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      The Sad Life Of Child Star Dove Cameron

      The Tragic Truth About Dove Cameron No One Knows. Subscribe: …

      Billie Eilish

        who likes dove cameron? she's so beautiful ❤️.

        Anya Churr

          Dove you are my hero I am so scared in my class everyone in my class in so hates me but seeing how you ending up I will try just like you

          Deedric Kee

            Me and her, have a lot in common. I adore her even more now 👏

            Cheshire Piglet

              I think Dove deserves so much more credit after watching this… even if she already has a lot. And she is the opposite of lazy. A lazy person would not be able to what all she has done at such a young age, especially with all the personal and emotional things going on in her life. I know couldn't.

              Angel Omokhua

                Who world want to bully DOVE CAMERON!!!!!!?

                Deniel kai Labine

                  Did she really undergo surgery?

                  Alia Flores

                    She got PLASTIC SURGERY
                    look up holly from shameless its Dove Cameron
                    No offense to her but yea.

                    1000 subs with no videos Challenge

                      I can relate to dove Cameron 100%

                      Ellen tangadi

                        The talko, please make video abaut how to be a disney star or how to get hollywood record, i want to be like dove cameron ❤

                        cool rocks


                          Angellynn Schuchardt

                            tanner off of tbm oof

                            Emma Nunez

                              Your not the only weird person dove carman I’m weird as well but I love it because I’m being me that all that matter that you be yourself

                              Kecia Ham

                                Dove keep fighting I love u

                                Person Human

                                  i can 100% positively say that she had a few friends maybe she was bullied and such but she did at least have a few friends

                                  ik people who went to her school and now i go to the same school she used to go to so don’t @ me
                                  also no hate.

                                  scarlett wolf

                                    So sad, but I still like Dove Cameron!!

                                    Realistically Makeup

                                      I can relate so much with dove it's like she's me I have been through the same and still going through it

                                      Pretty Little Art

                                        Dove is so strong and talnted also she is so beautiful

                                        C. C

                                          This video is so informative! Thank you! You won a new subscriber

                                          Caroline Karsner

                                            Dove Cameron: undercover childhood cosplayer
                                            Seriously though, learning all this tragedy about dove, gives me so much respect for her, more than even how much I already love her

                                            Dogs 4life

                                              I will not go back to school after summer break, I switched class and I told the councillor and principal and they wrote down that the reason I switched class because a girl bullied me so severely I couldn’t go to school, and guess what, that girl is switching to my class, because apparently she doesn’t have friends in he told class, which she does, she’s just ungrateful, and it’s not even a rumour, my teacher confirmed it, I can’t believe they are letting her start in my new class, I am quite scared to not go to school, and at some point I will have to go back I guess, I will get assignments to take home but I’ve never really done that

                                              Mrs Monkeybean

                                                Ahemmmm Is that Cameron Daiz’s clone?

                                                Carla W

                                                  Kids can be cruel. I'm glad her mom believe in her, she is a talented actress and mentally strong. (I can't stop wondering why her hair stylest was brushing her hair with an edge brush).

                                                  Amerie Lombardi

                                                    Any Irish I'm only nine and I'm trying to be a singer and enjoy your my favorite out of all people that I know of singers sepia the top II sorry

                                                    Amerie Lombardi

                                                      Me to Billie eilish

                                                      Demi Guerrero

                                                        What insecurities shes gorgeous

                                                        Kay Music


                                                          Clocobear 29

                                                            Holy shit we share a name!!! MY NAME IS CHLOE TOOOOOO

                                                            Nouha Bichou

                                                              She is just perfect

                                                              Butterfly Beauty

                                                                Fake fake fake all I heard in the intro

                                                                Shannon Fikes

                                                                  Why is this a "sad life" of Dove Cameron?!? She has "The Life"! She's doing what she loves to do & she's great at it! Very talented young lady with a good on her shoulders….. But you're calling her life sad because she lost her father to suicide?!? AND she got bullied as well……?!……?? Come on guys…….. She has risen above all of that and still an intelligent, bright, beautiful, kind, compassionate young lady that knows exactly what she wants with her life! A true star in my opinion!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

                                                                  ayat happy Happy

                                                                    I loveeeeee her so much 😍😍😍❤❤😘😘

                                                                    Denitsa Meshekova

                                                                      I don't understand why and how american high schools are always such a nightmare…nobody is thought any manners and discipline behavior while going to school, in Europe high school is just a school. You have friends and NOBODY bullies NOBODY. Kids here just don't have that mind set and are not mean. You may not fit in at fist or find a lot of friends but you are never treated like that. Americans should teach their kids some manners and respect.

                                                                      beary Gacha tube

                                                                        The dislikes are just haters


                                                                          I can relate do dove

                                                                          Pink fluffy Unicorns

                                                                            At 0:010:02 what movie is that from??

                                                                            Emoji Freak13

                                                                              Anyone else wondering why the didnt talk about how her ex was i cant remember if he cheated or was abusive but it was something like that

                                                                              Iyona Foster

                                                                                So cute

                                                                                Nina Elliott

                                                                                  The onions in the air!! They're so strong!!😭😭


                                                                                    When she said that dove had trouble fitting in in school that hit me because its legit so relatable and not just for me for so many girls/guys who feel so out of place even when your around so many different kinds of ppl it still feels like you are the only one like you, because you feel so different so you just dont fit in with anyone no matter how hard you try.

                                                                                    Javien Mitchell

                                                                                      I love dove cameron, she is the besssstttt!😘😍😘👌💝

                                                                                      Patrick Conner

                                                                                        Brenden Conner have feelings Dove Cameron

                                                                                        Jimmy Hernandez

                                                                                          white people problems beautiful gorgeous successful and a millionaire and yes she still has to play at fucking victim


                                                                                            I love Dove, I may not agree with some of her political rants on Instagram, but she’s such a sweet girl.

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