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    Wayne Goss

      Learn how to use the Eye Phi eyeshadow technique to change the way you do your eye makeup forever! Rae Morris is the creator of this incredible technique.


        Thank you very helpful info xx

        Zanna Katoka

          Here is Rae's video on this technique SUCH a genius, what an artiste! Thanks for always teaching us Wayne! 💋

          Giggles_ Giggles

            Your videos are always so unique and useful. Thank you 🙂

            Aurtha Nesbit

              Wayne is my favorite💟

              Aurtha Nesbit

                My eye shape is almond

                alia azri

                  I watched your videos so so many years ago. When your face was a little bit plump. I follow all your techniques and it is life changer for me! I love your tutorial videos!

                  Evy Godo

                    Can I use black pen

                    Evy Godo

                      It work for hooded eyes


                        Thank you so much for actually teaching a technique.

                        Andrea Poret

                          Great technique! I have your eye shape so it should work well for me. I also have the sebum overproduction problem as well. I took Isotretinon for 6 months. I can tell that your skin texture has improved. You look great!

                          T. Terez

                            Attention to the eye duct with highlighter needs to sthaaappp everybody please!


                              You explained it so simply. I'm going to try it!

                              Janne Ward

                                Wayne Goss is just…… EVERYTHING ❤️


                                  which pencil are you using please?

                                  Natacha Perez

                                    Thank you for being so detailed, I really enjoyed this video And appreciate your input. Yes it was interesting and helpful. Learning new techniques is always a good thing. Your videos are very great. A+

                                    laura reinoso

                                      I loved this technique Wayne!!💖


                                        I love Wayne's tutorials. He always makes it so easy to understand and replicate!

                                        Pretty Nena

                                          Huh I don’t think this technique works in my hooded eyes! I just literally run to my mirror to do it …the results where not nice…I looked weird 😥

                                          Brandy Cryts

                                            New technique? Pretty sure this has been around for decades… nicely demonstrated though.

                                            Hot Mess

                                              I love this! Thank you for sharing your eye really pops💕

                                              Tasha Garland

                                                Makeup science! I would love to learn more about makeup application using this method of teaching. It just makes so much more sense this way than saying “make this shape with a pencil then blend”.

                                                Woah! It’s Buttons.

                                                  I feel like I’ve been intuitively without even thinking, shaping my eyeshadow and my liner like this for years

                                                  Janet Kelly

                                                    I’m sure I’m not the only one that can’t wait for the “wink”!

                                                    Kelly Adams

                                                      Interesting . Good technique but… I may be to old for this look

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