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      THE GLOSS by Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Reveal & Swatches!

      HEY EVERYONE… Welcome Back to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya??? Today I’m unveiling the FIRST ever LIP GLOSS formula from Jeffree Star Cosmetics!


        those last three shades can f uck me. I mean, they all can.. but the last three can hit it both ways ya know

        Shikaina Faith De Leon

          i love jefree's mouth like i liveeeee

          Esha Magray

            Ya lukin beautiful 🙌


              Cat valentine snapped

              The spicy scorpian

                Clear gloss please!!!

                Corina Arhip-Rossi

                  I just fell in love with your hair, girl! ❤❤❤❤

                  Jennifer Wright

                    Ehhhh colourpop has amazing gloss for $7

                    Wilma Marttelin

                      i don’t usually like glosses but i need like 10 of each

                      Giselle Sanchez

                        I would love the shade Sequin Glass

                        Louise Woodward

                          Omg i need the blue one! Yaaaaaaasss! I don’t even wear gloss but I guess I do now!

                          Macy Judkins

                            "It's versatile. You can wear it to Taco Bell or your wedding."

                            ADAM ABENDANO

                              I LOVE THE RED ON U!!!!

                              C.C. Alvz

                                I love them there must haves!!!!! I’m not crazy about the packaging but the colors look insane!!! Yesss!!!!!

                                Elyza Mae Malvar

                                  So pretty but cant buy it


                                    I go to a strict private religious school but I wanna wear these to school but idk what one to get, don’t want them nuns to attack me lmao anyone suggest a colour?????

                                    Michelle Yochem

                                      Love love love ur hair color, it is sickening. I'm so jealous.


                                        The black lipgloss is ICONIC

                                        Purplepuppy Lover

                                          My sister’s girlfriend got her 2 of your foundation and she said it is awesome

                                          Jade Gray

                                            Please please PLEASE tell me these are here to stay!

                                            nl pl

                                              Jefree:This is my favourite…oOOoOo one of my favorites…I LOVE this shade aaAaaAAaA

                                              Valerie Salazar

                                                Safe Word is going to be a must get. I’ll probably get all of them eventually.

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