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      The Best New Luxury Lipsticks

      I test four different luxury lipsticks including launches from Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Hourglass and Becca. See which ones are worth the splurge and which you …

      Marlynne K

        Becca option #1 is amazing on you.

        Caroline Y

          I agree with you: the warmer colours suit you better

          Liz Beckett

            Great vid. Great lipsticks-just what I’m looking for at the moment!

            Donna Riddell

              Loving the hair today my love 😍


                the bubblegum pink colour is gorgeous!! <3

                Christine Crowley

                  Hi Ruth the warm colours definitely suit you best. Would you be able to do a tutorial on the eyeshadow look you are wearing in this clip, its very natural but you look so stunning 🙂 xx

                  Elle J

                    Ruth you are gorgeous! Lipstick and makeup in general is so addictive! Loved the eyes as well would love to know what you used for that! Thanks! 😘

                    Marisa Alvarez

                      Hi Ruth, could you pls make a video giving tips for how to pose in photos? I always look the same, it’s hard for me to relax so maybe you can tell us how to look sexy, laugh and not look forced. That would be great. Thanks! Love your channel 👍🏻

                      Carly Welsh

                        So funny that you are talking about your colours Ruth, Anna Saccone has recently had her ‘colour’ done and she is a different colour tone than she though. It’s where you decide if you are warm or cool and then what season you are, it then shows what are your best and worst colours. I googled it and I am a deep autumn and it’s really helped me pick makeup shades! I’m predicting you are a warm spring 😂

                        Busy & Birdie

                          What happened to your new bed???


                            I would never, ever, ever apply a strong colour lipstick without liner. I often prep lips, than apply strong shade, blot and clean round. Now blend liner round edge to close it in
                            And add a bit more lippy to soften if required. I also hate big overdrawn red lips. Honestly, a smaller well sculpted mouth is much sexier IMO! Unless unless you're just doing lip stain. Or pale lips: I do tend to over-draw more in that case. But I honestly think people have gone barmy with trying to make their lips big. Go with what fits your face and proportions, not what trends dictate. X

                            Mai Cecile

                              One of my favourite things- fancy lippies! Thanks for the swatches 🙂

                              Judy Denison

                                Love the Poppy from Becca!

                                Julia Pearson

                                  Might need to try some Bacca lipsticks! The price point is pretty good too. Fun video Ruth!

                                  a m

                                    Ruth what undereye cream do u use regularly?

                                    Helen Mudge

                                      Can't wait for the bedroom makeover video.

                                      Little Voice

                                        Have you tried the new YSL lipstick which is slightly glossy with a nourishing heart in theiddle. It's in its usual glamourous packaging 😍

                                        K D

                                          The bed is beautiful,enjoy it. What happened to the pink beds?


                                            Great bed, face and hair!! MUWAH!

                                            Chi Khanh Dang

                                              Wow, the Chanel in Beat and Hourglass look beautiful!

                                              bobbie pops

                                                Never tried Becca lipstick …I'm definitely going to have a play next time I'm in space no thanks x

                                                Gwen Lewis

                                                  Love Chanel lipsticks and lots of their make up overall – thanks for reviewing the Becca lipsticks, I have never tried them. You make some good remarks about lipstick application and choices.


                                                    Hey Ruth, Becca also do a similar glow-stick tyoe product called 'Glaze Stick'. Would you also be able to add that to the comparison? Xx

                                                    Linda Libra Loca

                                                      I think the headboard is gorgeous. And the whole shade by skintone thing in Becca is a great idea too. Now I need to determine my undertone…

                                                      Jo Hemsley

                                                        Love your hair. Great review on the lipsticks, thanks. 💄

                                                        Liz Cross

                                                          Loved the last Becca lipstick 💄 & I agree with everyone else- your hair was lovely today 💕


                                                            Your skin looks amazing ! Love the headboard … so chic
                                                            This video was great
                                                            Getting to see you try on all those high end lipsticks … great info

                                                            Olwyn Migliorati

                                                              The new Chanel highlighter is the bomb. Like glass.


                                                                I love a lipstick video. Thank you x

                                                                Gail Spear

                                                                  The warmer pinks make your eyes look bluer

                                                                  Gail Spear

                                                                    The pink bobbie brown suits you well. I have smoothie move. Lovely


                                                                      I think you'd love the elf flawless concealer!


                                                                        I used to love the Lancome Juicy tube in Lychee. I've nostalgically kept my last one. It still smells the same but I don't think I'd risk using it lol. Emma x

                                                                        Sooz W

                                                                          Love your trip conversation from bed to lipsticks, great. How would you compare the Chanel with the L’Oreal lipshines in the clear tubes ? Xx. The Becca suit you whichever, so must be neutral x


                                                                            Welcome back home looking forward to some footage of you and Nadine on your trip.

                                                                            Lucie Taylor

                                                                              I think this proves that if your blusher is peachy and you wear a pink lip you look ill. They’ve got to match tonally. Just my two pence worth. Unless you’re Ruth who always look great, obvs! How’s the pets?


                                                                                I hope you don't feel the need to have everything "perfect" to show some new decor! As a homeowner for many years, he progress and finding new pieces never seems to stop. Updating your home and acquiring new bits can be a fabulous and continual process for the rest of your life! Please don't wait for any room to be "instagram perfect", as that may be a bit scarce in real life!

                                                                                alisue blogs

                                                                                  Boots will colour match your foundation and have a range of cards for each foundation that will tell you which of their lipsticks and blushers are best suited to each shade x


                                                                                    I'm drawn to the headboard, too. Good find!

                                                                                    Invisibly Crowned

                                                                                      I love the bb crushed lip and the Becca. Your hair looks so long all the sudden?!

                                                                                      Nflower Celik-Alvis

                                                                                        When you said “ nice to see you!” I replied “to see you nice!” 😊too..

                                                                                        Lydia Page

                                                                                          Beautiful bed, unique looking good choice Ruth😉

                                                                                          Gloria Martinez

                                                                                            Love your hair.. Did you do something different? you look stunning.XO

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