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    Jackie Aina

      The Most Chaotic Review EVER; Fenty Cream Bronzer/Blush Collection

      Today’s review is going to be on the new Fenty Freestyle Cream Bronzers and their freestyle cream blushes. I am VERYYY CONFUSED! Just watch and you will …


        The passive aggressiveness in these comments and erasure of the darker skin complexion needs is disgusting. If you like it, buy it. But don't come on here and argue with a professional about the definition of sheer and Fenty's initial purpose of INCLUSIVITY. If you want a pigmented sheer blush they do exist, but clearly not with Fenty, which is disappointing for some. I use Iconic London liquid sheer blush and they show up on my skin without looking oily, without a lip balm texture, and without "looking like a clown."


          You have the most beautiful skin. Gorgeous porgeous!

          Alise Renee

            I can't believe no one talking about this eyeshadow look..


              As powders I think some of those shades would work better. I prefer powder blushes.

              Tenele Zwane

                I really like how soft and subtle these pallets are! perfect for dewy summer makeup look! I'm scared of bush and highlight but i would definitely try and use this range!


                  Jackie these blushes look absolutely gorgeous on you! I think the sheerness is for the safe girl. I always skip blush in fear that I would go too ham and be somewhere with rosy cheeks. These I would try!! It looks so natural and flushed

                  Mia Smartt

                    Reminding me of the Glossier sheer blushes😍😍


                      I have deep dark skin. Boobi brown espresso 10. Fenty 470 and i love these blushes. I bought the rosé latte. And it is just really pretty. Skin like blusher. I now want to try the others.

                      ajayi ayomide

                        Patricia said the exact same thing!!!! Looks more like a contour than a bronzer

                        Ana Chiyo

                          Strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in spring
                          My summer wine is really made from all these things

                          Fatima Mohamed

                            Hahaha.. I thought on the beginning I speeded the video by mistake .. its normal speed .. love you, you are funny .

                            aubreeanna martz

                              While I feel like these shades are really beautiful and unique and look gorgeous on you as usual. Personally I think Fenty should have made these same shades available in both a sheer formula like they released, as well as a bold pigmented formula that would be better suited to more pigmented skin tones. That would be a more realistic way for these blushes to really be inclusive to all skin tones imo.

                              Ana Chiyo

                                This has absolutely nothing to do with this lovely honest review, which I appreciate, but these edits have me rollingggg on the floor. I always love Jackie's edits


                                  I loved the review but I couldn't take my eyes off of YOUR EYES!! I love the sultry brown look! Do you have a video on this already? If not pleaseeee think about doing this look! Love ya!

                                  Madison Hartmann

                                    I just got your pallete in the mail and I'm so stoked!!


                                      Pretty and subtle. I could wear it with moisturizer to the beach.

                                      Sara Wagner

                                        your outro had me dying, i love you

                                        Sin Soy

                                          Looks good on you! like natural contour!


                                            I would love all the sheer blushes because id be able to build it up to my liking☺️ also I love your reviews your goofy and you help people look for things that compliments your beautiful skin tone and deep beauty skin tones.

                                            Sarah Karim

                                              The "bronzers"look like contours. Period.


                                                Sephora still hasn't sent my package. I'm definitely returning this stuff when they do.

                                                Tee Jay

                                                  Yaaaaaassss I’m so in need of my laser treatments! Omg……

                                                  Chloe Palmer

                                                    I wish she could be a host on instant influencer


                                                      Bad side, where? 💕

                                                      Pinksmokey Smash

                                                        Great video 🤩🤩👏👏🤩


                                                          Love you Jackie

                                                          Pinksmokey Smash

                                                            The cream bronzers look more like contour colors and chocolate looked too cool/muddy on Jackie's skin. 😢☹. I'm gonna need a few more shades to come out.

                                                            DerekSami VanDusen

                                                              I love Ohemaa 🥰💖🔥

                                                              Throne of Roses

                                                                I knew I was a fan but you made me more of a fan for the pit hair 😂 I can’t wait for my wax cuz it’s a strugglé

                                                                Jade Leigh

                                                                  25:50 when the bees swarm her 😄😄😄😂😂😂 omg! I just love you Jackie 💖🤗

                                                                  Neeta Hariprashad

                                                                    I love the unbiased honest review.. keep it up Jackie! I agree you can love the brand but that doesn’t mean you have to love every launch.

                                                                    Natalie Berry

                                                                      i’m white asf but i just love your personality and the way you do your makeup

                                                                      Ramah H

                                                                        Absolutely beautiful! Loving the eye look too! Is that your ABH collab? How did the last blush turn out work prefer over it? I actually got the Rose one but haven't tried to powder over it

                                                                        SensualMassage T

                                                                          Wow you are so stupid, girl. This is a natural minimum no makeup look blusher collection,… girl educated yourself

                                                                          don ́t worry be happy

                                                                            It’s really sad to see that Jackie are blocking/removing some her followers on Instagram because they put a like in something that Jackie doesn’t agree.
                                                                            Jackie put a second video on Instagram yesterday where she is clapping her on buttons and some people thought was inappropriate. One lady, wich wasn’t me, just made a constructive comment saying that she doesn’t like the way she was behaving. I put on like on that. I was just blocked.
                                                                            It’s your body okey but if you gonna make public videos etc, you need to know how to deal with comments. The lady wasn’t mean at all. But you dragged her and her comments was removed. I was following Jackie for a very long period of time and always supported you. But, not anymore.

                                                                            Nikki Live life Pretty

                                                                              I love you Jackie!!!!!

                                                                              Kyndall Lee

                                                                                Hey Jackie my mom loves loves loves you🥰🥰 me to this is how my mom reacts Jackie this Jackie that

                                                                                Kelsi Harrington

                                                                                  What eyeshadows are worn here? I love this look

                                                                                  Semaj Bagby

                                                                                    Love that these are sheer! Glitter eyes and natural skin is my thing! Definitely will be picking up some of the blushes!

                                                                                    Mindfully Over Matter

                                                                                      I feel like the cream blushes are revealing too much texture in the skin.

                                                                                      lauren malsi

                                                                                        I LOVVE this eye makeup doe


                                                                                          Rose Latte is both Jackie and Katie Jane Hughes approved. Yup, I'm getting it.


                                                                                            @Patricia Bright did a review as well and had basically the same response. Can't fault ppl for honesty.

                                                                                            little trexarms

                                                                                              I'm late but Jackie, before you put on blush, boo you cute

                                                                                              Mozelle Scott

                                                                                                Free the Pitts love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                                                                                  Ooh I'm so glad I didn't buy those bronzers. I was like Hm I don't trust those colors~. Chocolate was too light, toffee wasn't gonna help me

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