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      The Real Reason Little Mix Is Always Looking For Collaborators

      Little Mix Awarded British Music Video Of The Year At Brit Awards 2019. Subscribe: …

      zllɐɯS ʎbbıԀ ǝpuɐɹƃ

        Little Mix, Ari, Demi and Nicki NEED to do a colab

        Àine Brophy

          Little mix and Demi lavato need to do a collaboration​

          Cathryn Willmschen

            Because they don’t have license on their music since they left SYCO.

            martin charlesworth

              The reason is.. they said they do it is because loads of their fans buy the album so the chances are they wont buy the single because they already have it…. so they mix it up by putting on a feature…

              Aliyah AG

                actually, Little Mix are aged 25-27
                Jesy and Leigh being 27, Jade being 26, and Perrie being 25 😊

                itsme bitchz

                  These thumbnails bother me ugh

                  itsme bitchz

                    Y'all making these kind of pictures


                      Who is lil mix?

                      Noni Romak

                        Little mix girls are a very talented girls .. you people should be ashamed, all you do is trying to talk nonsense about them .. do you ever see them talk about you? .. that's right, because they don't wanna waste their time talking about people like you

                        River M

                          Little Mix have already released their fifth album

                          Little Mix

                            I haven’t watched it yet but they are doing collabs because of Simon Cowells label own LM5

                            rossy shorlynch

                              Oh yes a collaboration with blackpink would be fire bc they're both amazing I just love them

                              Darrell Dawson

                                Okay I give up. Who????

                                Annabanana 2401

                                  Huh? Unless I've been dreaming LM5 came out months ago. We know the tracklist.

                                  Mind Rules

                                    the greatest place to be is right here @ this channel

                                    Ivonne Dominguez

                                      Hey little mix should collab with the talko saphia hall

                                      Rhea Eve

                                        I think they’re collaborating together more fans n kinda step on the celebs to get back into the spotlight or top x

                                        AJ Martin

                                          She said all the 5 seconds of summer boys are under 21, they're all older than 21 and 5he oldest member, Ashton is 24


                                            No hate but Little Mix’s 5th album (LM5) is out! The track list is fake but some of the song names on there are real.

                                            A MG

                                              Please don't. Not Blackpink!

                                              Monte Nagi

                                                I LOVE MY GIRLS ,NO MATTER WHAT! AND THERE COLLAB LIST ARE MY DREAM COLLABS! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

                                                timster hutch

                                                  how has this youtube channel got neally 7 mill subs when they talk shit and lies ?


                                                    What's their obsession with LM?

                                                    cathhh cathhh

                                                      5sos is not appreciated enough. Theyre NOT under 21 years of age. Their age range is 23-25. The pictures of them in this vid are so old but that was so good to get out. Lmaoo

                                                      April Muniz

                                                        Little Mix need to collaborate with 5sos


                                                          Why the real reason why this channel just wants to talk little mix little mix little mix🙄🙄🙄🙄

                                                          M1stic 5orces

                                                            Anne leight is cute😕

                                                            Miss Quinn

                                                              Colabs get their music to more audiences. They are brilliant on their own tho


                                                                BlackPink X LittleMix = 2 Biggest girl groups collab would be so cool

                                                                the oliveWibbles

                                                                  Not to be rude but in the thumbnail she looks like my science teacher from 8th grade 😂

                                                                  Kunjal Gawas

                                                                    In their recent Instagram livestream, Little Mix members even expressed their desire to collaborate with BTS, when they were asked by a fan!💕💕

                                                                    Kennie Kings

                                                                      I love emmmmmm 💗💗💗💗💗


                                                                        They're so talented and want to work with artist nothing wrong with that at all

                                                                        Aisha Mathur

                                                                          I want them to collaborate with Charlie Puth. Love them all 😘😘😘

                                                                          SunKissed Melanin

                                                                            Um LM age group is 25-27. Also the track list is fake.

                                                                            Ms. Singh

                                                                              Jeez Their 5th Album is already out so that tracklist is obviously fake and also you didn't give a reason so stop with the misleading titles already

                                                                              Jen xx

                                                                                The 5SOS boys aren't under 21, Luke is the youngest and he was born in July 1996 which makes him 22 and Ash is the oldest since he was born in 1994 do please do your research better.


                                                                                  5:45 – WhatTheF**cDoYouMean

                                                                                  Katie ALDC!!!

                                                                                    Little mix and Ariana Grande need to collab!! 💕

                                                                                    Joanna Majgier

                                                                                      Some of the collab should include ariana grande
                                                                                      Calvin Harris
                                                                                      Camila Cabello
                                                                                      Anne Marie
                                                                                      Ed Sheeran
                                                                                      Shawn Mendes


                                                                                        The 5th album is already out, the tracklist is fake, there’s no “real reason why Little Mix is always looking for collaboraters”, it’s only people they’d love to collab with. Also, if BP and LM were to collab, BP would grow no bigger in the US, only in the UK, why? Cuz they’re absolutely slept on in the US. The person producing this video CLEARLY didn’t do their homework.

                                                                                        Iguette Miya

                                                                                          Next the real reason TheTalko is looking for fake and unnecessary facts

                                                                                          Jana Ahmed

                                                                                            It really angers me how underrated Little Mix is.. Literally they are the full package, I still don’t understand why they aren’t taking over the world

                                                                                            Sucdi Sagal

                                                                                              That look of Jade on the thumbnail tho😂

                                                                                              Eden Rozhdestvensky

                                                                                                Quick answer: They need it for relevancy

                                                                                                _Hardcore _Metal_

                                                                                                  They are incredible whether they have a collaboration with someone or not. I love them so much.

                                                                                                  chloe xo

                                                                                                    jade said she wanted to collab with blackPink – if they do, it will be OVER for us 🖤💖

                                                                                                    Mania Kaponikolou



                                                                                                        Change that title makes the video seem like you are taring them down thats a thing we really dont need for them now

                                                                                                        Laura Strong

                                                                                                          Because they can’t hold their own.

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