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    Say Yes to the Dress
      The Most Beautiful Lazaro Gowns! | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

      These brides have fallen in love with the beautiful and whimsical Lazaro wedding dresses. Which dress is your favourite? Catch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC …

      L S

        That last dress was everything


          Even though I'm single and never getting married I just love seeing the beautiful dresses


            Didn’t even realise the last women was transgender she looks and acts naturally female, I’m happy she’s finally in the right body. She looks amazing!!!

            Melissa Southard

              The third dress and story got me; the dress is beautiful as is the woman wearing it. Be true to yourself, be happy and live life.

              TooCuteNoir B.

                I love Lazaro he has different designs but keeps the same clean and thoughtful tailoring. He also doesn't blow budgets and has different colors and fits a bigger shape. Ugh he's my favorite designer cause he's a box of flavors when is comes to gowns😩👌


                  3:17 Seriously?

                  Lilman Yellow

                    i really like the first dress

                    earlene wallace

                      Lazaro gowns are always so unique and beautiful.

                      Cathie Braun

                        I love Lazaro!!! I have been following his line for several years and he doesn't disapoint his clients.

                        alisa tvong

                          the first girl, she would look good in a potato sack.

                          Karen McCabe

                            Gorgeous dresses!


                              That first bride looks STUNNING in that dress

                              Sa Mah

                                The first one woooow my heart ❤️

                                Mao Yang

                                  Lazaro is one of the designers I'm keeping in mind for when I get married.

                                  charmaine Musafare

                                    “Your middle name is not sexy, your middle name is Ray”😂😂😂😂

                                    Betty Edubala

                                      I love that dress

                                      KLM Hooked Moore

                                        At 3:11…Why would you want to look like a slut on your wedding day?

                                        Aire Robertson

                                          Where is the original video to the first clip ?


                                            Lazaro is my #2 pick but HAYLEY PAIGE IS QUEEN!!!

                                            soonchita chakraborty

                                              All the dresses of lezaro are so different. Then why are all the Dando London exactly the same dress

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