!

                                                                Quoc Bao Nguyen

                                                                  Is that only me or have more people can feel that something ”sad” through her eyes? She still there, still in front of the camera, still on this video but something else in there not exactly like TATI πŸ™

                                                                  Angel Hamm

                                                                    Y'all are asking for a JSC review. But has anyone noticed the JSC display is gone in the background? πŸ€”


                                                                      Great video Tati, you're a gem ❀️! Like you said, you CAN be fabulous at any age! I am in my 60s have never felt (or looked) better! Years of good skin care (sunscreen!), tons of wisdom and experience with makeup and life skills (while staying current and using tips & tricks), I wouldn't want to "go back" for anything. You young girls and guys have soooo much to look forward to. Live each day to the fullest, embrace each moment, and don't sweat the small stuff. Gratitude, love, patience, humor and a bomb lipstick, that'll do ya! πŸ’„πŸ˜‰

                                                                      Ahtziri Posadas

                                                                        Love this 😁❀️🀞🌼

                                                                        Irrelevant Blabby_Gabby

                                                                          Can you review the JSC jawbreaker collection pleaseeeee

                                                                          Sindhu Snehitha

                                                                            My QWEEN πŸ’œπŸ’ƒπŸ‘‘

                                                                            Alexandra Grozdanova

                                                                              You need to try the rimmel London putty makeup, you need to see it

                                                                              Vi Olly

                                                                                Wish you would list the products …

                                                                                Skinny Nacho

                                                                                  Love you Tati!!

                                                                                  zeinab hijazi

                                                                                    I love doing my make up in the morning with your videos on!


                                                                                      One more thing, will you please list the products you discuss and which ones you are wearing in the video and prices if possible in the description space??? You used to do this thing all the time and it was extremely helpful. I could take notes and take them to the store with me. Thank you.😊


                                                                                        What’s the Stilazzi gloss color??? I need what you were wearing!!

                                                                                        Jessica Cabigon

                                                                                          I just noticed that the JSC lip products are gone from the background πŸ™ that always catches my eyes in every video.

                                                                                          Savannah Stevens

                                                                                            her skin is flawless all the time πŸ₯Ί


                                                                                              I said not interested and still see her content. Can you block ppl on youtube so u dont see it come up?

                                                                                              Brittany Holloway

                                                                                                Your eyes are gorgeous

                                                                                                Halley Mae

                                                                                                  Is anyone else in love with this light pink lipstick with her look right now?? I feel like we never see her in this kind of shade

                                                                                                  wajeeha batool

                                                                                                    Jawbreaker review Tati ❀️


                                                                                                      anyone else notice JSC lipsticks aren't in the background anymore??

                                                                                                      Kiki Triggas

                                                                                                        I love today's video! I was wondering if you could review the Moschino and Sephora laptop palette when you get the chance? I want to know if it's worth the price or not. Thank you!

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