The GOLD Look – Vintage 1920's inspired Collette Marchant Makeup

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    Lisa Eldridge
      The GOLD Look - Vintage 1920's inspired Collette Marchant Makeup

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        Sue Starlite

          That blush though…Masterpiece.


            So incredible beautiful! WOW!

            Lilli Lu

              Lisa! This is incredible! I love it when You do these more intricate looks for us. Thank You! I learn so much.

              Nadeen Go

                This is just SO beautiful. She looks like a painting. <3

                Larisa Balan

                  Thank you so much for this look! <3

                  Flóra Zelenka

                    I watched the film because you did the makeup looks, and they were gorgeous!

                    Santa Grigorjeva

                      Wow, just wow! Thank you! 😊


                        Wow,beautiful makeup 💄!

                        xJulia Luminax

                          This looks amazing!! Love it. Now i wanna watch the movie 🙂

                          Make-up by Sandra

                            Wow just amazing Lisa 🤩!!!! Love your vintage make-up tricks 🤪

                            Jesse Meyer

                              I knew there was something about the blush that intrested my artistic side. She turned out quite lovely. When is your velvet lipstick collection coming back and do you plan on increasing the shade selection? Thanks from Canada.

                              Chilli-flavored bleach

                                Honestly, she looks so beautiful even without the makeup. I absolutely adore the makeup, though! Especially the blush part.


                                  Yay – more than one 👏👏👏👏


                                    I’m so happy there’s still a chance for you to recreate the blue eyeshadow look!! 😍 Also that blush technique and its explanation was fantastic

                                    D T

                                      Lisa, you're truly an artist.

                                      Aqui ven aqui ven

                                        Love the way your hands move when you aply the shadows, it´s seems like a ballet, so delicate, like a feather blowing in a warm breeze. Beautiful look. Thanks Lisa.

                                        Erin Mc

                                          Gorgeous!! She looks like a painting .. you are an amazing artist & I can not wait to see the other films you do!!

                                          Jovana Kocić

                                            Inglot has a beautiful gold, often overlooked. looks like real gold jewlery

                                            P Heart

                                              Her moles match in with the look somehow.

                                              Sally Versace

                                                This model is so gorgeous 😭

                                                Elena Masotti

                                                  You’re such an artist… I love this video and this look!

                                                  Maya C

                                                    Magnificent. She looks like a living watercolor. What a great Master class. Thank you.

                                                    Yely 1978

                                                      Queen Lisa! She does thorough research before achieving historical makeup looks, Madeleine Marsh helps her 🥰

                                                      Maritza’s Makeup

                                                        Incredible!! I need more!!!


                                                          Yay more than just one look!!!! AWESOME!!!!! thank you so so much for sharing your talent !! Im also obsessed with the no makeup/training makeup that Eva had on while practicing with Dumbo if you can please do this tutorial too! she looked so glowy and natural and flawless just perfect!! thanks again for the knowledge you share always <3

                                                          Kimberly Zhu

                                                            This is divine Lisa <3 I'm so proud of you and so excited to see your work on the big screen!

                                                            T. Roma

                                                              I could watch you do the blush for hours. It's so lovely! It reminds me of those antique porcelain dolls that are hand painted with watercolour. Also, loved the little feature of both your lipsticks. I wonder if you got to use them in the actual film or was it a different technique?

                                                              jack cole

                                                                I like Elizabeth’s little cheeky smiles in between.

                                                                Meyre Yoshizawa

                                                                  God, you’re talented!

                                                                  Melania MoneyPenny


                                                                    Cherry Davis

                                                                      stunning. the blush looks like a sunset.

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