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    Wayne Goss

      The best Primers and Setting Sprays of 2019! LINKS! Philosophy The Present $15!!!! UK US Charlotte Tilbury Magic …


        I really love your videos and your advice on products really changes my decision when I consider to buy anything new. But can you make the point more specific? I mean, more about comments like "this product is friendly for dry skin" or "if you have wrinkles it helps", rather than "it's perfect"/"it's the best product I've ever used"/"I really love it!"…

        Brittney Webley

          Love your videos. You get straight to the point.

          Mary Donovan

            No one does best products like Wayne

            favoloso_mama 1

              Always love your videos!!

              E. Parajoni

                Wayne goss i have a question when should i apply the primer after or before a mineral tinted sunscreen??

                Christa Marie

                  I can’t afford any of those…



                    Murielle Legacy


                      Hannah Inglis

                        Could you go more in depth of what skin types to use these primers on?

                        Yolanda Medina

                          Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely Sunday 🤗

                          Veronica Hayes

                            Straight to the point no BS. Love you Wayne. Happy Holidays

                            Christina Probst

                              NO DRUG STORE EVER?

                              roberta singer

                                Have I ever told you how much I love you Gossie?

                                Wagon Wheel

                                  I love the Clairns SOS blur primer best for pores especially on the nose.

                                  Sarah L

                                    What does Huda Beauty’s setting spray smell like?

                                    Shabeena ferozz

                                      Do a drugstore best also
                                      All these are highends ☹

                                      Inessa Legkun

                                        Love how quick and straight to the point you are

                                        None Existent

                                          Can you please do this but drugstore edition??? Even if they aren't the best, just give us your opinion on what you think it's close to the best 🙏🙏🙏🙏

                                          Shanda Medlin


                                            Kathy Van Wagoner

                                              @wayne goss any secrets to mask the horrific setting spray smells. I have a L’Oréal that’s pretty good but it smells so bad I don’t use it as often as I’d like?

                                              Pam Christensen

                                                Thank you!!!!

                                                Trina Chatterjee

                                                  please do an affordable range best primer and setting sprays 🙂

                                                  J U

                                                    What was the wand Charlotte Tilbury product he forgot about?

                                                    Teacher Shen

                                                      I always love your video. But for primers, are those hydrating primers or pore filling ones? I'm guessing hydrating?

                                                      E P

                                                        The Huda Setting spray is very effective.
                                                        But the fragrance is horrible, too strong.

                                                        Retta Swim!

                                                          How do you recommend using the Chanel Le Blanc for a fair-skinned woman over 40?

                                                          Nelly Morena

                                                            The best primers has Cone Cosmetics 👌🏻😍

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