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    Wayne Goss

      Firstly i want to apologise for my videos. I know they’re not the top notch videos you see from a lot of other youtubers. I am sorry. With a full time job, youtube, …

      Ren Feral

        I just love you!! LOL

        Louise Johnson

          We all adore you Wayne. You are my favorite beauty guru & the most honest on ytube. I think your set up is just fine. Really it's your content that we love & your goofy ways.
          Never change you #teamwayne

          Gaby Diaz

            You have so much more than other basic youtubers. You are unique and classy! Love it 💖

            Anna Lee

              You are the BEST! And hang in there, you'll soon have what you want, you deserve it!

              Katie Naylor

                I don’t wish you were like anyone else. I think most would agree 😘😘😘

                Whitney Phillips

                  I subscribed fairly recently because YouTube just felt the need to recommend this absolute gold to me – YouTube has recommended a lot of older videos from Wayne (they're still amazing and why I subscribed) – I'm glad to see a recent video from him… I love the whole attitude he has about makeup and application and I have been slowly adding his tips to my daily life. This video caught me right in the feels though – he's more than the average "amazing set-up YouTuber" … he has so much more going for him.

                  Sandy G.

                    Wayne I want to encourage you, whatever trial you’re going thorough, it will pass.
                    Wayne, I tune in to your channel because I like your personality, your honesty and wealth of knowledge about makeup, application etc.
                    You are unique and special as each human being is.
                    Never compare yourself to anyone or desire what someone has .
                    Find contentment with what you have and who you are, and you will have peace.
                    I never would have known that you filmed in a utility room until you disclosed it.
                    I thought it was a lovely foyer.
                    I just realized that 99% of the makeup YouTuber’s that I follow don’t have elaborate makeup sets.
                    They film in a spare bedroom, garage that they turned into a makeup room, filming space, ie; Emily Noel 83, Zabrena.
                    I hope you that you feel encouraged.
                    Have a wonderful day!🌻

                    Cherry Metha

                      @Wayne Goss . Are you related to the Goss brothers ? You must be as you look just like them!

                      Samantha Deoraj

                        Love your tutorials and your energy Wayne! Xoxo

                        Laura Healey

                          Love you! 😘 bloody good at what you do and a fab guy too. Keep them coming xxx

                          Vickie B

                            You are honestly the only "beauty guru" I am subscribed too. Over the years I've subscribed and unsubscribed to others and your channels are the only ones to stand the test of time. You are real and wonderful! Over time, I've felt that so many other YouTubers have become so commercial that I can't relate to the things they try out and I definitely can't trust them. I'm sorry you've been having a hard time lately and I really wanted to share how I wonderful I think you are!

                            Erica Metacarpa

                              We love you Wayne! Please never change and may this hard time pass quickly!


                                Love love love your videos just as they are!! I laugh out loud with how honest you are! Refreshing!!! And I wait for the wink every time!! XOXO


                                  It's Vellus hair you were right it starts with V 😉

                                  Skyler Thompson

                                    PLEASE DON’T APOLOGIZE. I genuinely love your videos

                                    Ashley Osborne

                                      Wayne you are truly one of a kind! Thank you so very much for giving real honest reviews! Love following you!

                                      MsBlue Belle

                                        Always love your videos and the way you show products! Don’t change a bit. 😘

                                        Monique Borda

                                          Sweetheart, you are one of the most genuine, good natured, down to earth people on YouTube. Never apologize for being humble. Your set up is great and I look forward to watching all your videos!
                                          Chin up!
                                          BTW…I believe the “v” word you were looking for is Vellus (hair). 😉

                                          Lisa Rojas

                                            You have nothing to apologize for! You have quality content and integrity. I LOVE watching your videos and I really appreciate your expertise. WE LOVE YOU WAYNE!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

                                            Nicole Cruz

                                              Sending you a virtual hug! Loved this video. Chin up! 💕

                                              Maja G.

                                                You litterally don't need any set up, your charisma and charm and knowdlage got you where you are!
                                                I would watch you even if you filmed with phone camera😁

                                                siobhan sinclair

                                                  Wayne I've been a silent follower from before I even had a YouTube channel, and please, be unapologetically you. I love your vids and I love your set up. You have always stayed true to you and I will always be an avid follower. You led the way in this industry and you deserve more credit than you give yourself… You are amazing, keep smiling… 😊😊 Please don't ever change 😘


                                                    I think you are THE BEST “YouTuber” out there. You are genuine and informative. I only trust YOU. Most of these “youtubers” are soooo overrated and trash (IMO) YOU my friend are GOLDEN. You don’t know how many of us you continue to inspire. Do you Boo♥️ been watching you FOREVER! Thank you for being YOU!

                                                    Joanie Miller

                                                      You are wonderful… we love you

                                                      Maryhelen Healy-Leese

                                                        Don’t ever apologise, your amazing…you are one of only a few ppl in the beauty industry that I trust with your reviews …keep up your brilliant work 😘💖💖

                                                        Liz Gubler

                                                          Wayne, you are so real and that’s why you’re so loved. A YouTuber like you doesn’t have to apologize for anything. You don’t go on and on making small talk, you get straight to the point, and that’s great. You’re interesting and so smart, don’t forget that. Warm thoughts from South Africa. 😃💥

                                                          suelovesmakeup suelovesmakeup

                                                            Oh wow that's so sweet of you to apologise, but honestly you have nothing to apologise for. Your videos may be shorter, who cares – we listen and trust your advice, recommendation and because you are the wonderful humble you that you are. No drama, bs. A true professional. We bloody love you x x


                                                              VELLUS HAIR!


                                                                I will be 49 next week so I am an old gal. I started using Algenist and I am FLOORED at the results. Now I don’t really have many wrinkles ( thank you mom) but my sun spots and dry skin and the occasional break out ( but when I do break out they get bad) I will use a toner with acne treatment in it cause my skin is to dry for all over and they are great once you have picked ( I KNOW I am not the only one haha) The Algenist lime is pricey BUT the older you get you need more serious products. The results though are just crazy, when people around you notice it’s great but I also am noticing so much and it makes my heart happy. I also have re found It concealer and am loving it!

                                                                Maria A

                                                                  Don't you dare apologize for anything!! I watch every video you put out because I trust you and your knowledge!! You could be filming from a potato and I would still watch it

                                                                  nancy grebe

                                                                    Never apologize. You are the best of all of them. You have more personality and talent, than most of them. The other you tubers are doing it for the sales, and I have learned to not believe some after they change their mind, with every new item. You, I know are honest and real. You are adored by many, and loved by just as many. Nothing to apologize for.


                                                                      You are so amazing and genuine. No one I would rather watch💕💕💕💕


                                                                        Honest, down to earth & no bullsh*t. Love ya Wayne!

                                                                        Kelly McKeown

                                                                          Wayne we love you and honestly your videos are fabulously done! You're always 100% honest when talking about a product which is more than I can say for most beauty youtubers. Keep the videos coming xoxo

                                                                          RVA Gal

                                                                            Wayne, Stop. Just stop apologizing. I watch you because I love you and your vids and respect your expertise. And I bet most of your other subscribers feel the same way. I don’t really notice or care about your setup, the
                                                                            Iighting, etc. In fact I appreciate learning about looks and products and application techniques in a “real life” setting. TBH I don’t follow any other y-tubers. Just you! ❤️

                                                                            K Courtney

                                                                              Wayne, you are so beyond average, you are absolutely fabulous. No one has the same genuine yet spicy quality and on top of that you are educational and to the point. It just seems like you do it because you enjoy it, no fuss about it. The set up means nothing to viewers (not to me anyways), while I'm sure it would be nice for you to have in some respects.

                                                                              I hope to be able to produce more content like you, it is so well done. Thanks for being an inspiration!

                                                                              Lexi Millsap

                                                                                Wayne, please don’t apologize for anything. Your videos are amazing! I’ve been watching you for at least 6 years and you have always been such an inspiration! 🥰

                                                                                Piroska Bartók

                                                                                  I'm a new subscriber, and i think you are the one with the kindest vibes i have ever watched on YouTube. I don't know you personally, but please don't be so sever with yourself. All of these lovley people watching you and writing you nice comments are supporting you even if it's only online. Please embrace this positive energy in hard times 💜💪😘

                                                                                  Julie Quarm

                                                                                    Wayne please don't ever apologize. Your videos are always SPOT ON and SO helpful. You don't need some crazy setup. The content is what we care about!

                                                                                    Annette Stewart

                                                                                      Love the way u film. Some youtubers think they making a movie


                                                                                        Its the content that matters. Do not apologise !!!

                                                                                        Cheryl Gardner

                                                                                          I'd sit on a mop bucket to listen to what you have to say! Your information is always honest and pure with the intention to teach and/or help me maximize my outcomes with wise choices. I appreciate that. You and Gemma@PamperedWolf have helped me up my game tremendously. I keep coming back and looking forward to new videos because I know I will be all the better for watching. Give me that over a slick, staged backdrop any day.

                                                                                          Nisiepie N.

                                                                                            Your setup is perfect.
                                                                                            Your vids are perfect.
                                                                                            Never have I ever thought your presentation lacked anything.

                                                                                            Claire Pancerz

                                                                                              Please note that my utility room has neither a mirror nor flowers. It does have dog bowls, dog medicine and the occasional visiting bug! You are perfection. Trust me. 😉

                                                                                              jo matthews

                                                                                                You’re videos are perfection please don’t change a thing x

                                                                                                rouge a

                                                                                                  Lmao for swatching on your face! Love it haha

                                                                                                  Geovana Freitas

                                                                                                    What ? Don't be a youtuber. You have a brazilian fan here ! You are funny, informative and honest all time ! God bless you !

                                                                                                    S B

                                                                                                      Wayne NEVER change. I love your no nonsense, straight to the point videos. Your opinion is the only one I trust in the beauty community. Other Youtubers should take notes. You seriously are the best 💙

                                                                                                      Jessica L Townshend

                                                                                                        Wayne, you are amazing! You don't need all of the flash to produce great videos that we all value. You are my #1 most trusted voice in the YouTube beauty community. Thank you for being so amazing and for being you! 💖

                                                                                                        Jennifer Bratton

                                                                                                          Never be average! You are so much better than average, Wayne. You have something that too many beauty YouTubers don't – you are real! Love you, love your work, and speaking love into your life <3

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