The Private Life Of Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade

Main The Private Life Of Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade

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      The Private Life Of Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade

      Hailie Jade Lives A Secret Life Just Like Rapper Eminem Subscribe to our channel: …

      Ro Algrit

        The Rap God and his princess

        Claire Scott

          So sad that such an accomplished and educated woman wants to be an Instagram star☹️. With her family links and talent , she could do sooo much better .

          Gracie Lewis

            Lord jamar better hit that


              the reason she’s private, is because of these videos


                I know u didnt put infinite as his debut album 👀 research ur shit dumbasses

                Siliva Siliva

                  Love Eminem’s song:Mockingbird!!!!

                  Siliva Siliva

                    She kind of looks like Scarlett Johansen….she is sooo pretty💖😍

                    PTL FG2

                      Chika Chika Chika ……. Slim Shady

                      Mar Viktor

                        Some incorrect details there

                        Byron Stewart

                          A lot of wrong

                          labella 1509

                            Everyone who looks at Haley now due to her dads songs …….feeling old lol

                            Elijah Witcher

                              She is very beautiful… not like In a disrespectful way… now I’m scared of being featured in a diss track

                              Katelin Owens

                                Actually Alaina is in one of Eminem's songs…

                                Laura G

                                  She looks a lot like him.

                                  Grey Matters

                                    She looks like that hot chick from that "whatever" channel that used to do prank vids. here on YT

                                    Sadye Tvinnereim

                                      Um? I'm pretty sure Private means unseen by others? And this ain't private No more. And I sure as heck don't think it's ur job to expose it.
                                      I love Eminems music tho. Like if u do to.

                                      Gib Keight

                                        With all media & social celebrity BS halie has been brought up very humble down to earth & never took her dad's fame to lightly. The money fame she cud of easily ended being like miley cirus Lindsey lohan lol. Fair play to her & Eminem. Having been brought up with no money no house constant moving around the D, then slim shady just throws a meteor into the music pool boom. Massive success. Role model parenting cos how hard was it for her not to hear her dad's music like everywhere. Halie seems such nice young lady she can make her own career choice by her own merits. Don't have to live off daddy's wealth make ur own destiny & work hard earn the respect in life. Like her dad.

                                        0000000007 007

                                          oke im waiting on eminem to destroy @TheTalko career.

                                          Defying The Oddz

                                            Lmao. TheTalko: "now the 20 something year old Hailie Jade".. 2019 – 1995 = U can do the math from there on how old she is now TheTalko xD

                                            Anyways.. Eminem's middle daughter is very beautifu. Props to that guy who's dating eminem's daughter. But the sad part is that Hailie Jade doesnt know her dad is in the illuminati. But hey.. at least he's been drug-free for 10+ years now (a good sign).
                                            And Hailie Jade being an ig infuencer is much better than The Kardashians.

                                            a multifandom

                                              Infinite was not a massive hit lol

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                                                Joseph Walsh

                                                  Marshall Mathers needs to proud of the great things he did for Halie and adopted daughters …..stand up guy regardless wat he raps ….its a career like a doctor, lawyer or any career … ..

                                                  Oof_trash 65

                                                    Why did I reach the bottem of the comments I was happy..?

                                                    Katia Pardal

                                                      Middle child ? Really thought she was the only daughter 😮

                                                      pablo banda

                                                        What it feels to be the daughter of a god :v.

                                                        macy sharp

                                                          Eminem ain't no infamous

                                                          X Dude

                                                            Eminem finna pull up on your channel for you makin this video

                                                            Robin Pettit

                                                              Actually her real name is Hailey jade Scott mathers. (That’s her full name, tho she doesn’t use mathers)

                                                              Pranav Agrawal

                                                                Hailey is just like my sister.. Eminem PLZZ don't destroy me..

                                                                Zash Zelish

                                                                  There is not rapper I love like Eminem

                                                                  Luca Puglia

                                                                    Infinite was dropped '96 and flopped, and dre wasnt involved. '99 Em dropped Slim Shady LP and Dre was involved.

                                                                    Md. safi haider

                                                                      Marry twice
                                                                      Devoece twice..

                                                                      Ambie Morgan

                                                                        Alaina and whitney have been mentioned in songs

                                                                        Lyn T

                                                                          She is stunning with class!!!!!!!

                                                                          quirky mermaid28

                                                                            when she was younger she looked like her mom and now she looks so much like her dad

                                                                            your nightmare

                                                                              I do not know what's happening in this video😌, something that we do not know before …. Everyone knows this information ..than what u told us new about her private life?😂

                                                                              Palms are sweaty Knees weak

                                                                                She is just too pretty♥️♥️♥️♥️

                                                                                Sofie Pollet

                                                                                  he did mention whitney and alaina in his song going trough changes, i never knew tho if they were family or the whole situation


                                                                                    How do you confuse infinite with slim shady lp

                                                                                    Savannah Hunter

                                                                                      okay the origin story at the beginning was a bit wrong??? Em's album with Dre was the SLIM SHADY LP which came about after Dre found a copy of Em's slimp shady EP on the floor of his studio. Infinite dropped a couple of years before and only boosted Eminem's reputation in Detroit

                                                                                      Kh Cotiangco

                                                                                        She's well raised love her and Em💖


                                                                                          Awwww haylie was so cute as a baby

                                                                                          Newgamer End

                                                                                            So beautiful😍

                                                                                            Kelly Wolfe

                                                                                              I've always appreciated Eminem's music along with Korn led Zeppelin ect. I don't think I would have made it through without it 💙💛💟💜💚

                                                                                              Bryan McCallum

                                                                                                Sounds like she's cool with life!

                                                                                                Bessie Danielle

                                                                                                  Yow!!! Hailie is very very nice! Like her daddy! I know ive talked to her many times

                                                                                                  Me Cooper

                                                                                                    PFFFFT Hahahaha the amount of photo shop and air brushing in the thumbnail makes it look like 2 different people. 🤣

                                                                                                    vivek Pandey

                                                                                                      Stan like here

                                                                                                      Miryam Hernandez

                                                                                                        He did an amazing job. He’s a good dad.

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