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      WORLD’S MOST FULL COVERAGE FOUNDATION? Wait… haven’t we done this before? Dermacol is making a run for its money!!! As you all know I’m a full …


        O..M..G.. who wants to try this foundation?? 🤯

        Katie Benander

          Nikkie you are SO worthy of being a super model and I honestly thought you already were! Don't doubt yourself love <3

          Debino 18

            I woke up 4:00 am to watch the eurovision song contest grand final and it was soooo worthet Congrats The netherlands woop woop

            Jam1438 Steck

              Thank god for a video not about the Tati and James beef

              Hope V

                I need pale olive , someone bring out pale olive 😔😔😔😔😔


                  god nikkie is legit the cutest

                  Veronica Mazzolari

                    You Dutches beated my country (Italy) at Eurovision, good job babe good job

                    Sristi Jaiswal

                      I have just a little to say.
                      I LOVE YOU NIKKIE♥️

                      Kaylie Fernandez

                        Can we talk about how she lets us know what is “PR” and what is “Bought with her own money”

                        Simply Yumi

                          Welp This is my new home🙂

                          Lisette In the clouds

                            My condolences to you and your family.🙏🏽

                            Mariel Hinojosa

                              I was waiting for a review on this and yours is the first close to my skintone. Yay! I love the packaging too!

                              Tan mort

                                I want to know where those cute hair clips are from 😭💕

                                Debino 18

                                  Can nikkie plz be one of the host for eurovision 2020 in amsterdam cuz The Netherlands won hehehe sorry spoiler alert


                                    HOLLAND WOOOOOONNN !!!!!!!!!!! I'm from Sweden but I was hoping for Holland to win the Eurovision song contest

                                    Alexia Diaz

                                      She said my truth and I was TRIGGERED 🤣😂

                                      Snezana Milunovic

                                        I guess we will see you next year as Eurosong host 😁🎉

                                        jasen. leila

                                          bomBb!! ✊💯❤

                                          Aleida cardenas

                                            Nikkie I love you so much❤️


                                              i wonder if nikkie went to see blackpink since they are in amsterdam🤔

                                              Sofia Casciano

                                                Come to niki tutorials Chanel to relax 😂❤️

                                                Laura Veldhuis

                                                  So you are the host next year?

                                                  jannat abdulhasan

                                                    I REALLY hope that you can do the collab with Blackpink cuz I have been a blink like 2 years now. Like imagine Nikki doing jisoos makeup💜💜💜 I'm also an ARMY.

                                                    HI all blinks and ARMYS💜💜💜

                                                    Edit : Literally liking my own comment that I made 20 seconds ago cuz no one is😭😂

                                                    Chloe Jaye

                                                      OH MY GOD, I was watching this video and I noticed Nikkie was talking super fast and she sounded like she was on crack and I was starting to get concerned and then I realised I was on 1.25 speed.

                                                      Atika Karim

                                                        At 17:39 she said,"this foundation can cover beauty communities drama right now"


                                                          Guys Nikki Has been in the Makeup community 4 SO LONG,is she petty?no
                                                          So lets stick with her,Shes more of a good example then Jeffree,Tati & James

                                                          Joyce Smith

                                                            Thank you this is definitely a diverse collection…

                                                            Ashley Bayliss

                                                              My shade is sold out in the foundation 😭😭😭 Hopefully they restock soon because it looked absolutely amazing on you!
                                                              The diversiteit of their shades is so awesome and I love how the website shows a photo of a person with the foundation on for each shade to give people a better idea of what shade they should get!❤️


                                                                Yesss The Netherlands won The eurovision 2019!! Cant believe it dyill


                                                                  This video just cost me $ 40. 😅🙃Can’t wait to try out this foundation. I literally need a good matte foundation . 🥰 Loved your video… and also Dutch word of the day!

                                                                  My boyfriend is Dutch – and I made him watch Eurovision…. let’s just say he was very pleased!!!!


                                                                    How much is her discount code worth

                                                                    Garrett Rogenski

                                                                      Tutorial on that eye look plz. Those are my type of everyday colors lol love it on you and I need to try more Juvias place stuff. I love their mini Nubian pallet 🙂 love u Nikkie !!

                                                                      Oh Yeah Yeah

                                                                        I had to move to England when I was seven, I visit holland every year anyways, but I still don’t feel at home when I’m in england.

                                                                        Jamie Zinnecker

                                                                          Oh my gaaawddd!!!! Can you get this at a department store or do you order online??


                                                                            omg blackpink..yes we want that collab!

                                                                            noot doot

                                                                              awwwww, I was looking forward to seeing you do bp's makeup. Love this review and your insight tho !! ❤️


                                                                                You're a beautiful human Nikkie♡ your little brother Mikai would be so proud

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