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    Carli Bybel

      hi babes :). today I am back with THE BOYFRIEND TAG! I’m so excited for you guys to get to know Anthony…

      Taylor Lei

        You guys are going to get married one day!!

        Glam By Safi

          I knew he was italian ! You guys make such a great couple 😍


            Oh what a sweetheart, welcome to the Bybel family Mr Anthony!!! Look after our girl X

            Paint Pot

              He SO COOL 👌🏻 you’re great together!! Congrats

              St mirabelle Williams

                He is a smart man up to u carli MR/MRS

                Samantha Miller

                  Wasn't he on Jerseylicious??? I think his name was Tango (might be a nickname or last name)

                  Fatima Azi

                    I never comment on any YT videos but had to on this because my gosh carlis acting is so annoying 🥵 dont even wanna watch her videos anymore. can’t stand

                    Sarah HQ

                      I really like this guy he is SO CUTE and KIND and i felt that he is so clear and have a pure heart I wish you luck and happiness

                      brandy Catherine

                        I have to admit, I just love this video! You guys seem so good together!

                        Alex Khan

                          Y’all so cute and sweet together. So happy for you Carli! You deserve a good guy and happiness!

                          Edgar Sanchez

                            Cool rebound

                            hh love

                              He is the MAN! A man who ask if we are dating, if this is going to a relationship! We need men to ask, when he said about self awareness, I am totally happy for you!

                              Gourmande Girls Cosmetics

                                Can't help it – I kept looking at your ring fingers and imagining the two of you with your wedding rings. You're PERFECT together! My husband was born in France but is 75% Sicilian by the way, Italian men are so handsome!

                                Noorhan Imad

                                  you guys look so cute together❤️ and he is sooooo into you😍

                                  Ayesha Khan

                                    I'm really afraid of cats too so I can relate! 😀

                                    Lindsay N23

                                      I smiled through this entire video 🥰 good for you carli

                                      T F

                                        Yes!! I’m 100% Italian… half Sicilian and Half Barese!

                                        Kate Hipkin

                                          He's lovely, you're lovely together! So happy for both of you! ❤️

                                          Rabia Ulucay



                                              My boyfriend is also a Taurus!! He’s the best thing that ever happened to me. You guys are going to last. So happy for you 😭💜

                                              wan norafiqah

                                                The story about cats part make me laughing hard


                                                  I have a good feeling about him 😊

                                                  Nataliya Filipo Natsulisu

                                                    I'm happy for you ♥️

                                                    Raquel Davidson

                                                      You can feel the love , they way you guys look at each other is real . Y’all are meant to be I can feel the vibes ! This is genuine and real

                                                      Kayla Horner

                                                        Does your chest get red when you're uncomfortable or anxious?? Mine does and I keep noticing yours gradually getting more and more 'tomato' 🤣

                                                        Raquel Davidson

                                                          Omg y’all are so cute ! So happy for you guys

                                                          Bee Phoummany

                                                            I loved the part when you hissed at him!! 😂 You two are so cute together!

                                                            Mila Stark

                                                              I kind of envy people who can be in a new relationship all the time. My last one was 8 years and I feel like I can never commit to another person again lol


                                                                ฅ (=•́ܫ•̀=)
                                                                Aww… they both like em.

                                                                Maya H

                                                                  He looks like rocky super intimidating, completely opposite of his demeanor and personality or maybe it's just cuz hes with his dainty queen

                                                                  Erica Jane

                                                                    I feel like he's blushing a lot ☺️ you guys are cute!

                                                                    Emily Norris

                                                                      Omgg the enddd 😍😍

                                                                      Rayah Lesperance

                                                                        This video made me blush🥺 you guys are literally the definition of a perfect match!!!


                                                                          TAURUS ARE ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. PERIODT.

                                                                          I'm a cancer & I swear this is true always. I've never met a less charming or unattractive Taurus.

                                                                          Btw the background is so cute. Carli is a local of Jersey and never left to LA like other YouTuber. She stood in her roots. So adorable ❤️ wish you the best baby been a subscriber for 10 years.

                                                                          Emily Norris

                                                                            I love her laugh in this video 😂❤️ it's like a gut laugh if that makes sense

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