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      The Private Life Of Lori Loughlin's Daughter Olivia Jade

      Here’s How Lori Loughlin And Daughter Olivia Jade’s Lives Have Changed Since The College Admissions Scandal. Subscribe: …

      Why so Serious??

        BTW theres plenty of innocent people in prison Olivia, but shes not innocent. Double edge dagger ↔️ Metaphorically not literally. 🤯 they must think their charm will save them " they did not know their parents did this" bullshit 💩

        Catherine Doan

          Wait we still care about her and she’s still relevant? Nah.



            Julianna Ortega

              Omgeee grimez on the cover of the magazine!!

              Claudia Stokes

                She don't need to education.

                McKenna Tivy

                  Waiting on Shane’s take on this.

                  Sheila Keenan

                    Spencer Pratt is still thirsty

                    Nia Davis

                      They went to some random rowing photo shoot and didn’t think anything about it??? Yeah, they TOTALLY DIDNT know anything about it

                      CoolestViDARA NECAVideos

                        I'm sure others like her did same but no one exposed them. There's more like herrrr

                        Mia Valentina

                          Idk why we are still talking abt this thou

                          Nae Nae Smithe

                            Was she blaming her parents when her and her sister was taking a picture one the rowing machines?? before or after..Im confused

                            Gillian Omotoso

                              Her life is destroyed for now, but there is always a second wind. God bless you, Olivia.

                              Queen Gaga Islander

                                This is a classic struggle between parents forcing their will on an unwilling rather spoiled child. She had figured her own way and was a success at it…then they forced her to go their way to make them look like socially acceptable parents. She's ruined now and humiliated in front of the world. So are the parents. It's sad they couldn't have listened to her true self, prayed about it and accepted her choice. Then if she failed or succeeded it would have been her choice…and her own life. I hope she can forgive them..they are her parents after all, and I hope she won't become bitter. That would hurt her more. Pick up the pieces Olivia and get back on the road to success…you're kind and loving and dont cheat.


                                  A victim? Lol okay

                                  hyam e

                                    she deserves this, sorry!

                                    Ava Lin

                                      I honestly feel bad for her. Sure she might have known but ultimately it was her parents that pulled all the strings. She is their kid so she probably trusted them and if/when she found out she was probably mad but it's not like she's gonna turn in her own parents for doing that. They are her parents. And along with that she is famous and wealthy but there is a ton of crap that goes along with being famous. Some may not mind it but constantly having to vlog your entire life can be really draining for most and make you not cherish meaningful moments as much as you should. Regular people can get nervous over what one person judging them, but she literally has millions of people constantly watching and judging her. She may have chosen to be a youtuber but it's not always the best job to have in terms of living a fulfilling life. Basically I'm trying to say it's wrong but she has a life we'll never be able to understand

                                      Kristela Hernandez

                                        I can’t wait until she is back! We all deserve a second chance. She is young and has her entire life ahead of her. As a mother I wish her the absolute best.

                                        Bekee Mars

                                          So just saying…. she took the pictures for the row team but didnt know about the payoff?

                                          Amanda Zimmerly

                                            It’s very hard to have any sympathy for her. She’ll be fine.


                                              Instead of blaming her parents she should own up to her mistakes on her part. She's pretending she didn't know or that she was forced while also doing school sponsorships and went on that class trip to the Bahamas. She knew and took advantage of it. Come on now.

                                              Sweet Gomar

                                                She s young… we love you Olivia!!’ ❤️

                                                Patty. C

                                                  I clicked on this to say, “who cares”.

                                                  Sebastian Ellis

                                                    she's got millions of course her dorm room is decked out…


                                                      Oh well Kim K became super famous after a sex tape so she probably turn out really good. She only have to start in a low quality reality soap…

                                                      Corey Stanley

                                                        This is a slice of humble pie for her. There's a real world with consequences. Don't snivel, use it to your advantage to become a better person & grow up. She'll land on her feet.

                                                        Michellina van Loder

                                                          She shouldn’t of been made to go to school. There’s a message to parents here: if you’re kid is already working at what they love then let them fly with it.

                                                          Sofia Serrão

                                                            Honestly i hated What she did, but i miss her videos


                                                              She won't talk to reporters because they are just gonna ask why she posed on a fake rowing machine to get into USC. Papparzzi can be brutal in getting pics/answers 📷

                                                              David Islas

                                                                Aunt Becky should've just paid for DJ's admission to Stanford…

                                                                rochelle diaz

                                                                  I don’t know why you guys are all hating on her. So many people pay to get in it’s a normal thing her parents just have money sorry none of you don’t.

                                                                  Reggie Wagstaff

                                                                    Olivia Jade is a train wreck now but, in a few years, her life will be an even greater catastrophe.


                                                                      Life is tough when you are stupid. ✔️


                                                                        I find it hard to believe. She knew something what’s up, let’s be real. Being careless while in college says a lot about a person.

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